Leavanny and Lilligant were still lost in da woods. Heh heh, lost in da woods. Heh heh heh. Lost. In. Da. Woods. Heh. Cheap laugh. Can't afford it, like everything else in life.

(Cheap audience laugh track)

"I want a break..." Lilligant grumbled as she was feeling exhausted. "We just can't keep walking..."

Leavanny sighed as she shrugged, giving in to Lilligant's needs. "Well... okay. Wait here."

"Can we get something to eat, at least?" Lilligant asked as she rubbed her stomach.

Leavanny then immediately changed her mind, in turn due to the fact that a certain author writing this was too flibbing lazy to change the dialogue in an attempt to get free hits for the day. "Lilligant, you quit now, we may never see the light of day again!"

Lilligant tilted her head to the right, a frown on her cute face. "Yeah, but what point is it to see the light of day if we're gonna circle this spooky forest for the rest of our lives?"

Leavanny stopped in her tracks, pondering about that thought as she looked up, imagining it. She cringed at the thought of an extremely old version of herself and Lilligant still wandering about the spooky forest, shaking her head rapidly as she rushed to get Lilligant, helping her up. "Come on, Lil. It's not too bad... I mean, we got each other, right?"

Lilligant paused as her eyes sparkled, realizing that her only companion was Leavanny. "Why... you're right!" She got her hands off her growling stomach and held Leavanny's hands together, apologizing, "I'm sorry I've been holding us back, Leafy! Let's just find out way out, together!"

Leavanny smiled as she gave Lilligant a hug, turning around and pointing forward. "Great! Now let's not delay and get out of here!"

One Second Later

"On second thought, I guess we'll have to delay," Leavanny admitted as she had no idea where she was going, looking around her.

"Leavanny, how much longer...?" Lilligant whined. Lilligant's stomach growled loudly as she began rubbing it to calm it down.

Leavanny hugged Lilligant tightly, kissing her on the forehead. "Don't worry, Lilligant, we'll get there."

"Yeah, but I don't think my stomach can take it." Lilligant complied as she sighed while hearing her stomach growl louder. "I need something in my tummy."