Ashley's Point Of View:

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Ashley Hammond tugs at the hands of her team mates Carlos and T:J Johnson of course. "Let me go should be there"answered Ashley.

"Ashley, You need to know aren't the only one whose facing a hard time right now"answered Carlos.

Ashley slaps Carlos on the cheek. "I don't care, Andros is my boyfriend and I'm not letting some kid from the future stand in our relationship we are having in the past"snapped Ashley shoving T:J away from her.

T:J Johnson and Carlos looked at each other in the face.

"We better go after Ashley, knowing our friends kids from the future might do something to her"answered Carlos.

T:J nods his head. "I for sure don't want my daughter to punch a ranger in the face"answered T:J.

(Home of the Mystic Force Rangers)-Briar woods and Rootcore at the moment.

Andros finally came downstairs and sat down at Rootcore at the moment.

"Andros! Did Aileen say anything else?"asked Connor the red dino thunder ranger who was wondering.

Andros glares up at the red dino thunder rangers in the face. He looks over to the mystic force rangers in the face. "I want what's best for my daughter and knowing she is in good hands at the moment. I want Aileen to remain with the mystic force rangers, only because some certain people on my team don't like the kids"answered Andros.

Mystic Force rangers nods their heads.

"Aileen can stay with us at our home"answered madison smiling at the former rangers in the face.

Xander looks at his team mate in the face. "No way is Aileen staying with you girls, I'm the one whose is going to be taking responsible for her"answered Xander.

"How are you going to explain to your roomates have a kid living with you?"asked Vida pointing it out.

(Aileen comes downstairs) "You wouldn't happen have anything to eat? It's been awhile since some of us had anything to eat"answered Aileen.

"We can head over to Angel Grove, if the kids won't mind going"answered Zhane pointing it out to the others.

Others nodded their heads saying it was ok.

(Angel Grove) at the juice bar right now.

Andros, Zhane, Karone, Cassie, Carlos, T:J and Ashley who was staying away from the kids from the future. They already knew what to order at the juice bar at the moment.

As for Tommy and the others so did they knew what to order.

"So what are you kids going to have?"asked Sydney who was wondering.

Molly Desantoes looks at the menu in front of the girls who were sharing it. "I shall have a tuna salad sandwich with a chocolate milkshake"answered Molly.

"Just a salad and water"answered Ronald.

Getting glares from the rangers of the past.

"Why are you getting a salad for?"asked Eric the red quantum ranger who was wondering.

"There's nothing else on the menu we like"snapped Gwen Bradley answered.

Eric Myers not liking the fact that Gwen Bradley spoke to him a few minutes before. "Just wait a minute you have no right to speak to a former ranger like that. Did your parents ever teach you manners?"snapped Eric angrily.

Aileen put her foot down at the moment. "Don't you ever speak to one of my team mates ever again! Gwen isn't the only one who lost her parents in the line of duty"answered Aileen getting up from where she was sitting.

"Wait aren't you going to eat something?"asked Vida who was wondering.

Aileen shakes her head.

"You said you were hungry"said Connor.

Aileen glares at Connor and Eric in the face.

Rest of their friends and teammates looked at each other in the face.

Gwen stood up suddenly. "Actually! I think I'm with Aileen on this one, we will go back to San Angeles and eat there"answered Gwen.

Cory Scott stood up, Alexandra Hartford,Carmen Mcknight,Georgia Oliver,Zoey,Justin Astin and Aileen they just left the juice bar.

Mack hartford going after his daughter from the future in a flash of lightening.

"Sorry, Guys"said Xander racing after Aileen in a flash.

Tommy, Kira and Ethan going after Georgia.

Jason going after his son-already knowing he can take care of himself.

Zhane and Karone followed too.

Andros goes too.

Ashley follows him of course. "Andros! Where do you think your going off too?"snapped Ashley.

Andros looks at Ashley in the face. "I'm sorry, Ashley this isn't going to work out right now"answered Andros.

Tears coming down Ashley face