This is fill for the Professor Layton Anonymous Fan Meme. For those of you that don't know, the meme is a place where people could post requests and 'fill' other's requests anonymously. The subjects, genres and ratings very greatly. The request was for an alternative theory concerning a mayor plot point in the movie "The Eternal Diva", which I had already thought about for a bit and decided to get on with it. The plot point in question? Whister doing the brain/memory/soul transfer on Luke. Yes, you just read that.

Um...I know that the meme says to remain anonymous, but I can no longer post anything there because the spam filter got activated and all posts there now get screened As such, I decided to just publish it under my name and finish this.

Also, I had no idea what genre this would fall into, so I went with that first came to mind, in any of you have a better idea of where it would belong, please say so on a review/DM/what have you.

Melina turned on her side and looked at her friend in the eye. Gathering as much energy as she could, she made a motion for her to get closer. Once she was within arm's reach, the blonde lass cleared her throat. She wanted to say so many things, but she really didn't think that she would be able to hold a long conversation. How could she tell her friend and her father that she felt that she was about to…

She then had an idea. She unhooked her favorite pendant from around her neck and handed it to her friend. "Here, Janice."

The red-head stared at her in confusion, but took it nonetheless. "Why are you…?"

"You always liked it, didn't you? You can keep it."

Janice's eyes were glassy with tears. However, she still looked confused. "Melina?"

She smiled at her as best as she could. It was hard to keep her gaze steady. Maybe she could just close her eyes for a little while…

"Melina!" Janice cried as she blinked a bit too hard and made some tears fall down her cheeks.

On the side of her eyesight, Melina saw her father turn his head away from her. His shoulders seemed to be shaking a bit before her vision faded to black.

Melina wasn't sure if she had ever wondered what would happen after she would die. As it was common with most young people, she never thought that she had reached the end of her life until the very end. Despite being ill for several years, she always thought about what she would do once she got better. It just didn't feel like she was done with her life just yet. It felt like she still had to do something.

Perhaps that was why she could feel herself slipping back into focus.

Her body was very numb, but she was certain that the bed she was in was not the same soft and comfortable one that she was in not long ago.

She could hear some muffled voices that gradually grew a bit clearer. One of the voices was female, and the other was male. It was hard to make out what they were saying at first, but then she managed to make out what the female voice said.

"…coming around soon"

By now, Melina had the enough strength back to unglue her eyes open.

She was lying in a clean bed, though it was a bit hard. There was a small window to her left, which showed the waking city of London. In front of her, a man with an odd hat and a nurse were talking.

"…The hospital?" Melina's voice sounded a bit odd to her. Must have been because she hadn't used her voice in a while. For all she knew, she might have been in the hospital for months. It was a bit hard to define when she was on her deathbed (according to her, anyway). It felt recent, and yet it felt like it happened a year ago at the same time.

The nurse immediately turned her attention to her and smiled warmly "Yes, sweetie." She helped Melina sit on the bed "I'll let you talk to your friend for a little while."

Melina grinned widely, she really wanted to see someone that she knew. "Yes, thank you."

The nurse left the room. However, the gentleman with the tall hat remained in the room. It was odd to be in such a vulnerable position with someone that she didn't know, and who was probably not a doctor. Melina decided to wait for a little while for the man to introduce himself, but he seemed to be waiting for her to react first.

Who wasthis man?

"Um…" she looked at him "did you take me here?"

"No," the man replied concisely "it was Emmy."

"Emmy?" she asked again, hoping to get a satisfying answer this time around.

"Yes, with her airplane."

It was like he was tryingto make his awkward on purpose. "Where's my father?"

"I don't know, but I'll try to get in contact with him soon."

"And Janice?"

"I think she's on the waiting room."

"Could you please tell her to come in?"

The man with the top hat smiled slightly and then slowly turned for the door. Melina decided not to stare at him too much and just go to the bathroom. She wondered how she would look like now that she was healthy again. For a long time had she grown adjusted to see her pale reflection on the mirror and—why was everything so small? Had she shrunk during her time in bed? Melina could have sworn that spending time in bed made you grow!

She turned on the light of the bathroom and saw her reflection.

The only thing was that it wasn't her reflection.

It couldn't have been her reflection.

She refused to believe that the person that she saw on the glass was her. Everything was wrong! Her eyes were a bit too round, her face too smooth, her cheeks too flushed, her nose too small, her hair was brown and too short, like a boy's.

But then that meant…

With an increasing sense of dread, she looked down at her clothes. She was wearing a slightly dirty button shirt and blue shorts. Those were very boyish clothes. A bit too much for her comfort. For a moment, Melina wanted to scream, but she felt her own fear chocking her. She turned on the faucet and threw cold water on her face. She slapped her face, hoping that it would somehow return to normal.

No matter how much she tried, the same foreign visage looked back at her from the mirror.

She finally managed to break through her shock and let out a shrill yell.