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Severus Snape slowly made his way down toward the dungeons. His face was pale white and his eyes were half closed with bags underneath them. If he didn't have his robes on you would be able to see his ribs trying to poke through his skin from hunger. It was plain as day to see he haven't been sleeping, but no one in the Wizard world has been able to get any sleep so this look wasn't uncommon anymore. If you were alive still, that was uncommon.

A bead of sweat dripped down from Severus Snape's forehead and slid sensually down his cheek, around the soft bend of his jawbone and dripped onto the stone floor. The news of the end of the wizard world was just too much to take in. As of last year, all magic was banned except for three spells. Well three curses was more of the term that should be used.

Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and the Imperio. After the uprising of the dark lord there was to many that were killed and after the lost of Harry Potter, the wizarding world had lost all hope. Now everyone had turned their back on each other leave each other to fight to the death. No one was going to win this battle. Death was certain.

It was for survival. And in survival, friendship lost all meaning. For you had no friends when all they wanted to do was to make sure you didn't live.

Snape wiped his chin as he made his way to his cauldron that was boiling his latest potion. A food potion. Without the use of his wand he had no way to make food or to get food. Neither did anyone else. They was slowly dying of starvation

"I should've known sir, you'd think of a way to beat the odds." He heard a voice said behind him. He didn't have to turn to know it was Hermione Granger. The last surviving of the golden trio. Ron had died saving Hermione from a killing curse that was aimed at her not long ago. And Harry died at the hands of the dark lord himself.

"Miss. Granger, how lovely of you to show up." He snarled at her without turning around. "Only a dunderhead like you would come in here. You know I could easily kill you and have no fears about you anymore child?"

Hermione shook her at him although he couldn't see it. "You wouldn't kill me Severus, as I have what you need to survive." Snape turned and looked at the girl. Her hair bushy as always was up in a messy bun on the top of head and her clothes were torn in places. You could tell she had been fighting.

"And what is that?" He asked her.

"A way out of the wizarding world and into the muggle world."