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Chapter One

Kenichi Shirahama was a below average boy who had gained the name weak knees because of his tendency to run rather than fight. He was a bookworm that had thousands of books. He was currently walking towards his school reading a "How To Learn Karate" Book. He didn't notice a blonde girl petting a cat on a wall and his arm barely brushed her back and he felt something grab his arm.

'Huh is that the sky?' Kenichi thought before his back slammed into the ground.

"Oh my god I am so sorry… didn't anyone tell you not to sneak up on people!" the blonde exclaimed franticly.

"Sorry… wait do you just go around throwing people?" Kenichi asked.

"It was one of the first things I learned." The girl told him making him stare at her.

"Where is ninja school?" Kenichi asked flatly as he looked at his books all over the place. "Ah man I am going to be late for the first day again." Kenichi groaned as he started to pick his books up. Kenichi noticed the girl stare at his badge on his collar. 'Hmm I wonder what is wrong?' Kenichi thought.

"I know a shortcut if you want to come with me." The girl told him.

"Really that would be great!" Kenichi said happily the girl smiled at him before grabbing his hand and dragging him away. It wasn't long before the two were at the canal. "You don't expect us to swim across that." Kenichi said a bit nervously.

"Of course not." She beamed at him. "We will jump across!" She said as she leapt across inadvertently dragging Kenichi with her.

Fifteen Minutes Later

Kenichi was standing outside of his class room as the girl was being introduced. He let out a sigh. 'Man I am soaking wet.' Kenichi thought as he heard the door open and the blonde girl step out. "You shouldn't have come out here." Kenichi told her.

"But I was late too." The girl replied. "By the way I am Miu Furinji." Miu told him while smiling.

"Hi I am Kenichi Shirahama." Kenichi told her while smiling. He saw the girl look towards the ceiling while blushing.

"You know I would be really happy if we became friends." Miu told him while blushing.

'She is really cute.' Kenichi thought as he looked at her. "I would like being friends too." Kenichi said as he looked up too.

"I didn't make any friends at my old school." She told him a bit sad.

"I don't have many friends either." Kenichi told her with a sad sigh.

"I guess we can be each other's best friends." She told him while smiling.

"I would like that Miu-chan." Kenichi told her making her blush at his honorific of endearment. 'I don't get why she didn't have any friends… she is really pretty… is she dumb?' Kenichi thought.

"What were you reading?" She asked.

"Oh it is just a how to book… I like to read a lot." Kenichi told her.

'I really like being with him.' Miu thought with a smile. "I don't get to read much but I like to too." She told him.

"Well I guess we have something in common." Kenichi said with a smile. "I also like to plant a lot." He said. 'Why did I tell her that… she will think I am a wuss now.' He thought sadly.

"Really… where I live there isn't a lot of plants… I have wanted to make a garden but they don't live long enough." Miu told him sadly.

"I could help you if you would like." Kenichi offered.

"I would like that." She told him while smiling.

Several Hours Later

The two talk while they were out in the hall during the first class. Kenichi was now in the Karate Club Dojo. He was facing the biggest freshman Daimonji. Kenichi was sweating as the giant freshman nailed Kenichi with a kick. Kenichi's back slammed into the wall making him groan. Kenichi slid to the floor in a heap.

"Why don't you give up?" Daimonji asked.

"Because I want to become stronger." Kenichi groaned out as he stood up. Daimonji went in to hit Kenichi but Kenichi dodged at the last second and dealt a kick to Daimonji's chin.

"That was a mistake weak knees." Daimonji growled out.

"Wow he actually hit Daimonji." The kids were whispering as Daimonji kicked Kenichi again.

"Do us all a favor and just quit." Daimonji told Kenichi. 'Damn that kick was pretty strong.' Daimonji thought as he ignored the pain.

"No…." Kenichi trailed off as his vision darkened.

An Hour Later

Kenichi woke to see Daimonji and the club manager looking at him. "You and Daimonji will have a duel and the loser has to quit the club." The manager told Kenichi.

'Ah man.' Kenichi thought.

"It will be held in one week and get this dojo clean." He ordered Kenichi.

"Yes sir." Kenichi said with a sigh as the two left. Kenichi went to clean the Dojo.

Another Hour Later

Kenichi had spent the entire time cleaning the dojo and was now getting ready to leave. As he was walking he heard some people talking. "You should apologize to this old man." A familiar voice said.

"No no it is alright." An elderly voice said.

'Who is that?' Kenichi thought as he peeked around the corner to see Miu standing up against some men.

"We were doing everyone a favor girly." The man said. "He was slow so we push him out of the way."

"That car of yours in the way so why don't you move it?" Miu asked.

'Why did you have to say that?' Kenichi thought.

"Everyone knows not to mess with us… look around." A man said. Kenichi looked around the corner to see several people avoiding eye contact with them. "If you don't apologize we will have to rough you up." He stated.

Something snapped in Kenichi.

With Miu

'What is this overwhelming KI?' Miu thought as she looked around.

With Kenichi

Kenichi stepped out from behind the corner. "Let her go." Kenichi said as he started to walk towards them.

'Kenichi is that you?' She thought as she looked at Kenichi the men looked at Kenichi and snickered. She watched as Kenichi growl and slams his fist into the wall next to him and the wall crack under the force. 'What happened to the gentle Kenichi?' She thought.

"I don't want to fight but if you hurt Miu-chan I will hurt you." Kenichi said as he continued to walk towards them.

"Go away little boy before you get hurt." The man said. Kenichi leveled a gaze with him. Suddenly the three men attacked Kenichi and Miu watched Kenichi deflect each of their attacks easily.

'That is the Saikuken.' Miu thought as she saw Kenichi land a punch with the leader and the three stopped attacking. Suddenly the leader placed his hand on a handle and pulled a Katana out. He went to strike Kenichi but Kenichi blocked it with his fist and punched the man in the nose making him fall backwards. He kicked out with his leg knocking the other backwards. 'He beat them so calmly… who is he?' she thought. She saw Kenichi blink a few times.

"Huh what happened… how did I get here?" Kenichi asked.

'Did he really just beat them and not know it?' She thought. "Kenichi you just beat them easily." Miu told him.

"What do you mean?" He asked still a little dazed.

'So he really is a Sei fighter.' Miu thought. 'But that KI he has is amazing.' Miu thought. "Well thanks for saving me." Miu told him with a smile. 'I will have to ask Grandpa and the masters about this.' She thought.

"No problem… I guess." He said.

"Well I have to get home." Miu told him.

"Miu wait." Kenichi said gaining her attention before she left. "Um it is obvious that you know Martial Arts… um can you help me at all? I have this important fight soon and I know I will lose." He told her.

"Um yah I will give you a map to the Dojo where I trained." Miu told him. "Tomorrow during lunch… and I will make something for the both of us." She added.

"Okay thanks." Kenichi said as he saw Miu run off. 'I can't believe she gave me credit for saving her again.' Kenichi thought while shaking his head.

Miu's Home

Miu finally got home and saw them all eating some left over's. "Grandfather can I ask you and the master's something?" Miu asked as they all gave her their attention because of the seriousness in her voice.

"What is it Miu-chan?" the elderly blonde man asked.

"There were several people terrorizing an old man, so I stood up to them but before a fight could break out my new friend came." Miu said.

"What happened next?" the Chinese man asked.

"I asked around at school and everyone said he has no fighting skill but he easily took them all out without trying." Miu told them.

"Could he be a secret disciple?" A man with a scar asked.

"I don't think so because after he beat them he went back to his normal self… what happened to him?" Miu asked.

"Miu-chan let me ask you this." A man with a mustache said. "Does he read any books?" He asked as Miu nodded. "Do you know if he reads any books on Martial Arts?"

"Yah he was reading a How to book about Karate." Miu told him.

"He might not have consciously known those attacks but when he saw his new friend in trouble something snapped and he changed a persona of sorts and became a Martial Artist to protect you." The man with the mustache as the Chinese man and elderly man nodded.

"But that isn't all he was able to make and use the Saikuken like he has been using it for years." Miu added as the masters eyes widened.

'That technique wouldn't be in a book.' They all thought.

"Miu did you give him this address?" The elder blonde asked.

"I am going to give it to him tomorrow why?" she asked.

"Good…" The man said. 'Could he be the one?' the man thought as Miu walked away.

"Elder what is it?" the man with the scar asked.

"Sakaki… it is just that a while ago I was told of a prophecy about a boy who can do Martial Arts unconsciously and he will hold the world in his hands." He told him. "It was said that if he joins the Dark Side he would bring destruction but if he joins the Light Side he will bring peace."

"And you think this boy is the one mentioned?" the man with the mustache asked.

"Yes I do Akisame." The elder stated.

With Kenichi

Kenichi made it back to his house and saw some blood on his sleeve. 'How did this get here?' Kenichi thought as he walked into the house. "I am home!" He called out.

"We are in the living room dear!" he heard his mom call to him.

"Hey mom can I ask you something?" He asked.

"What is it sweetie?" She asked.

"Um I got into a fight after school…"

"Oh my, are you okay?" she asked worriedly as she started to check him over.

"Yes I am but I got blood on my school shirt." Kenichi said. "And I don't know what happened." He added.

"Hmm that is odd, oh well I will wash this shirt." She told him.

"Thanks mom… you aren't upset I got into a fight?" He asked nervously.

"Depends why did you get into a fight?" She asked.

"One of my new friends was in danger and… I don't know what happened but she told me I beat them up." Kenichi told her.

"A girl?" She asked with a sly smirk. 'Hmm I will have to meet this girl.' She thought. "Well go get changed supper will be done soon." She told him.

"Thanks mom." Kenichi told her as he walked to his room. 'That is so odd why would I get into a fight… I am so passive.' He thought while shaking his head.