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Chapter one

We were both young when I first saw you…

It was pretty much a normal day in the City of Townsville, people bustling about, getting to their destined places while a certain black haired teenager watched from a top of a building. Her name was Buttercup. She was now seventeen years old, out growing her old used to be everyday wear green skirt with the black stripe through the middle of it. Now she wore different clothes. Clothes that made her stand out from her sisters and matched her style.

That day, she wore a simple short sleeved green plaid shirt with matching green plaid pants. She even sported a black belt around her pants with the words running in silver, on the buckle in the front, reading Lil' Rebel. Her once short hair was a little longer, coming down to her shoulders, yet it still stayed in the same style as before.

Green hues slanted into narrow form, Buttercup tried to remain focused, though her mind was still transferring thoughts to her from past interferences. Back to a certain green skinned male who had torn her trust in the past.

Why was she thinking of him though? The last time she had heard of him and even saw him was ten years ago when she was seven years old. Sure her younger sister, Bubbles, had brought out that conversation while they were doing a nightly run over Townsville, but now she was thinking of the delinquent on her own free will.

Geh, I need to get out of here. Somewhere to think straight. Frowning slightly with the thought, Buttercup took off, not really knowing where she was going until she found herself landing in the Townsville dump. Why did I come here?

I close my eyes and the flashbacks start

I'm standing there.

Her eyes roamed the ever familiar place, swallowing a small lump in her throat as she noticed the Gangreen Gang's hideout was still there, though it looked as if it hadn't been lived in for a while. Her gaze remained locked on the old place, seemingly freezing in her tracks as various memories of Ace gracing her with his attention, making the tough puff feel loved.

She could feel the goosebumps forming against her skin, causing the young adult to puff out her cheeks and look away. I…I can't be thinking of him now.

But you can't stop thinking of him, can you? Arching a brow at the second voice in her mind, Buttercup crossed her arms, trying to defend herself from it. You miss him right? That's why you came here.

"I do not miss that jerk! He can jump off a building for all I care!" She grunted out loud, kicking at a nearby pebble.

"Ya know, ya can hurt a person wit that kind of talk, kid."

Buttercup froze in her tracks once more upon hearing the all too familiar voice. Ace? Blinking her green hues twice, she turned around sharply, not a scowl on her face, but a surprised, shocked expression as she stared at him. She stared at him for a good while, noting that he had gotten a new black leather jacket which looked good on him, matching black pants, yet he still wore those sunglasses.

But the tough puff wasn't the only one who was studying the other. Ace's eyes scanned up and down the woman's form. She was a pretty little thing. Not much makeup at all, nice figure, definitely nice figure…though there was something familiar about her. Those eyes. Green eyes. Where had he seen them before? "…Buttercup…?" he asked curiously, arching a brow as he lowered the sunglasses a little as if in a notion to see her better.

Blinking twice, Buttercup fought back a blush which tried to creep its way across her cheeks. "Ace…I mean, y-yeah, it's me. Who else were you expecting?"

Ace simply laughed at the tone in her voice, causing the black haired girl to let the blush slip through, making her turn her head off to the side. "Awe, man! I never would have thought it was you from a distance!"

His laughter made the girl frown a bit more, crossing her arms over her chest, Buttercup cleared her throat after a few minutes, making Ace wipe his eyes with an index finger. "I'm sorry, babe, it's jus' been a while since I saw yas. Ya look great!"

That comment just made her frown deepen in form as she stared at him. "Yeah right."

Ace blinked behind his sunglasses, tilting his head a little to the side as he watched her. Did she still hold a grudge over him for that long? He had changed! Well, some things had changed. He still had his gang, though they didn't hang out as much as before and he wasn't committing as many crimes as they had in the past either, just small crimes here and there. "Really, yas do look great. I'm not pullin' your leg, Buttercup. So, what exactly brings ya back here to the old hideout?"

Finally, Buttercup's hardened look softened as she studied Ace a little more, deciding that he wasn't joking about the earlier compliment. "I…well, I just needed some fresh air and this was the only place that wasn't crowded with people," she lied quickly, still unsure if she should tell him that she had been thinking about him lately.

Taking her story for word, Ace nodded slowly, though he had a faint feeling she was hiding something else. "I hear yas on that. Ya know, to be completely honest, Buttercup, I've…well, I've missed yas. I know I haven' been around much over the years. Maybe we can catch up sometime?" he asked softly in a sincere tone of voice.

Blinking a couple of more times, Buttercup could hardly believe a word she had heard coming out of the older male's voice. Staring at Ace for a good while, the tough puff heaved a soft sigh as she glanced up at the sky momentarily. I've missed you too… The words remained a single thought rolling in her mind as she looked back over at the other from the corner of her green hues. "S-sure. We can catch up sometime."

"Awesome. Say abou' the same time tomorrow? I'll meet yas by the old abandoned buildings. That's where my new hideout is." Seeing her nod her head, Ace smiled a little more, leaning in close enough to only graze the side of her cheek with his lips in a light, soft kiss. "Until then, Buttercup."

Buttercup stood frozen in her place as she watched Ace walk away. She could still feel the soft touch of his lips against her cheek, though she could hardly believe what he had done. Why her heart was beating fast to it, she had no idea. Raising her hand towards the spot where he had kissed, the black haired girl seemed to stand in relishment of the fact an old crush had actually kissed her cheek.

Sighing softly, the tough puff then floated up off the ground, taking off at full speed back to the Utonium Household. Humming softly to herself, a soft smile played against her lips as she entered the building, closing the door behind her. "No reports, Buttercup?" Hearing the Professor's voice, Buttercup shook her head, the warm smile still resting against her lips as she walked through the kitchen and into the living room.

"None to report, dad. Everything looked pretty normal on my end. Though I think I might turn in early." Stretching a bit, Buttercup released a heavy yawn in order to accent her tiredness.

"All right, Buttercup. Your sisters should be home soon too. I'll let them know you decided to sleep early."

"Thanks, dad."

Walking up the stairs, Buttercup continued to hum softly to herself, feeling a bit more happier still even running into Ace earlier that day. Her mind was on the up-coming date they would have. Catching up, hearing news what he had been up to, finding out why he disappeared on her. Who knew? Maybe they could actually gain something from it.

I love you…

Those were her last thoughts, before she could even rethink them, Buttercup's head fell against the green colored pillow and she fell into a peaceful slumber.