The Rules of Chess


DISCLAIMER- I don't own Spain's ass(someday~) or England's tsundere-ness.


Genre: Romance/Adventure/Drama
Rated: K+
Language: English
Length: wc/291
Characters: Spain/England/Britain
Status: Complete


In which Captain Arthur Kirkland is willing to break his own rules to keep the strange Spanish boy aboard his ship. Because he's going to get to know this unique prisoner, oh yes he is.


Pirates were not known to leave prisoners. However, Captain Arthur Kirkland was fascinated by this stranger. There was something different in his eyes that he'd never seen before in anybody. With strange dark skin and hair for someone of English origin, he suspected this strange boy had a secret.

Arthur loved games.

"What is your name?" The boy smirked, remaining cool. Arthur smirked back. Yes, he would indeed have fun with this one.

"Antonio Carriedo." The boy spoke with confidence. His voice carried a melodic tone and held a slight accent, and the captain knew then that his suspicions were correct.

"You're not English, are you?" The boy laughed.

"Does it matter?" Arthur smiled. This person was absolutely delectable.

"Tell me here: if I was to inform you that as a proper English captain, I take no prisoners, what would you do?" Antonio shrugged.

"Prepare to die, then. Not like I'd have a choice." The captain laughed; a hearty, dangerous laugh.

"Some nerve you've got, Antonio. Well, listen here. You are hereby a part of this ship. You'll go very nicely with the rest of the d├ęcor." He knelt down next to the tan boy, and put his sword to his neck, pressing slightly, their faces close. "Bring him to the brig." He smiled again. "I look forward to getting to know you for the next few years." He stood up and walked away, sheathing his sword again. "You'll eat supper with me in my cabin tonight. You interest me. I can sense a blooming friendship."

Antonio smiled darkly, watching the retreating figure. He was rather intrigued by this Captain Arthur Kirkland. He was just like all the rumors, and he couldn't wait to uncover more.

"Then let it be so."


Because the world needs more pirate!Spain/pirate!England. And they are around the same age in this fic~ England's just a bastard who makes everyone seem lesser than himself by being younger. Yeah.

Suckish titles is suckish. It's my worst writing quality, coming up with titles. And summaries. Yeah. That, too.

I might actually make this something longer, possibly turn this into a chaptered story. Maybe.

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