Chapter Twenty Nine

The dust was blown away to show Kenichi Shirahama standing up tall… or as tall for him as possible. Suddenly three thugs attacked him but Kenichi hit one of the thugs while deflecting another's hit and the three men knock each other out. Kenichi looked around and saw Nijima. "Nijima what the hell is going on!" Kenichi demanded. "Where are Takeda and Ukita!"

"They are dead sir." Matsui said as Kenichi blink.

"No they aren't." Nijima said as he waved Matsui off.

"What about the others?" Kenichi asked.

"Dead too sir." Matsui told him.

"They were just beaten up." Nijima told him. "By that man." Nijima said as he pointed at Berserker.

Kenichi suddenly attacked Berserker with a punch and kick that Berserker caught the punch and blocked the kick with his shin. "I will make you pay." Kenichi growled angrily when the two dodged a hit and they saw Hermit between the two.

"Kenichi Berserker is mine." Hermit told him as he stood. Kenichi nodded and backed away as Hermit faced Berserker.

With Ryozanpaku

They were eating some rice balls when Sieg started to freak out. "AH! An old man is running on the water!" he exclaimed as a gust of wind blew past them.

"Hey grandpa." Miu said without turning.

"Hello Miu-chan." Hayato said with a smile.

"So old man how was the training?" Sakaki asked.

"Well I have complete confidence that he can beat any thug that attacks him but if there is a martial artist that knows it… he will have difficulties." Hayato told them as he munched on the rice ball.


Berserker was doing back flip's while Hermit rolled out of the way of the odd attack. Hermit spun and got to his feet and went to attack Berserker who easily blocked the attack but Hermit attacked the back of his neck with an added move that Berserker wasn't expecting. He staggered away from Hermit as he went on the offensive. Hermit started to go through series of attacks that was pushing Berserker farther back until Hermit dealt a nasty hit to the side of his head making him fall backwards unconscious. Hermit let out a breath as he turned.

'It isn't over.' Odin thought as KI started to radiate out of Berserker as he stood up.

'How can he still move!' Hermit thought as he got back into his fighting stance.

"Hah this fight isn't over!" Berserker exclaimed. "I am having too much fun!" he added as he went onto the offensive pushing Hermit back. Berserker went into a relentless attack on Hermit hitting him repeatedly.

"Kenichi go he…" Nijima began but Kenichi shook his head as Hermit fell to the ground.

"Natsu isn't this weak." Kenichi told him as Berserker went in for the attack again but Hermit dodged it and grabbed his arm before bringing his hand down and dislocated Berserkers elbow. Suddenly Berserker attacked Hermit with his dislocated elbow and hit Hermit on the head hard. Berserker's KI continued to raise as the fight went on.

"Stop moving Berserker you could die if you move too much." Hermit warned him as Berserker laughed.

"But I can't stop I am having too much fun!" Berserker exclaimed with a laugh as the two went towards each other and as they passed each other people could hear the multiple hits land but couldn't see them. People watched as Berserker fell down onto the ground.

"It doesn't matter if you fought me or Kenichi you would have lost." Hermit said as he walked up to Kenichi. He tagged Kenichi's hand. "Good luck Kenichi." Hermit told him as Kenichi fanned his hand.

'Ouch.' Kenichi thought as he saw Berserker start to stand. Kenichi quickly placed a hand on his shoulder to steady him but Berserker knocked his hand away. "Stop Berserker, you can barely stand let alone fight." Kenichi told him.

"But this feeling…" He trailed off as he looked at Kenichi. "I don't know this feeling."

"That is the feeling of lose." Kenichi told him when suddenly Berserker grunted in pain and fell forward into Kenichi's arms. Kenichi looked behind Berserker to see Odin.

"Let him make his own choices Kenichi." Odin told Kenichi as he growled. Kenichi laid Berserker on the ground as he stood. "Kill them all." Odin ordered as Thor stood and Hermit got into his stance as the thugs backed away. "Don't worry that is just for show." He told everyone. "He has almost no power left." He added.

'Damn he noticed.' Hermit thought as they started to advance on the group when several people were knocked out and everyone turned to see the Shinpaku Alliance and Kisara's thugs standing there.

"Kenichi leave these thugs to us." Takeda told him. "You fight Odin." He added as Kenichi nodded.

"You cannot beat me Kenichi." Odin told him with a vicious smirk.

"I have done some special training." Kenichi told him as they both activated their Seikuken. They slowly started to move closer towards each other as their Seikuken's started to overlap.

With Ryozanpaku

"They are so close and getting closer this fight will begin anytime now!" Sieg exclaimed.

"Sieg let me look through it." Miu begged as she held his arm.

"No wait your turn!" Sieg told her.

With Kenichi and Odin

They were now only a breathes away from each other before they started to attack each other. But all attacks were deflected by the others Seikuken. 'How does he have such a grip on the Seikuken from only a short time?' Odin thought as the two continued to attack each other. 'His master must be a monster.' He added as Kenichi's masters and the elder all sneezed at the same time. Odin and Kenichi's arms were in a blur of movements.

'Kenichi if you continue to just deflect you will lose, you have to attack eventually!' Kenichi heard Hayato's voice tell him. Kenichi suddenly broke his Seikuken and went to hit Odin who deflected it and countered with his own attack that Kenichi blocked and countered. Kenichi suddenly grabbed Odin's arm and threw him into the ground in a plume of dust. He looked to see that it was just Odin's coat. Kenichi barely dodged out of the way of Odin's punch and he rolled to his feet and blocked another one of Odin's hits. Kenichi stood quickly and right as Odin attacked Kenichi stepped out of the way and pivoted out of the way before throwing Odin to the ground. Silence fell over everyone as they saw the leader being thrown.

With Ryozanpaku

"He is using the stepping method I showed him!" Miu exclaimed as Kensei blinked a few times to look at Miu.

"Hey Miu where is Opera Boy?" Kensei asked as Miu looked confused before looking at the bed to see him missing.

"Apa… there he is." Apachai told them as they looked to see Siegfried swimming across the river.

"That must hurt." Kensei stated.

"I know he has multiple broken ribs." Akisame added.


"Take your glasses off Odin." Kenichi told him. "I will not hit you when you wear glasses." Odin smirked viciously.

"Are you sure about that?" Odin asked as Kenichi nodded. "Then you will know why I am called Odin, because like this you will not get a hit in on me." Odin added as he pulled his glasses off and Kenichi immediately went on the offense and started to fiercely go through attacks while Odin blocked all of the attacks.

Nijima was reading over all of the information he got from researching Odin. 'So Odin gave up his left eye to gain the Knowledge of the Ancients… this is a bunch of bullshit. Wait if he can see through all attacks…' his thought trailed off. "KENICHI WATCH OUT!" Nijima yelled but it was too late.

"Now for you to experience my strongest attack." Odin told him. "Gungnir!" he exclaimed as he started to go through a rapid attack that every single one went through Kenichi's defense. After the attack Kenichi flew backwards onto a pipe.

"Thor watch out!" Hermit exclaimed as Thor turned and suddenly Siegfried appeared in front of him and blocked the attack.

"Sieg…" Thor began but they started up the fight again while Kenichi scrambled to his feet.

'Damn how did he get through my defense?' Kenichi thought as he stood just to see Odin in front of him.

"Gungnir!" He exclaimed again before he started to attack Kenichi again making him fly backwards and he started to slide off the pipe. Thor watched Nijima do a weird dance before Kenichi's belt caught a nut and Kenichi was able to grab the edge and hold on as Odin walked towards him. Kenichi swung and kicked the pipe and did a back flip and landed on top of the pipe again but fell to his knees in pain. He looked at his hand to see it shaking horribly. "I have to admit, most people can't last against two Gungnir's." Odin complimented.

'Stop shaking.' Kenichi begged his body. 'Stop Shaking!' he begged again. "STOP SHAKING!" he yelled as he smashed his head against the pipe as the fighting was silenced again at the randomness of Kenichi. Kenichi laughed goofily before falling backwards.

"They always say leave them laugh." Odin said with a chuckle as Kenichi stood and had his hands on his knees.

"Kenichi!" Siegfried yelled. "Odin's techniques depends on two things! The first is that he watched your previous fights and the second is tempo! Use that punch and you will beat him!" Siegfried yelled as Kenichi stood.

'I will only have one chance at this.' Kenichi thought as he took a step forward and Odin started up his Gungnir but Kenichi was not going down as he took slow steps forward and took the mass amounts of hits.

"What are you made of lead!" Odin demanded. "It doesn't matter because even lead can bend!" he added as he continued the relentless attack and he smirked when he saw Kenichi start to fall backwards and he stopped his attack but Kenichi suddenly hunched forward.

"Left hand." He said weakly as he brought his left hand back. Kenichi snapped his head up. "MUBYOSHI!" Kenichi yelled as he launched the punch forward and dust was kicked up from the power of the punch. As it cleared Kenichi saw that Odin had caught the punch.

"That was quite the punch." Odin complimented. "I am sure if I hadn't of used both hands my hand would be broken." He added.

"Once more then!" Kenichi exclaimed as he went to attack but Odin knocked his hands back with his chest before throwing Kenichi away. Kenichi caught himself and rolled to a kneeling position. "Fine then if fighting you as myself can't work… then I guess you will have to fight someone else." Kenichi said as he stood and suddenly his demeanor changed and he was releasing waves of KI. Kenichi started to punch and knee the air in front of him.

"What is that supposed to be?" Odin asked with narrowed eyes.

"I am Apachai Hopachai the Death God of the Underground Muay Thai Circuit!" Kenichi exclaimed.

"My god his tempo has changed!" Siegfried exclaimed.

"What he doesn't seem different!" Nijima exclaimed.

"I might not be up to their level in strength but I know their techniques!" Kenichi exclaimed before he launched forward. He started to release fast powerful attacks on Odin. They were hitting him pushing him further back.

'This shouldn't be right.' Odin thought as Kenichi narrowly hit him with a knee. 'Calm down… one… two… three!' he thought. "I got it you changed to Muay Thai." He said as he activated his Seikuken but Kenichi's style changed again.

"Ah he changed again!" Siegfried exclaimed in awe as Kenichi launched forward and started to go through fast rapid hits that were too fast for Odin to block.

Odin got the tempo again and went to hit Kenichi when his style changed again. "I am Shio Sakaki the One Hundredth Dan Karate Street Brawler!" Kenichi said with a laugh.

With Ryozanpaku

All the masters were laughing at Kenichi's impression of Sakaki. "THAT IS NOT HOW I LOOK OR SOUND!" Sakaki yelled angrily.

'Yes it is… this is brilliant Kenichi.' Akisame thought.

"Hey I don't sound like that… do I?" Kensei asked as he saw Kenichi's impression of him.

"You do… a little" Shigure told him as he sulked. "Look he's me!" Shigure exclaimed excitedly.


"I might not be on Shigure's level but I can handle her… double slash." He said in her deadpanned voice.

"Ugh you damn copy cat!" Odin yelled as he went to hit Kenichi but his style changed again and he caught the attack before throwing Odin.

"Sheer ignorance, everyone knows the first art of becoming a martial artist is the art of imitation." Kenichi said as he stood there and watched Odin fly and land on the roof. Kenichi let out a breath as the KI vanished and Kenichi looked at Odin to see him holding his arm while blood seeped down his arm. "Ryuto!" Kenichi exclaimed as he ran to help him but he just kicked Kenichi in the chest making him cough before falling backwards and he corrected himself.

"Looks like I will have to use this technique." Odin told him as his stance changed and Kenichi could sense something wrong with him.

With Ryozanpaku

"How reckless!" Hayato exclaimed.

"What is wrong?" Maya asked as she squinted.

"He is combining his Sei and Dou powers together." Akisame told her.

"Think of it like this, imagine if you contained an explosion in a bottle." Kensei continued. "During the explosion you will gain limitless power but eventually the bottle will break." He added.

"That isn't all, not only does it eat away at the body but it also does the mind and soul!" Sakaki told her.


Kenichi blocked a hit that made him roll backwards and he rolled to a standing position and saw that Odin was no longer in front of him. 'Where did he go?' Kenichi thought as he saw a shadow cover him and he launched a kick up but he felt two punched and Odin's Seikuken indent the roof. Kenichi rolled away while holding his leg. 'Damn it how did he do that!' Kenichi thought as he felt Odin kick him again.

"You are a fool Kenichi." Odin told him. "You always had friends around you. And that will make you…"

"SHUT UP!" Kenichi yelled as he dealt a punch to Odin's face making him stagger away.

"I didn't expect you to have that much pow…" He trailed off as he saw Kenichi was no longer in front of him.

With Ryozanpaku

The masters had stopped a man in a white cloak from interfering in the fight. "A master shouldn't interfere with their disciple's fights." Akisame scolded.

"Not even you are stupid enough to fight all of us Ogata Isshinsai." Kensei added.

"Lets watch this fight." Sakaki said.

"No one can kill Kenichi…" Shigure said as she pushed her Katana back into it's sheath. "At least not until… I do." She added.

"Shigure that isn't right!" Kensei exclaimed.


"You are wrong Ryuto." Kenichi told Odin from behind him. Odin spun and dealt an attack on Kenichi who blocked it easily. "I gained my strength to protect myself, my friends, and my loved one." He added as Kenichi dealt fast moving punches on Odin making him fly backwards.

'No I cannot lose… not again!' Odin thought as he concentrated and he stopped and launched at Kenichi who just waited and the two got into a fierce fight again. Odin could feel his muscles started to strain and tear. Kenichi's attacks finally got through Odin's defense and started to hit him. 'Come on just a little more!' Odin thought desperately as Kenichi saw Odin fly backwards and land on the roof which was soon enveloped in flames. Kenichi watched in horror as he saw Ryuto missing.

"The fuel barrels!" Nijima yelled.

Kenichi covered his eyes as he went to the edge of the hole carefully to see Ryuto hanging from on one arm. "Kenichi tell me, how do you always gain this strange power that makes you so strong?" Ryuto asked as he saw Kenichi back away. "Heh I guess I won't…" He trailed off as Kenichi came running and jumped onto a platform next to him.

"It is because you are my friend." Kenichi told him as he held his hand out with a smile. "Grab my hand!" He added quickly as the flames grew bigger. Kenichi suddenly caught something in his hand and saw that it was the Yin-Yang badge.

"Looks like you are the winner Kenichi." Ryuto told him as he let go of the bar.

"RYUTO!" Kenichi yelled as he saw his old friend fall, suddenly the platform he was on lurched and started to fall. Kenichi screamed and suddenly saw himself hanging upside down while Hayato held him. "Thank you elder." Kenichi said as he swung.

"Just some words of advice old man." Ogata told him.

"I will allow you one sentence Ogata Isshinsai." Hayato told him.

"It is time. The Eternal Setting Sun is upon us." Ogata told him.

"That was two sentences." Hayato said as he watched Ogata sent an attack towards the barrels making them explode. Hayato leapt high into the air.


The thugs and Kenichi's friends saw Kenichi's masters appear out of nowhere and either punched or slashed at the flames while Apachai ripped the roof off the building as the flames launched into the air.

Akisame shook his wrist. "It is hard sometimes to hold back when needed." Akisame said as Shigure sheathed her katana.

"See them they are my friends!" Takeda exclaimed with a smile.

With Kenichi and Hayato

Kenichi opened his eyes to see everyone. His eyes saddened. "What is wrong Kenichi?" Hayato asked.

"It is Ryuto…"

"You are sad that you couldn't help him." Hayato said as Kenichi nodded as he looked down and saw his friends. "Then grow stronger to help your friends that are here." Hayato told him as Kenichi saw Miu.

"Kenichi I am glad you are okay!" Miu yelled up to him as Kenichi smiled.

"Oh Miu." Kenichi said as the two slammed into the ground. As the dust cleared they saw Kenichi and Hayato. "Hey guys." Kenichi said with a smile before falling limp in Hayato's arms.

"It seems his injuries have caught up to him." Akisame said as he examined him as Kenichi's friends were freaking out. "He just has a lot of bruising and that is it." He added. "If it wasn't for our conditioning he would have been broken to pieces. I have to get him to my bone setting clinic to treat him better." He told Hayato as the masters vanished with Kenichi leaving his friends to worry about him.

Ryozanpaku Two Weeks Later

Kenichi had been unconscious ever since they had brought him back to Ryozanpaku. Miu had not left his side for more than a few minutes to either get water, food, or to use the restroom. She was worried sick about her dear friend. Maya would visit three times a day, once before she started training, once during lunch, and the last was before she went to bed. Nijima came over every day to see if Kenichi was alright. Takeda, Ukita, and Kisara would come to check on him every day too but would stay longer than Nijima did. Kisara would talk with Miu often times attempted to insult her bust size to get a rise out of her but it never came. Thor and Siegfried didn't come too often because of their injuries but they did come every other day to check up on Miu and Kenichi. Freya came over once to check up on the two once and gave her condolences to Miu before leaving. Natsu was the only one besides Miu who spent the most time with Kenichi, he would often just hang out at the Dojo. Kenichi's eyes cracked open to see a teary eyed Miu. Her eyes were clamped shut as the tears fell down for the nth time that day.

"Kenichi please wake up." She pleaded when she felt a hand wipe her tears away.

"You shouldn't cry Miu." Kenichi told her gently as her eyes snapped open in shock.

"KENICHI!" She yelled as she dove into his arms and hugged him tightly and he grunted in pain. She sobbed into his chest as they heard people piling into the room. Kenichi looked over Miu's shoulders to see his friends looking at him with smiles. Maya and Takeda had the biggest smile out of his friends.

"I am glad you are awake Kenichi." Nijima said before tapping his palm pad a few time and walked out.

Kenichi felt Miu stop crying and heard soft snores coming from her. "She barely slept while you were unconscious." Maya told him quietly.

"You had us worried brat." Kisara told him with a smile.

"How long was I out?" Kenichi asked in a hoarse voice.

"Nearly two weeks Kenichi." Takeda told him. "Everyone except for Thor Sieg and Freya came every day." He added. "Natsu here was almost as worried as Honey." He added as Natsu flushed a little.

"I was only here because that brat of a sister you have would never let me hear the end of it." Natsu defended himself as he turned. Kenichi weakly sat up and placed Miu's head onto his lap as she slept.

"Thanks guys." He told them as Akisame walked in.

"Oh Kenichi you are awake." He stated calmly. "I was getting worried you wouldn't wake up." He added before checking his bandages. "After some rest we will start up training again." He told Kenichi before leaving. Kenichi stroked Miu's hair as she slept and she snuggled up to his stomach and sigh in content.

"Well I guess we should get going." Takeda said as Ukita nodded.

"Get better soon brat." Kisara told him. "It just wasn't right when Miu isn't bubbly." She added before following Ukita and Takeda out.

"Goodbye Kenichi!" Siegfried sang as he twirled out of the room with Thor waving while shaking his head at his best friend.

"If you ever do something that stupid again, I will kill you myself." Maya told Kenichi before she walked out to go training. Kenichi smiled and leaned back and closed his eyes. It wasn't long before the door opened again and Kenichi cracked his eye open to see a tanned woman with a type blue suit on.

"Oh I see you are awake Kenichi." The woman said as Kenichi looked confused. "I see that you don't remember me." She added with a serene smile. "I am Kaname Kugatachi also formally known as the Third Fist Freya." She told him as he blinked. "I am the leader of the Walkyria." She added as his eyes widened. "Don't worry I am not here to fight. My Squad lost fair and square to Miu-chan, Maya-chan, and Kisara-chan." She told him. "Well I just came to replace the flowers I brought last week." She told him as she walked over to a vase and pulled the wilted flowers out and replaced them. "Well I will talk with you later." She told him before leaving.

"Odd." He muttered to himself before he fell asleep again.