Lost In The Woods

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Leavanny and Lilligant get lost in the words. Oh joy. Errr... what I meant was, enjoy! Arceus, I don't get paid enough...

Leavanny and Lilligant were in a very, very haunted forest, far away from their peaceful, grassy home. Leavanny felt adventurous, whereas Lilligant was literally wetting herself in fear, trembling. Both of the grass types were on the top of the highest branch on the rotted maple oak tree.

"I don't know why we're even doing this, Leavanny..." Lilligant mumbled as she closed her eyes, fear going through all of her body.

Leavanny laughed as she wrapped her right arm around Lilligant. "Oh hush, Lilligant! I'm sure things will go well!"

Lilligant gulped, glancing down as she shrieked, holding onto Leavanny even tighter. "But... we've been stuck in this forest for several days. How are you sure this will work?"

Leavanny as about to reply, but realizing how long it's been since they were up there got her thinking. "Well... erm..."

Suddenly, the branch broke off from the tree, and both Leavanny and Lilligant held onto each other dearly as they crashed, both having swirlie eyes as they groaned in pain. Getting up, Leavanny shook her head as she groaned, rubbing the back of her head.

"That was painful, I'll admit..." Leavanny admitted, blinking several times.

Lilligant gulped as she began trembling, whimpering as she held onto Leavanny. "Oooh... I don't like it here. It's so creepy and spooky..."

Leavanny patted Lilligant on the head as they got up. "Now don't worry, Lilligant, it can't be that bad..." Leavanny looked around, to see evil yellowish eyes in the bushes that surrounded them, with the bushes being dark green as everything was covered in shadows. Leavanny gulped as she began trembling, holding onto Lilligant. "D'oh, you're right, but how are we ever gonna find our way out?"

Leavanny and Lilligant were heading westward, worried that they would never get out. Lilligant's stomach growled loudly, causing Lilligant to complain as she became hungry. Leavanny's stomach growled as well, but she was not as concerned as she decided to move on, despite being afraid as well.