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Chapter 2

To Forgive And Snag

Buttercup had no idea what she was getting herself into. She had little control over her own thoughts, though she was pretty sure she was just dreaming last night when those three little words entered her mind. 'I love you.' No…no, she couldn't have still felt the same way for an old flame, could she? Why would this time prove to be any different even if she had let her guard drop?

But, she wanted to know. At least to find out.

Sighing softly, she looked down at herself as she flew to the abandoned buildings he had told her about. That day she chose to wore loose fitting clothing, of course in the color of green. She wore a simple green sleeveless dress that reached a little bit below her kneecaps. Frowning slightly, she wondered why she even wore a dress. She wasn't trying to impress anyone!

Clearing her mind free of such distracting thoughts, she looked around before looking for Ace's door and knocked on it lightly. "Ugh, what am I doing here?" she muttered, kicking at the ground with the toe of her black Mary Janes.

Crossing her arms against her chest, she glanced at the door, awaiting for Ace's appearance. Moments later, he finally opened the door. "Hey, Buttercup. Come on in." He smiled warmly, moving to the side and allowing her to step inside before he closed the door behind her.

Looking around, Buttercup arched a brow high on her forehead as she studied the place. It did look like it was lived in, at least by Ace's standards. Discarded liquor bottles strewn here and there on the floor, even one or two on the coffee table, a couple of empty pizza boxes laying on the floor, a Chinese take-out box, etc. "This is home?"

"W…well, it's not much, but at least I'm startin' with somethin'. I know, I gotta clean one day here. You thirsty?" He asked, tilting his shades down a little and eyeing her for a few minutes.

Feeling his eyes on her, a rather light tint of pink crossed her cheeks and she turned her gaze off to the side before he could see it. "Yeah. A coke or something if you got it." She spoke softly, still standing in her spot as she watched him rummage through the refrigerator.

"Ya know, yas still look great, Buttercup. Tha dress looks good on yas, real good." Closing the fridge door, Ace flashed her a smile, holding up two cans of coke. "Make yourself at home."

Cheeks flushing slightly, the tough puff tried her best to hide the blush as she watched him relax back upon the beat-up sofa. Hesitating slightly, she glanced around the room once more, as though she was certain someone else was watching her before she finally, slowly moved to sit down on the couch beside him. It all seemed so familiar though.

Seeing him handing her the coke this time, Buttercup gratefully accepted it, her green hues sparkling lightly as she stared down at the can in her hand. Idly she played with the tab, old feelings resurfacing in the pit of her stomach once more.

"…Why did you invite me here anyway?"

Gazing at her from behind his shades, Ace blinked twice. Then let out a long sigh. "To be completely and utterly honest wit yas, Buttercup? I really, honestly have missed yas. I dunno why I ran…after the whole thing with Sedusa and that nasty little Gnome, I went into hiding, for many reasons even unknown to myself." Taking a swig of the coke he held, Ace glanced ahead, ebony eyes gazing into the dark screen of the small television perched on the floor.

Buttercup watched him, listening carefully to him, she barely even felt herself inching closer towards the green skinned male. "I remained low, kinda refraining from any contact with the rest of tha gang, just thinkin' over things. I know I've done wrong, messed up my life, though I've been cleaning up. During tha thinkin' process, I kept replayin' tha moments spent wit you. Those were tha pure moments, even if it wasn' there, I knew. Look, kid, what I'm tryin' ta say is, I'm sorry for doin' yas wrong, for breakin' your heart. For tryin' to pull one over you and your sisters, everythin'."

Buttercup merely stared at him as she heard the words he had spoken with unblinking eyes. "You're not…just saying all this, are you?" she asked, arching another brow as she continued to study him.

He didn't speak. Buttercup blinked as she watched him set the can of coke down on the table before them along with hers. About to protest, Ace silenced her, placing his lips against her own in a soft, gentle kiss. Pulling back moments later, Ace smiled softly as he watched her rather stunned expression.

"Does that answer your question?"

Cheeks flushed with yet an even deeper shade of red, the dark haired girl lowered her eyes, bringing up a hand to touch her lips where he had kissed. Her heart beat loudly in her chest once more as she returned her gaze upon his form. "Y…Y-you…you kissed me!"

A rather light chuckle escaped Ace's lips as he leaned back against the couch once more. "It would seem like I did, didn't I? Surprised, babe?"

The pink blush could still be seen crossing Buttercup's cheeks as she squirmed slightly in her seat, not really quite sure how to react. something told her in the back of her mind to be grossed out, mortified, shocked, lash out at him, but she couldn't. There was an even bigger emotion building up inside of her, a rather giddy, butterfly-like feeling. She couldn't describe it.

Instead of beating the male to a pulp, she clung to his arm, squeezing her eyes shut tight as the blush refused to still leave her cheeks. Hearing his name being whispered out and feeling the cling upon his arm, Ace blinked as he looked over at her. "Buttercup?" Reaching a hand over, he lightly pat her hair, allowing his fingers to run through the soft black locks in a tender fashion.

There was a few minutes of silence as Buttercup slowly re-opened her eyes to see the look of concern crossing his facial features. Shaking her head, she leaned up until her lips met his own, kissing him back softly, though this kiss seemed to last a bit longer than the one he had earlier initiated. "…I forgive you, Ace," she spoke softly, now sitting just a little more closer towards him than she already was.

Tilting his head a little to the side, no matter how hard he tried to deny it, Ace could feel a familiar warmth rising against his own cheeks as he continued to study Buttercup's form. "Ya really do, Buttercup?" Seeing her confirm her earlier response with a nod of her head, Ace smiled contently now, relaxing fully back against the couch, he gently wrapped an arm around her shoulders in a loving embrace.

"Thank yous." he spoke softly, leaning over to place a soft kiss upon the top of her head.

It was a while before anything else was said, the two of them relaxing back against the couch, just enjoying the other's company. It was nice, actually. Looking back down at Buttercup moments later, Ace realized she was gazing up at him with those green hues of hers, a sure sign of curiosity shining beneath them. "Somethin' on my face?" he asked with sort of joking tone in his voice.

He could see another blush crossing her cheeks as he held her closer. "N-no. It's…nothing. That kiss, uhm…"

Honestly, she didn't know where she was going with this. But, she was curious and it was killing her not knowing! Noticing her squirming in her spot, Ace couldn't help but smile more as he gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze. "You're probably wonderin' if tha' kiss meant anythin', right?" Seeing her nod, he continued on, still smiling. "Of course it did. And there's somethin' I wanna ask yas, but yas don't have to answer right away, ya hear me? I was wondering if you would like to be my girlfriend?"

As soon as he had asked that question, Buttercup's eyes grew wide and the blush grew into a rather darker shade of pink as she clung to his arm once more. She wanted nothing more than to be with him and he was sweet giving her time to think about it, but her mind was already made up.


To be continued…