Hey guys! So, for spring break (starting on Friday for me =3 ) I'm going to Disneyworld for the very first time! =D There, I shall also get to see my brother (he's 30 while I'm only 16 ;_; giant age gap between two siblings is giant ), sister-in-law, and two nephews while I'm there!

Anyways, I was listening to some Disney songs while writing my UN fic and some one-shots came to mind. My project for this week: pack for Disney and write a one-shot for a Disney song each day that's related to Hetalia! It's not a song fic thing, but the songs will pop up some way or another in here so try and spot them! There'll be some obvious ones but then there'll be some that you'll have to spot from tiny (and I mean VERY TINY) hints.

Whoever spots the song first and tells me in a review what song it is and what movie it's from will receive a Hetalia one-shot of their choosing! =D Now that the game is set up, we can now continue!

Thanks guys!


The fact that America was quiet was an odd occurrence in England's mind as they sat out on the porch after the latest world meeting AKA the chaos of world affairs including giant robots, pretzels, polar bears, a boomerang, and a rubber chicken. How he managed to get out of that ordeal, he had no idea but the fact that America was just sitting there with his mouth being kept quiet and shut sort of scared the older nation mildly.

"Hey England?"

"Yes?" Here we go: 'Iggy, do you think that we can have a superhero powered from hamburgers?' or some other rubbish like that…

"Have you ever had a dream?" England blinked at him in confusion. That had certainly not been the question he was expecting. America's eyes sparkled in amusement and curiosity as the Brit collected his thoughts.

"A very long time ago." He replied and the American's eyes traveled back up to the night sky. It was a rare night in London. The sky was clear of clouds and the darkness was powdered with the twinkling of stars and the full moon stood watch as their guardian through the blackness of space. England couldn't help but smile at the last time he'd had a night as beautiful as this.

"Any recently?" He tore his eyes away from the wonders beyond back towards his former colony with a scowl.

"For the economy to be fixed, that's one of them." He replied bitterly. That problem, of course, was America's fault. He heard a small chuckle from the normally vivid and 'spazzy' nation. "What're you laughing about? It's because of you and your country that the world's economy is beginning to collapse! Be responsible and be 'the hero' you keep blathering about."

"I'm not talking about 'England's' dreams. I'm talking 'Arthur Kirkland's' dreams." Those blue eyes seemed to mock him as they twinkled as much as the stars that watched them from above.

"I'm too busy for dreams America." He sighed and looked back up. What'd it be like to sail through the sky in his old pirate ship. He'd often dreamed about it when he was still Captain Kirkland. He actually hadn't been able to enjoy a night like tonight due to work lately.

"It doesn't matter if you have time Iggy." America replied mockingly before turning to look at the sky as well, "It doesn't matter who you are or where you came from. Everyone has a dream, even us nations."

"Nations such as us…" England muttered at the use of bad grammar but paused at what the other had said. Did he actually have any dreams? Sure, he'd had some when he was a much younger nation, but now? What left was there to dream?

"Alfred F Jones's dream is to travel through space." America's voice broke the silence, "I wanna explore the stars and see if maybe there's some nations out there somewhere. I want to see if maybe there's a little brother or sister out there in the sky for me up there. Sure, Mattie is my twin and all but… it'd just be different to have someone looking up to me and call me 'big brother' for once." England looked over to see the wistful look on the younger man's face before his own lit up in realization. The whole earth had been discovered, explored, charted, and the sheer amount of nations were overwhelming at over a hundred and fifty. America was one of the younger ones. He never had any younger nation to take care of. The nation had always been so keen on space exploration and finding life on mars or in another galaxy. Had he just been looking for a little brother this entire time?

"It's not all it's cracked up to be." England muttered, "Then you'll have that little brother saying they want their independence and declaring war on you…" America's eyes darkened and his casual grin dissipated into a frown before he looked back up to the sky.

"Make a wish."


"Make a wish."

"Why would I do that?"

"When you wish on a star, your wish will come true." England rolled his eyes before looking back up. "I wish that I can find a little brother or sister out in the universe for me and that maybe you'd give me a little more credit sometimes. I'm not always the idiot you always make me out to be." They looked over at one another with America letting out his heroic grin and England let out a small smile and chuckled to himself before looking up once again and settling on a bright star in the middle of Orion's belt.

"Fine. I wish that you get the first part of your wish since the second isn't always guaranteed. I also wish that the world will finally get along for once and that maybe you could act a little more civil to your older brother. Perhaps not even calling me 'Iggy' anymore." He smirked at the blue eyed nation who looked shocked but it quickly morphed into amusement.

"Alright Artie."

"You little git!"

"Love you too big bro!" England merely smiled before laughing along with his little brother.

"You too little 'bro'."

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