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~Brother Knows Best~

England was growing frustrated. No matter what he'd do, America was just getting more and more riled up about wanting to live on his own without him and become a nation by himself.

"But England! I know I can do it!" America was on another one of his tirades again. England merely sighed as he led America to a chair and beckoned him to sit down.

"You want to become a country? Why America; look at you, as fragile as a flower! Still a little sapling, just a sprout! You know why you're still just my own colony~"

"I know but-" America protested but England cut him off…

"That's right! To keep you safe and sound here!" England turned away from him and sighed. "Guess I always knew this day was coming. Knew that soon you'd want to leave the nest!" He whirled around and walked up to America and placed a hand on his head. "Soon but not yet!"


"Shh! Trust me pet." England looked him in the eyes. "Brother~ knows best!" The Brit pulled America out of his chair as they left the study and more into the large mansion that was England and America's home.

"Brother knows best, listen to your brother; it's a scary world out there! Brother knows best, one way or another, something will go wrong I swear!" America tried to stay calm as he walked alongside his older brother but he couldn't help but feel nervous.

"Ruffians, thugs! Poison ivy, quicksand, cannibals, and snakes: the plague!"

"No!" America couldn't help but be terrified, all of that stuff was out to get him? What if there were ghosts? Who would protect him!

"Yes! Also large bugs, men with pointy teeth, and stop no more you'll just upset me!" England grabbed America's shoulders as he led them into the parlor and had the younger colony sit down. "Brother's right here; brother will protect you. Alfred, here's what I'd suggest! Just keep sittin', stay with Britain. Brother~ knows best."

England sat down next to America, who was trying to act like an adult but starting to let his fears get the best of him. His brother wasn't helping. "Go ahead get trampled by a rhino! Go ahead, get hurt and left for dead! Me, I'm just your brother- what do I know? I only bathed, and changed, and raised you." By this point, America was starting to feel pretty guilty for even bringing this up again. England HAD done so much for him…

"Go ahead and leave me; I deserve it! Let me rot alone here, be my guest! When it's too late, you'll see: just wait. Brooootthhhher~ knows best." England let out a chuckle as he pulled the both of them into the kitchen.

"Brother knows best~, take it from bro please, on your own you won't survive! Sloppy, underdressed, immature, clumsy; please, they'll eat you up alive!" The Colony began to feel self-conscious as the empire circled around him, listing off his flaws.

"Gullible, naïve, positively frumpy, ditzy and a bit, well umm vague! Plus I believe, getting kinda chubby," England poked at his belly and he felt his whole face get red, "I'm just saying cuz I wuv you! Brother understands! Brother's here to help you! All I have is one request~" England turned to America who was a bit more hesitant to push this issue further.

"Don't ever ask to become a nation again."

"…yes England…" He felt himself be enveloped by a hug from his big brother and he let out a weak smile.

"Don't forget it! You'll regret it. Brother~ knows best."

…..5 years later, the Revolutionary War broke out.

Honestly, whenever I hear that song, I think of these two! That was 'Mother Knows Best' from Disney's "Tangled". I changed a few of the words of course ;) XD New song challenge coming up soon!