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Everything Needs a Beginning

Legolas sighed as she looked around Rivendell. The white structures that blended in with the lush greenery were comfortable reminders that she was safe. She had originally come to Imladris on her father's request to tell the council about Gollum and his escape from their dungeons, but when attacked by a group of orcs inside the borders of her Mirkwood homeland, her message was to also tell of the increased attacks on elves.

She was well aware of the fact that Lord Elrond and everyone else of the great land of Rivendell would only think of her as a simple messenger girl sent by the king. Little did they suspect that she was truly the first born princess of Mirkwood, youngest only to her older brother. For seemingly "security" reasons, her father didn't want anyone other than the elves of Mirkwood knowing that he had a daughter. His excuse was that he wished no danger to come to her, but in one of her fathers less than sober moods, he accidentally let it slip that the only reason he did this was because he wished for her to not meet some young elf and leave him.

Legolas, taking after her mother with her long, blonde hair and sparkling eyes, was one of the few things that King Thranduil still valued. He loved all of his other offspring very much, as well, them being the only things left of his wife, but Legolas was his only girl and he loved her unconditionally. It was with the hopes of keeping her out of war that he sent her away from his home, thinking that in the elvish paradise of the House of Elrond, she would be safe.

It was without a surprise then, that her brothers started to become overprotecting as well. With much encouragement from their father, they shadowed Legolas' every move, never allowing her any privacy except in the confines of her room (and even then only because she locked them out). The only time that they were not able to hound her steps was when she took her every other monthly visits to Rivendell. Because of their desire to not leave the kingdom and the fact that they had duties to perform that kept them locked at Mirkwood, her brothers were unable to follow her there (to her great enjoyment). It was because of this that they decided to gain an accomplice in the great halls of Elrond that would keep their "darling and innocent sister" out of trouble.

It was in this way that Legolas meet Aragorn, son of Arathorn, although she only knew him as Estel back then. At first he had only followed her as she visited Rivendell, and she thought nothing of it. He was only a child back then, and she only and elf of about five hundred years. It wasn't until that little boy began to turn into a teenager that she started to notice him and his hounding of her footsteps.

When she at least confronted him and learned about her brothers plot to never allow her a moments piece, she was (to say the least) a little mad. However, after she had chewed his ear off and went back home early so that she could do the same with all of her brothers, she felt a little bad about being mean to him (however she felt no remorse about what she did to her brothers, they deserved it).

At her visit on the following month (she got to visit again so soon to make up for her having to go home early because of an "emergency" at home) she made an honest effort to get to know the mostly human male known as Estel. She was beyond shocked to learn that this man was Aragorn, heir to Gondor and a descendent of Elrond's very own twin brother Elros. It came as an even bigger shock to her that instead of declaring his kingship, he posed as a ranger from the north, going where it pleased him to.

As her visits continued and the years passed, Estel made the change from teenager into adult. He began to think things through instead of running into things without a care. Legolas was also shocked to see it when Arwen Undomiel, daughter of Lord Elrond, began to take up an interest in the man. She was, however, even more surprised when he declined her advances.

"May I take your horse?" a young servant elf asked her as he made a jester to the horse she was ridding on. It had seemed that with her recollecting she had ridden right up to the stables and that the elf before her had been standing there for quite sometime. With a quick shake of her head to recollect her errant thoughts, she tossed her feet out of the stirrups, threw her leg over the side of the horse, and guided gracefully down off the towering brown mare that she had lovingly named Quickbeam after a character in a tale that her mother had once told her. She believed that it had something to do with trees...

"Yes, please." she said as her feet landed on the ground. She then reached her gloved hand up to remove the grey hood from her head. As most males, the young stable elf stopped in awe at Legolas' beauty. The young she-elf had aged well over the years herself, and was a very enchanting sight to see. It just added to her natural beauty that she had entirely no idea of it. Despite being cooped up her whole life in the halls of Mirkwood, her skin was a healthy shade for an elf. Her green jerkin, light blue shirt, and dark leggings contrasted wonderfully with her shoulder length blonde hair. It was hard to find a child-like innocence in any creature now a days in Middle Earth, but if one was to have it, it would be her.

"Legolas!" yelled a voice from distant memories. Legolas smiled as she recognized the deep voice. She nodded her thanks to the young elf that was struck still, his hand hardly griping the reigns of her horse as he followed Legolas with his eyes. Legolas made off to the right, where the voice sounded as if it came from. When a shape met her eyes, her smile only turned brighter.

"Aragorn!" she yelled quickening her pace and giving him a huge hug once she reached him. Aragorn wrapped his arms around her waist and raised her up, twirling her around in a circle before placing her back on her feet.

"It's so good to see you! Are you here for the council?" he asked as he put her at arms length, studying her intently.

"That I am, my good friend. I came with a message from the king. It seems that Gollum has managed to escape the dungeons...but you'll hear more about that at the council. Come! I wish to tour Rivendell! It has been such a long time since I've last been here." Legolas said. As she gazed into his dark eyes, she was once again struck by how much he had changed. Foregoing his usually cropped hair, he had let it grow out to his shoulders in a mess that some would call "Ruggedly handsome." His brown clothes only accented his heavily tanned skin, proof of all his days spent out into the sun. She smiled once more as he led her off to get reacquainted with the land that was more a home to her than her birthplace.

Unaware of how much time they had spent exploring the gardens and fields, it came as a surprise to both of them when the sun reached over half way in the sky. With all the talk of war going around in Mirkwood, and the unusual bold raids of the orcs, Legolas's days were mostly spent helping her brothers protect their borders, and she had not found dime to visit her childhood sanctuary in almost a year and a half. With dismayed groans, they realized that the suns place in the sky meant that they would have to get ready for the council that would take place in only two hours.

"I shall see you when it starts, then, Aragorn." Legolas said once they had reached the main house of the House of Elrond. She started towards the right corridor, heading towards her usual quarters. Because of her frequent every other month visits before all the trouble, Lord Elrond had found it easier to just give her rooms rather than making the servants prepare a guest room every single time that she visited.

"Right. See you then, Legolas." Aragorn said as he started off towards his own chambers, which were to the left. Time seemed to pace by much slower than it had before, minutes seeming like hours before the council was to begin. It was then no surprise that Legolas was one of the first ones to arrive at the designed meeting place, Aragorn following soon after. It was a surprise to both of them, however, that the other members of the council appeared as early as them, stopping any chance they might have had at continuing their reunion talk. Lord Elrond himself, however, did not arrive until the exact time that the meeting had been set, therefore not allowing the meeting to begin until the Lord was ready.

And then it began.

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