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God, this was it.

Ichigo pulled out of the hurried kiss and grabbed his captain by the hand. With a sly wink, he led the man back to his bedroom, where he let go of the larger hand in his and crawled onto his bed. He turned onto his back and propped himself up by his elbows, his eyes hungrily following the blue-haired man edging towards him. When Grimmjow had kissed him earlier, Ichigo had thought the man was playing a prank. He wouldn't put it past the captain, but he couldn't deny how much he'd enjoyed it. How much he'd thought about him himself. How much he'd wanted it.

Grimmjow's normally cool, blue eyes were lit with a fiery passion as he climbed onto the bed and nudged his way between Ichigo's legs. Once there, they resumed kissing, slow and with purpose. Ichigo allowed his mind to drift away, his body taking the lead. He lifted a hand and placed it behind Grimmjow's neck, his fingers toying with the soft blue hair at his captain's nape. Grimmjow growled and pressed Ichigo's back against the mattress, where he rolled his hips, his urgent need poking at Ichigo's pelvis. An abundance of heat spread throughout Ichigo as he bit back a moan. He didn't want to seem overeager, but the taller man's body, those hard muscles and soft skin, was driving him nuts. Grimmjow felt and tasted like so much man, it was overwhelming. The other man's hand slid under Ichigo's t-shirt, bat-callused fingers gliding over a sexually tensed abdomen. Ichigo separated their faces, his head falling back as that same hand slowly traveled up to his chest, the strong fingers playing with his right nipple. He had never been proud of having sensitive nipples – often thinking it made him too similar to a woman – but having Grimmjow tease and arouse them was too erotic and pleasurable to ignore.

Ichigo moaned, his breath catching in his throat when Grimmjow's hand slipped down his torso and slid over his lap. When the blue-haired man wrapped a hand around Ichigo's clothed erection, Ichigo arched his back and hissed. Yeah, he needed more of that. He grabbed Grimmjow's hand and pressed down, inviting more friction, more pressure. Grimmjow smirked, his blue eyes dancing with lust and arrogance. He leaned forward and brushed his nose against Ichigo's cheek before kissing it softly.

"You like when I touch you there?"

Ichigo almost melted into the bed. His whole body was screaming for contact, his temperature and heart rate through the roof.

"Yes, yes! Don't stop. Please, don't stop."

Grimmjow's resulting growl was probably the sexiest thing Ichigo had ever heard in his life. Grimmjow's hands were on the move again, this time both of them sliding under Ichigo's shirt and lifting towards his neck. Ichigo understood the implied suggestion, so he sat up and helped Grimmjow remove the item. It was tossed over the side of the bed without a second glance. Ichigo started to pull Grimmjow back down on top of him, but Grimmjow resisted, instead leaning back on his haunches and staring down at Ichigo's torso. A moment of playfulness overcame Ichigo, making him ease his arms behind his head.

"You like?" he asked, voice low and thick with lust. "I got more where this came from. Wanna go lower?"

Grimmjow snorted, but his eyes told the truth of the matter. They were shining in the darkened bedroom, the only other light emitting from the moon through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Grimmjow tugged his own t-shirt over his head and tossed it away. Ichigo's teasing mood stalled as he stared in appreciation at his captain's upper body. Everything was perfect. His trunk was thick and solid, his abdomen defined with sharp, precise dips and cuts. And then there were the man's Adonis lines that were so loudly pronounced, Ichigo found it hard to keep his eyes off of them. His weren't even that attention-grabbing. Besides, it didn't help that Grimmjow's warm up pants had slipped low on his hips, riding below the elastic band of his underwear. Ichigo reached forward, enchanted by the line of sky-blue hair that began at the man's navel and marched its way out of sight. When Ichigo traced the fine hairs with his fingertips, Grimmjow's abdomen shuddered. Ichigo grinned.

"Sexy," he mumbled.

His hand had a mind of its own. It dipped between Grimmjow's powerful thighs and wrapped around the impressive length straining in those warm up pants. Grimmjow was thick and maybe a couple inches over average length. As a matter of fact, it felt like Ichigo had his hand tight around a cucumber. He bit his bottom lip and squeezed gently, his hand sliding up, and then down. He looked into his captain's face, carefully taking note of the man's reaction. Grimmjow's eyes were closed, and his lips were parted. His hips moved forward the tiniest fraction before his eyes snapped open and his hands went to the waistbands of his underwear and warm up pants. He tugged them down without hesitation, the movement forcing Ichigo's hand away from that tempting piece of flesh and simultaneously bringing it springing into view. It slapped against his lower abdomen, hard as a rock, and the skin a shade or two darker than the rest of him.

Ichigo licked his lips, unconsciously climbing to his knees. His eyes were glued to Grimmjow's member, his hand outstretched and seconds away from contact...when Grimmjow redirected his attention, pulling him into those strong arms and pressing their lips together. Ichigo wanted that, but he wanted Grimmjow naked a little more. His hands ran around the small of Grimmjow's back before sliding over the man's firm bottom and squeezing. Ichigo closed his eyes and moaned, his thoughts on how nice it would be to repeat that action while his captain was buried inside of him. His body flushed and his nipples tightened even more. He backed out of the kiss, breathless.

"Take these off," he said.

Grimmjow didn't bother arguing. He nodded and divested himself of the cumbersome warm up pants and his black boxer briefs. They hadn't even hit the floor good before he was reaching for Ichigo again. Ichigo smirked at the want pouring off of his captain, knowing that it matched his own. It was excruciating keeping such a gorgeous man at bay with teasing foreplay.

"Wait. I wanna take my stuff off, too."

A muscle in Grimmjow's jaw twitched, but still he said nothing and did nothing. Though, his hands did tighten into fists while he watched Ichigo undress with the eyes of a hawk. Ichigo made short work of his own clothing before tossing them aside. Naked, he slid towards Grimmjow on his knees. They were both on their knees in the middle of the bed by now, and Grimmjow wasted no time pulling Ichigo to his chest, both large hands on Ichigo's hips.

And then they were kissing again, this time, the feel of bare skin on bare skin adding gas to the flame. Grimmjow's sharp teeth nipped at Ichigo's bottom lip before that experienced tongue slid back into Ichigo's mouth, searching out every little space. Meanwhile, Grimmjow's hands had gone south, each one attached to a firm cheek. He kneaded and lifted Ichigo against him with a guttural growl, their lengths rubbing hard together, and it was all Ichigo could do not to make a fool of himself. He gripped the taller man's broad shoulders, his head falling back as Grimmjow's mouth traveled down to his neck.

He'd known his captain was strong and aggressive when he wanted to be, but seeing it in the bedroom was another story. He gasped and panted, shock rippling through him at just how good Grimmjow felt all over him, and how nice it was to give control to someone else for a while. And boy, was Grimmjow in control. Ichigo didn't even realize Grimmjow could be so assertive outside of the baseball field, considering how socially awkward he was. But then again, Ichigo had realized that the man held a sense of quiet power that had to be released in some shape or form. Grimmjow couldn't just keep it bottled up inside all the time.

Grimmjow's teeth were at Ichigo's collar bone, gently scraping before they were replaced by soft lips and a wet tongue. Ichigo held his breath as a warm line ran up and down the side of his neck before returning to his collar. Grimmjow freed one of his hands and slid it up over Ichigo's side, caging Ichigo's ribs, while the other hand snaked its way around Ichigo's hip and between his legs. Ichigo's breath left him in a rush as Grimmjow's hand slowly pumped his arousal. Blue eyes watched him, a bit of amusement underlying the wealth of need shown in them. One thing Ichigo had been expecting that hadn't occurred yet was Grimmjow's arrogance. Ichigo expected a narcissist in the bedroom; not this quiet predator; not this hunter, who seemed to bide his time, waiting for the perfect moment to spring his trap. Even though Ichigo hadn't expected it, it turned him on so much, he thought he'd die from it.

Grimmjow's hand sped up as he kissed Ichigo again. It was slow and warm, and Ichigo couldn't take it. All he could do was hold on to the man's shoulders and try not to drown in the sensations flowing over him. And then, Grimmjow's wicked wicked free hand left Ichigo's side and slid around to Ichigo's ass again. A long finger brushed over his opening, making Ichigo jump, their faces separating while he grunted. This was insane. He'd never been this worked up before.

"Mmm," Grimmjow hummed.

His eyes were still on Ichigo's face, but they weren't amused anymore. They were serious and full of determination. Ichigo refused to be the only one writhing in lust here. He leaned forward, placing a hand on Grimmjow's chest and forcing the man to tilt backwards. Then, Ichigo gently grabbed hold of the man's standing desire, anxious to have Grimmjow feel what he felt. The captain gave a quick sigh through his nose before those eyes lowered to Ichigo's hand. His hips moved back and forth, urging Ichigo to move faster. That was when the overwhelming press to feel the man in his mouth took over him. He slid both hands over Grimmjow's thighs and pushed. Not hard enough to take him off balance, but enough to imply that he wanted Grimmjow to sit on his heels. The captain caught on and did as requested, bracing his weight on his hands. Ichigo felt like a kid in Toyland. Grimmjow's erection was pointing right at him, stiff and occasionally twitching.

Ichigo went down on all fours and moved in, one hand wrapping around the thick base of his captain's length. He swiped at the head with his tongue, tasting, testing. He heard Grimmjow's low grunt and looked up, smug satisfaction setting in at the hooded blue eyes and smoldering desire in them. That was all the encouragement he needed. He took Grimmjow into his mouth, slowly wetting the shaft and hiding a grin when Grimmjow's hand crept into his hair. The blue-haired man tasted like clean skin and an undertone of musk that made Ichigo hum with delight. He wanted more, and he knew just how to get it.

His lips and tongue slid along ridged veins and rippled flesh, his heart racing. He used his hand to stimulate the rest of the impressive member that his mouth couldn't reach, twisting and stroking. Grimmjow hissed and Ichigo glanced up at him. Heat filled his lower region at the sight of his captain staring down at him, blue eyes narrowed and bottom lip tucked between perfect teeth. He reached between his own legs with his free hand and tugged, desperate for fulfillment. But he was really enjoying the sounds and looks from Grimmjow, so he picked up his pace. He took in as much of the man's arousal as he could, removing his hand from the base of the shaft. He almost gagged, but breathed deeply through his nose and fervently continued. He sucked harder, sometimes slowing to concentrate on the sensitive head before resuming pace. A growl from above made him look up again. The hand in his hair tightened as Grimmjow bared his teeth and hissed.

"Right there," the captain rumbled quietly.

Ichigo bobbed his head faster, his own erection hardening with more urgency. This was better than anything he'd dreamed. He ran a hand up Grimmjow's taut abdomen, teasing the man's navel and those fascinating hairs again. The sounds they were making probably would have been considered disgusting: wet and sloppy. His other hand slid up and over one of Grimmjow's ass cheeks, tightening and guiding the man's rapid thrusts. It kind of took Ichigo by surprise when Grimmjow pulled him away from the still hard length. Saliva dripped onto the bed as Ichigo was firmly tugged towards Grimmjow's chest.

Grimmjow's lips were on his again, and that shocked Ichigo even further. He'd been expecting some type of snappy comment, or even words heated with lust. But, no. Grimmjow was a man on a mission. He clearly had no time to waste on mere words. The captain's mouth and tongue were aggressive, plundering Ichigo's and leaving him weak-kneed.

The next thing he knew, he was on his back, Grimmjow slithering over him and kneeing his legs apart. They were kissing again, but not for long. Grimmjow's lips moved over Ichigo's jaw and down to his neck, where Grimmjow kissed and sucked, surely leaving marks that would stick around for a few days. His hand was busy between Ichigo's legs, stroking and stimulating the head of Ichigo's erection with a roughened thumb pad. Ichigo threw his head back, cutting himself off mid-moan with a closed fist. It was too much. He rotated his hips, aching, wanting, needing.

Grimmjow answered him a hundred fold.

The captain left wet kisses all over Ichigo's chest before he drew a nipple between his lips. Ichigo squeezed his eyes shut, his body shuddering. It wasn't fair. Grimmjow still had a hand on Ichigo's length, and it was killing him. His desire was so pointed, it almost seemed to have a mind of its own.

"Fuck," he whispered, unable to contain himself.

Grimmjow hummed against his chest before releasing Ichigo's nipple and moving on to the next one. Ichigo almost whimpered, it felt so good. Everything was hot and straining for release. He panted into his fist, sweat collecting at his brow. He was trying so hard not to come undone, but Grimmjow was absolutely wonderful in bed. God, he should have known. His nipple was finally freed, but Grimmjow's mouth wouldn't rest. He licked wet lines down Ichigo's abdomen, dipped his tongue into Ichigo's navel, teased the sensitive area above Ichigo's manhood. It was utter madness in the best way possible. Ichigo twisted and squirmed in place, anxious to feel Grimmjow's dexterous tongue on another part of his anatomy.

He didn't have to wait long.

Grimmjow spread his legs and lifted them by the backs of Ichigo's knees. Then, he swept his tongue along Ichigo's sac in one long, firm stripe before sucking one of Ichigo's balls into his mouth. Ichigo couldn't take it. His head whipped to the side as his brows creased with pleasure.

"Ahh!" he cried out. "Shit!"

His body trembled under Grimmjow. The captain had to know the effect he had on Ichigo. He had to. Ichigo was panting, but he didn't even have time to recover before his entire sac filled Grimmjow's mouth and undulated against the man's tongue. He grasped a fistful of blue hair and groaned, his shaft twitching mightily. The head was nearly turning purple and leaked like it was weeping. Grimmjow hummed and slid his hand along the rigid length, smearing the pre-cum. Ichigo's knees fucking shook as he tried to keep a lid on his control. He was failing miserably, though.

Grimmjow's long firm hand strokes were punctuated by low hums and a constantly moving tongue. He couldn't take it. He couldn't take it. His toes were curling, and Grimmjow hadn't even officially sucked him off yet. Just as the thought crossed his mind, his sac was released, Grimmjow's warm saliva quickly cooling in the air. Ichigo thought he would have a moment to collect himself, but he was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Grimmjow let go of one of Ichigo's knees and wrapped long fingers around the base of Ichigo's length. He didn't wait for a go-ahead signal; he just dove right in, his mouth taking Ichigo in like a shelter. Grimmjow hummed again and closed his eyes, but Ichigo held onto the man's hair for dear life, his other hand grasping the sheets.

He never would have thought his cold, awkward captain would be so talented in the bedroom. It was like a starving beast had been freed from its cage. Ichigo hissed as Grimmjow's lips slid over him, and moaned when Grimmjow's tongue formed a vice with the roof of his mouth, trapping Ichigo's desire and milking it for all it was worth. The pace the man set was slow at first, exploratory and curious, but once Grimmjow grew accustomed to Ichigo's prize, he set about working it into a lather. And the noises...

Ichigo's back arched off the bed as he moaned, mouth hanging open. He felt so wanton, so desperate. His hips moved on their own, winding and thrusting into that heated cavern. He was dying a wonderful death. Just when he felt blood boiling within his shaft and balls, Grimmjow pulled away. Ichigo was wild with confusion as he sat up and stared at his blue-haired captain.

"Wh-wha-" he started.

"Not yet," Grimmjow murmured as he climbed on top of Ichigo. "Not yet."

"Oh, my God," Ichigo moaned in dismay. "Mmm, I just..."

Grimmjow kissed him, effectively cutting off his complaints. He dipped his tongue into Ichigo's mouth a few times, making sure to stir the burning embers before he pulled back and shook his head.

"Not yet."

There was no teasing gleam, no amusement, nothing that hinted that Grimmjow was playing with him. Something hungry was alive and stalking behind the blue of Grimmjow's eyes, and Ichigo wasn't sure he knew how to handle it.

He would damned sure try, though.


He felt like a demon. His body was alive with something he couldn't quite identify, but he was loving every second of it. Ichigo was completely at his mercy, and the delicious sounds the orange-haired man had been making that night would be forever stamped into Grimmjow's memory bank. The sights, the smells: all of it made his body react as though he was a predator. Ichigo's brown eyes were like chocolate in the sun, hooded and dazed. It was clear that the center-fielder was losing his grip on reality. Grimmjow liked that.

He was aware of how socially awkward he could be. Sure, the team was cool with him, but that was because they were like his family. He was around them all the time. However, when it came to interacting with the general population, he totally sucked at it. And it didn't help that he was something of a celebrity. People were no longer just curious about him, they were aggressive and demanding, most times entitled, money-hungry jerks. Why should he have to deal with that? It put a damper on his love life, of course, as well as the fact that he was gay. He couldn't necessarily have an open relationship without suffering the public's consequences. But this...this that he had with Ichigo was private. No one had to know, and he was free to do whatever he liked, however he liked. It was freeing in so many ways. And Ichigo was extremely attractive. Not to mention responsive as hell.

Grimmjow kissed Ichigo again, a soft peck on the lips that left the orange-haired man wanting more. Grimmjow could see it in the man's honey-brown eyes.

"Not yet," he said again.

Ichigo whined, though he seemed like he was trying to hide it. It made Grimmjow's body ache with lust. He crawled back over Ichigo's lap, brushing his nose against the man's arousal. Ichigo was about average length, but it was so sensitive. Grimmjow didn't even have to touch it for it to twitch and yearn for attention. He lifted Ichigo's legs by the backs of the knees again, this time dipping his tongue a little below the center-fielder's sac. There. That tiny stretch of skin that led to where he really wanted to be. He slid his tongue over it, savoring Ichigo's gasp of pleasure before languidly moving lower. He circled the younger man's opening, closing his eyes when Ichigo's hand plowed back into his hair. He pressed harder on Ichigo's knees, presenting more of the man's bottom. Ichigo was panting, his chest heaving, his body covered with a fine sheen of sweat.

He'd done that. He'd turned such a willful, stubborn brat into a writhing pile of wanton mess. And all with his mouth. He hadn't even gotten to the good part yet.

He Frenched Ichigo's opening, making sure to keep the man steady with both hands on Ichigo's knees. He could feel them quaking and knew that if he let go, he'd be choked by a pair of powerful thighs. But he needed a few fingers. He let go of one knee and Ichigo hooked it over Grimmjow's shoulder. Safe, for now, he thought. He took his index finger and pressed it against Ichigo's tightness, while he sucked Ichigo's shaft back into his mouth. The center-fielder's reaction was instant. His back left the bed, the foot on Grimmjow's back dug its heel into Grimmjow's shoulder...and Ichigo moaned.

Grimmjow's groin tightened as he moved against the bed. He wanted more, but he had to be patient. Judging by the tightness under his finger, it had to have been some time since Ichigo had received anyone. Grimmjow stopped and looked up. Ichigo had his eyes screwed shut and head thrown back against a pillow. The sight was so incredible.

"Ichigo," he called. Ichigo's chest heaved a couple of times before he slowly lifted his head and peered down at Grimmjow. "Do you have any lubricant?"

At first, Ichigo seemed like he didn't understand. He gave Grimmjow a blank stare before it must have finally registered.

"Oh, yeah," he answered, breathless. He pointed to the night stand next to his bed. "In there somewhere."

"Can you reach it? I'd hate to move right now."

Ichigo chuckled as he turned onto his side towards the night stand. "I'd hate for you to move, too."

He could be patient when he wanted, particularly with his team, but right now his blood was boiling. His body was struggling to keep calm, when all it really wanted to do was divide and conquer. Grimmjow smirked when Ichigo finally produced a small bottle of lubricant. It was brand new, the seal unbroken. It was comforting to know that Ichigo hadn't used it yet. It was possible that he'd only replaced an old one with the new, but Grimmjow had a feeling this bottle hadn't been used because Ichigo hadn't gotten around to it yet.

Grimmjow ripped the plastic with his teeth and twisted off the cap. There was another seal keeping the fluid inside. He tore through that one as well before replacing the cap and setting the bottle aside. Now he could concentrate on what he had in mind. Ichigo's hand crept back to his hair, which made Grimmjow glance up at the center-fielder, curious.

"Just gettin' ready."

He chuckled at that. Ichigo had ways about him that were so irresistible. He brushed aside the playful mood when his own length rubbed against the bed as he shifted into a more comfortable position. He grunted and went back to the tempting bottom raised before him. His tongue was moving again, slow, determined strokes along Ichigo's opening. The orange-haired man jumped and sighed, the noise bleeding into a quiet moan as his fingers massaged Grimmjow's scalp. Grimmjow closed his eyes, enjoying the moment before he opened them and went back to it with more fervor than he'd started with. He was filled with the need to release after experiencing Ichigo's mouth on him.

Grimmjow opened the cap of the lubricant, poured about a teaspoon onto his fingers, and spread the cool liquid over Ichigo's opening and the surrounding area. Then, using one finger he pressed against the tight orifice, alternating between circling and more pressure. Ichigo's hips rotated as his breathing deepened. Grimmjow wanted to scream, he was so ready to just get in there, but he knew he would hurt Ichigo if he rushed. He pressed again, this time submerging his fingertip. Ichigo gasped and pushed into Grimmjow's hand, making blue eyebrows fly under blue bangs. He'd only meant to give the younger man a sampling by settling at the first knuckle, testing how much Ichigo was willing to take at a time. This surpassed his expectations, and it was a good thing. He twisted his finger and passed it in and out before crooking it down towards the bed.

"Yes!" Ichigo gasped.

Grimmjow took his time. He paced himself, stretching and thrusting, adding two more fingers. Even when he thought Ichigo was ready, he kept going. He wanted to be sure. Besides, he was engrossed in the way Ichigo's cries grew breathier and needier as time marched on. However...his tightly reined control slipped when Ichigo tightened around his fingers until it was almost impossible to withdraw them. Grimmjow growled, his own desire swirling around him like smoke. Once Ichigo calmed from his most recent spasm of pleasure, Grimmjow claimed his fingers and climbed over the shorter man. Ichigo's brown eyes were so hooded, they were damned near closed, and his entire body was feverish. His hands came up around Grimmjow's neck, and his legs locked around Grimmjow's waist.

"O-Onegai," Ichigo whispered, voice frantic. His fingers dug into Grimmjow's skin. "Hayaku!"

He didn't know what the hell Ichigo was saying, but it was hot. The words entered his mind and took root until he was certain he would never forget what they sounded like coming from those full lips. He leaned over and kissed Ichigo, aggressive and urgent. It felt like he was swallowing fire. Everything was heating with anticipation as he rubbed himself between Ichigo's lower cheeks. Ichigo tossed his head and gave a low, keening whine, eyebrows creased together in painful-looking bliss.

"Madamada," Ichigo growled, lifting the hairs on the back of Grimmjow's neck. "Mazu!"

Jesus. Grimmjow reached below Ichigo's bottom and grabbed the lubricant. He hurriedly slicked the substance over his length and gently probed. He still didn't want to hurt Ichigo, but all of that went out of the window when Ichigo lifted, and Grimmjow plunged.

To hell with it. Ichigo wanted it just as badly as he did.

He hooked Ichigo's legs over his shoulders and rolled his hips, settling himself as deep as he could. Ichigo's back arched again, and his nails scraped the skin of Grimmjow's neck. Grimmjow growled, no longer able to restrain himself. He began pounding, harder and harder, until he was panting and grunting with exertion. Ichigo started off with deep moans, but then he was crying out with each long thrust. Nothing the younger man uttered made any sense to Grimmjow, but the way Ichigo said it made the difference. His voice had gone low and guttural, husky and desperate. Grimmjow answered him with his body.

The bed made so much noise against the wall, and their skin slapped together so loudly, Grimmjow was sure Ichigo's neighbors were ready to complain. He couldn't stop, though. His body was a blaze, searching and driving towards that final release. Ichigo stared up at him, brown eyes liquid with passion. They were no longer human; more like animals rutting to an ancient tune. Grimmjow tucked his bottom lip between his teeth, his hips twisting with each downward motion, grinding into the lithe body beneath him. He felt like a warrior during a conquest. It was glorious. Ichigo was just as lively. His body was in constant motion, yearning, receiving, giving. His legs were shaking, so Grimmjow held them steady as he continued driving himself forward.

He was there. So was Ichigo. Ichigo urged him on with forceful words spoken in what had to be the man's native tongue. Grimmjow didn't know what they meant, but he liked the way they spilled from Ichigo's mouth. The spring in his belly was tight as a bungee cord, and it snapped when Ichigo's insides tightened with his release. Wet heat pooled against Grimmjow's lower abdomen as he slammed himself to victory with a few, hard thrusts. His mind turned to static, and everything went quiet like he was stuck in a vacuum as he rode the high of his orgasm. He felt drunk as hell when he started his descent. Everything turned to jello, especially his arms. He lowered Ichigo's legs to the bed, his vision focusing in on the other man's prone body.

Ichigo had his eyes closed and his arms splayed wide. He was breathing like they'd just come from a hard practice, and his tanned skin shone with sweat. He was beautiful. Grimmjow eased out of the center-fielder and laid on his side next to him, his head turned so he could watch Ichigo's serene face.

He didn't know what to say. Everything had happened so quickly and ended just the same. What was Ichigo thinking? Was he upset? Or was he satisfied? Grimmjow couldn't really tell from the lack of expression. He hadn't meant to be so wild or abrupt, but his instincts had overtaken him until he'd felt nothing but need. His blood had raged through his body with it, screaming and rushing. He inhaled deeply, still catching his breath.

Finally, Ichigo stirred. He ran a hand across his face and wiped sweat from his brow, his head casually turning in Grimmjow's direction. Grimmjow held his breath. What now? Ichigo's damp hand reached over and rested on Grimmjow's chest as Ichigo lazily scooted closer.

"You surprised me, Grimmjow."

"What?" he blurted as air rushed from his lungs. "What d'you mean?"

Ichigo smirked. "That was..." he shook his head. "That was...just wow."

Grimmjow put an arm across Ichigo's waist and pulled him to his chest, breathing in his scent. It was a mingled combination of the both of them, and Grimmjow liked it. He kissed Ichigo's forehead.

"I hope that's a good wow."


"Don't curse at me."

Ichigo chortled into Grimmjow's chest, his fingers idly running across the moist skin. "I called you an idiot. Of course, that was a good wow."

Smug satisfaction hummed through him as he pillowed Ichigo's head with his free arm. He grinned. "I thought so."


They were silent after that, but it wasn't awkward anymore. It was comfortable and pleasant – something Grimmjow could definitely get used to. He closed his eyes, enjoying the nearness of Ichigo's body and the soothing heat emanating from it. He didn't even realize it when he drifted off.

Thanks for reading. I didn't proofread, so forgive any errors, please!

Onegai – Please

Hayaku – Fast/Quick

Madamada – More

Mazu! - Now!

Baka – Stupid/Idiot