Why I Love You

The fits of laughter from Andre's joke sizzled down as Jade's anger sizzled up. "Oh calm down babe," Beck said kissing her forehead "we all know that's not why you love me." He pulled her closer to him.

"So why does she love you man?" Andre asked sending Jade an apologetic look.

"Because I'm sexy and calm of course," Beck said pft'ing and causing more laughter.

"That's not why," Jade said softly from beside him.

The group's laughter cut short and they all stared at the normally cold girl. "Then is it my silky smooth hair?" Beck asked grinning at her.

"No," she said standing as the bell rang. The group followed suit as to not be late to classes but Beck was honestly troubled. Why did Jade love him then?

He sat through his seventh period, which sadly wasn't with her, and pondered. The second the bell rang he jumped from his seat and went to find her. "It's my awesome arms right?" he said sure he'd nailed it.

"No," she sighed walking to her locker.

"My six pack?"


"Game skills."


"Unsurpassable knowledge of you."


"Love for cats."


"Hate for gerbils."


"Love of porcupines."

"What the hell?"

"Sorry it's just something unique about me that I figured I'd throw out there."

"Oh, well no."

Beck sighed frustrated "then why do you love me?"

Jade arched an eyebrow at him then rolled her eyes "the reason I love you is you, just you," she leaned up and kissed him before walking up to eighth period.

Inspired by Avril's new song I Love You on her Goodbye Lullaby CD.