Even in Death, The Heart Still Beats

Chapter 1

The pain is unbearable; it stays in the pit of my throat until it is quenched. I'm in the dark stocking my prey, waiting for the right moment to attack. The sun is almost up and this is the first person I have seen all night…this has to be good or the sensation to kill will get greater and greater. I make my move after a few silent moments, I catch him by his collar and I am thrilled to finally have caught one. I see fear in his face, lucky enough I'm to thirsty to care. After a few more moments of silence I make my move because the pain gets worse and worse by the second, I bite into his neck and feel the warm sensation of the sweet blood running down my throat. I feel the pain go away, I don't stop feeding till I get every last drop out of his limp body. He is all dry and has nothing left to drink, I go to the park downtown and I dispose of the body very carefully making sure that I cover my tracks, nobody can know I was here. There are so many murders here in Seattle because of my kind, Riley tells us every time someone screws up that we must be more careful when we get rid of the bodies.

. . .

I am sick of listening to him but if I don't who knows what he will do to me. I am still feeling that burning sensation though in my throat because I usually get more than one body but it is too late because then sun is rising, it is rising fast. I make my way home when I see more of my coven in the horizon, they can't be going home because home is the other way. I follow them in curiosity to see where they are going. They finally came to a stop but I stay far behind, I don't know who these ones are. They turn around very fast, they see me. One of them is approaching me slowly, I am debating whether I should run or stay, curse my curiosity. I stay still in silence waiting for my punishment for following.

A girl is approaching me; she has dark hair, with red eyes. She must have had a good hunting.

"Hi", said the girl. She has the voice of an angel.

"Hello", I reply in an awkward tone.

"I'm Bree, over there is Diego" she says happily.

"I'm Zane." I say in a low voice.

"Well it is nice to meet you Zane." Said Bree

"Bree! We have to go, Riley will be waiting for us!" Said the guy, He must be Diego.

"Zane, I'm sorry I have to go. I'll see you later." Said Bree is a whisper.

"Wait! Diego, Bree, What do you mean by Riley will be waiting for you?" I say in a puzzled way.

"We don't know ourselves, all he told us was to meet him at the docks" Said Bree and Diego simultaneously.

"Ok I say." In a disappointing way.