On Impulse,

Swallow the gun,

Angle up, pull, done.

Insert the sedating needle,

Overdosing is tranquil.

Sink a little deeper,

As the senses gets weaker.

Inhale the monoxide smokes,

Suffocating as lungs chokes.

Embrace the cold breeze,

Slowly let the body freeze.

Floor the car pedal,

As the engine tremble,

Smash against the building's edge,

Or simply step off the ledge.

Forget what we've been told,

Walk onto a busy road.

Twist the rope around the deck,

Kick the chair, hang by the neck.

Ignore hunger, skip the meal,

Fight temptation of its appeal

Lick dry lips to moisten,

Anticipating sweet poison.

Cut the electrical wires,

For a shock waters required.

Dragging patterns with the knife,

Draining blood along with life.

There are many ways to die,

But many attempts go awry...

Here goes another try,

Au Revoir, Good-bye!

Eventually we lose it all,

As we take that fateful fall.

Tumbling down the spiral stairwell,

Welcomed by iron doors of Hell.

Damnation is not the end,

There's still forever to spend.

Burning in the flames,

Of the devil's domain.

Ironically that's a shame,

Even in death everything's the same.

Actually it's worse,

This is an eternal curse.

For God will always win,

Self-murder's a deadly sin.

Body locked in chains,

The mind is going insane.

Hysterical laughter,

HA! What a disaster.

The body and soul convulse,

This is suicide on impulse.