Hey everyone! So here's the first chapter of the story I've adopted from Darvia. She wrote up until chapter five and I mainly just added some bits to them. But after that I wrote the chapters, though she told me the continuation of the storyline. I know I haven't posted a full story on here in ages, so I hope this makes up for it. For those of you who haven't seen my profile (which is probably everyone), I am currently working on a Harry Potter and another Twilight story for here, so look forward to those some time this year. Also, though I doubt this, if you follow me on Fictionpress, I promise I will post a new chapter as soon as I can - I'm having serious issues with my document editor. Anyways, without further ado; here it is! Hope you like it :) I love you all to pieces!


Chapter 1: New Pack?

Seth POV

I could totally beat you! Paul continued our argument from earlier that day as we entered the forest, running patrol. He thought he could be me at Ninja Rakui – I was the master.

I'd like to see you try, man! I told him with a sneer.

What? Do you doubt my awesome samurai powers? Paul asked, feigning hurt.

GUYS! Shut up! Sam's voice boomed through my head. If I wanted to listen to constant fighting over who would win a video game, I would go over to Jared's house!

At least we're not always thinking about Emily. I told him as ran through a stream to get my fur wet.

Seth, if you ever thought of Emily he would give you a black eye. I heard Paul's voice say – and immediately after heard Sam growl.

I laughed. I would never think about her, dude. She's old!

Hey guys, Brady said as Paul laughed and before Sam could reply.

Hey Brady. Time for shift change? Paul asked him.

Yep! Brady said in a happy voice. He almost reminded me of Jake. When the Cullen's had decided to leave Forks, Jake had gone with them. He just couldn't bear not being near to Nessie. I couldn't really sympathize with him, but I got the general idea. After he left, Leah, Quil, Embry and I had all come back to the Sam's Pack. It just hadn't felt like a pack after Jake left, and I didn't think I could handle being Alpha. I pushed my thoughts aside as I saw a blur of something go past Paul.

What was that? I asked, but already knowing the answer. There was only one thing that could run like that.

Leech! Paul shouted, confirming my suspicions. It just crossed the line into La push!

Paul, follow it! It must be the same one that we keep running into. Sam told him as Brady howled to alert the others.

I started running towards Paul's location, right on the border of La Push territory. We'd had some serious vampire issues lately and we just could not seem to catch this one. As I got closer I saw the vampire up ahead, moving gracefully through the trees without effort. I didn't need to look very hard to know this was the same bloodsucker we'd been chasing around La Push for the past two months. I didn't have time to look longer because just then Sam, Collin, and Quil came up behind me.

Paul, can you catch up to him? Sam said as I sped up, trying to get closer to where Paul was, a good fifty feet ahead.

No. Every time it seems like I'm catching up, he just goes faster like this is some sort of game. Paul said with disgust and frustration evident in his voice.

And just as Leah, Embry, and Brady came out from behind us the vampire disappeared. None of us could get the scent back, and I suspected he had jumped in the river to purposely make us lose it.

Where did he go? Embry asked, swearing angrily.

We have to find him! Sam said angrily. Leah, Paul, Quil – head up to Forks. See if you can find him there. Everyone else, we need to search La Push. NOW!

I turned and headed back to La Push, deciding to search near First Beach and along the cliffs. As I ran through the forest I kept replaying the scene over in my head. I just couldn't believe how fast that bloodsucker had disappeared. I'd never seen a vampire that could move that quickly – without us even seeing it leave. I rounded the beach and cliffs a few times before deciding that I wasn't going to find the vampire. Then I turned back and headed toward Sam and Emily's house. As I got closer I phased back and got my shorts on. Then I went through their back gate, almost tripping on the kid toys scattered across the lawn. I pushed open the back door to find nearly half the pack already there.

"Did you find anything, Seth?" Sam asked me as he stood up from where he'd been sitting at the kitchen table.

"Nope, just a bunch of rocks and driftwood," I told him as I grabbed a muffin out of a basket on the counter.

"Great," Sam muttered under his breath, disappointed that no one found anything. "From now on we're going to have four of us out there at all times until we can catch the bloodsucker." He said, rubbing his temples. "Oh, and the council needs to speak with us. So\ as soon as the rest of the pack gets here we need to head over to the Tribal Offices."

Huh, I thought as I walked into the living room and sat on the sofa. I wonder why the council wants to talk to us? It has to be about the vampire –

"Seth! Let's go!" I heard Jared yell at me and I hoped up from the couch to leave the house.

We all filed out of Sam and Emily's cozy home and into our cars. I got in the backseat of Embry's car, Quil in the passenger seat and Collin beside me. My mind drifted away from our vampire issues as I started thinking about Sam and Emily and the relationship they had. I hoped that someday I would find someone that meant that much to me. And it wasn't just Sam and Emily; there was Jared and Kim, Paul and Rachel, and even Quil and Claire, even though Quil still thought Claire was too young for a real relationship. Yet, he still loved her in a way I knew no other man ever could….She was truly lucky to have him.

When we got to the Tribal Offices, Sam led the way through the halls. It only took us a few moments to reach the Board Room, where we would meet with the Council. As he pushed open the doors, the Council – made up of Mom, Billy, Old Quil, and several other elders – was sitting near the front of the room. The place reminded me of a court room, and it almost made me feel like I was being judged. The Council all sat behind a long, curved table on a slightly raised platform in padded conference chairs. There were rows of padded metal chairs that parted in the middle of the room, creating an aisle.

"Hello, boys, Leah." My mother said, greeting us warmly as we all began sitting down in the front row of chairs.

"Well, best not beat around the bush," Billy said as he looked at us. "When the new vampire made its appearance here, we were confident that you all could handle this quickly and take care of the threat that is upon us. But as he has continued to appear and we have continued watching, we've all found that this vampire is much smarter then we gave him credit for."

"So," Mom started, "we have decided that since you could not handle this by yourself, we have asked a favor of an old friend. He and his pack are going to come and help you –"

"No!" Sam said abruptly, interrupting my mom. "We can handle this by ourselves! We don't need help from outsiders!"

"Granted," Billy said, still calm as ever. "Whether you do or do not need help, we are bringing them here. Now I know that you don't want them coming in and taking over, and neither do we. That is why we have asked them to help only when the vampire is close."

"Does that sound like something you could work with?" One of the older elders addressed Sam.

Sam looked ready to retort angrily in the negative, but stopped himself and relaxed his body the slightest bit.

"Fine," he finally grumbled under his breath.

"Lovely; thank you, Sam. This Council meeting is now adjourned," my mom said as she and the rest of the Elders started preparing to leave. I was oddly excited about the news. Sam was worried, and I didn't blame him – it was his job to worry – but we'd never met another pack before. This was going to be interesting.