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Chapter 3: The Journey Begins


"It is good to rest these old feet." Gandalf said as he put his feet on the rock in front of the one that the was sitting on.

"Aye, that I can agree on." The dwarf, Gimli, said as the sounds of sword clashing came from below them. It seemed that Boromir was helping Pippin and Merry learn more about swordplay. Legolas and Aragorn watched on, laughing at times. Frodo and Sam were cooking the meal, or, rather, Sam was, and Frodo was trying his best to aid when he could.

"Bring your hand up!" Legolas warned as Boromir brought his sword down. But with Merry's fast reflexes and Legolas's warning, he was able to block it.

"No fair!! No outside help!" Boromir exclaimed as he turned to Legolas. She simply raised her eyebrow, and her lip tilted as she looked past him. He dropped the stance he was in that was to be of fake anger, and looked behind him.just in time to be run over with two balls of energy. There was then a great wrestling match, with Legolas laughing in the background.

"I believe that Boromir has found some new friends." Aragorn remarked as the three continued to play with each other, now with the whole company, except for Frodo and Sam, listening and feeding off of their joyous presence.

"That he has, and it is the best time to find them." Legolas said solemnly, as she tucked a strand of her hair behind her pointed ear.

"Do you fear of a shortage of friends?" Aragorn asked as he cupped her check and made her face him.

"T-that was not what I meant." Legolas said as the stray strand of hair once again fell from her ear. She moved to put it back, when Aragorn did it with the hand that he had recently used to cup her chin.

"I know." He said as he let his hand linger on her check. He laughed as he looked to the side of them, the silence speaking volumes to him. At what he found, he laughed even harder, holding his middle in mirth, but with a slight redness around the checks.like a blush. Legolas was confused until she too looked over, and broke out in a smile.

Sometime during their conversation, Boromir and the halflings had stopped their wrestling, and looked at them. It seemed they had attracted two other stares with the lose of noise in their direction. In short, five members of the Fellowship were trying to pick their mouths off of the floor while trying to pretend like they weren't watching at the same time. Legolas couldn't help it anymore and broke out in laughter. It was the sound of the morning dew and bells, the most wonderers thing, and it soon had everyone laughing again, forgetting their embarrassment. Even Frodo and Sam joined in, when they saw that they were the only ones who were not.

Once all the laughter died out, it was time to eat, and most of the present in the company were ready to retire with a good meal. They had all finished their first helping, and the Hobbits had just started their second when Pippin saw it.

"Oh, wow!" he shouted, getting all their attention, "Look at how fast that cloud is going!" he said while pointing at it.

"Cloud?" Boromir asked as he looked were Pippin was pointing.

"It's going awfully fast.for a cloud." Aragorn said as he stood from his perch on the ground.

"And against the wind." Legolas added as she stood and removed an arrow from the quiver on her back and made it ready in the bow.

"Wait!" Gandalf said, as he squinted his eyes. Soon they got large, and he shouted, "Hide!! They are spies of Saruman!" with that, all of the company dived for any cover that they could. Soon not a trace of them ever being their could be found.

The crows came like a black cloud, descending on the spot were they had been just a few seconds ago. Even then, the birds looked for them anywhere they could. Soon, seemingly finding what they were looking for, they flew away. Leaving a frightened Fellowship in their wake.

Once Gandalf was sure that they were gone, he left his hiding place and told the others to do the same. As soon as Legolas was able to, she walked over the four halflings and comforted them as best as she could. She told them reassuring words, and was able to ease some of their fears.

"We must leave soon." Gandalf said when it looked like the halflings would be able to travel.

"But where?" Legolas asked as she walked towards the front of the group, having reassured herself that the hobbits would be alright.

"We could always pass through The Mines of Moria." Gilmi stated as he faced both Legolas and Gandalf.

"No, I would only pass through there if it was my last choice." Gandalf said solemnly as he and Aragorn shared a look.

"To the Caradhras then." Aragorn said as he started to pack up. Soon they were all packed up, and on their way once again to destroy the evil Ring of Power.

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