The silence in the crisp night air was cut by the recognizable blast of a gunshot. Any birds that may have lingered awake in the trees at that late of night then scattered to the sky.

One lone emerald green eye, narrowed in pain, peered out from behind the barrel of a handgun with the end still smoking from use. The other eye, or at least the right socket of which the eye had been previously house, was hidden from view from behind a curtain of chestnut brown bangs and a waterfall of deep crimson blood that dripped down a pale face to heaving, green-clad shoulders as the youth panted from searing pain in both his (lack of) eye and his abdomen and the adrenaline rush still coursing through his veins.

The three onlookers at the edge of the diminutive clearing view the scene before them with varying reactions. The tallest among them, a lanky and attractive redhead, had thin ruby eyebrows furrowed and his head tilted and slightly stuck out as if he were trying to understand what he just witnessed. The youngest, yet in a ways, oldest, also had his head tilted and looked on with questioning golden eyes before looking up to the robed man standing beside him. The surly looking blonde who rightfully owned the pistol in the bleeding man's current possession no longer had violet eyes on the scene before him but had his pale, partially gloved palm in his face while wondering just how he managed to attract such imbeciles.

The last being in this little scene, the demon who had threatened the life of Cho Gonou, the green eyed teen, and had just a few seconds prior moved in for the kill. Eyes widened after the unsuspected firing of the gun he remained frozen where he stood, staring into the smoking barrel. Slowly, those wide eyes lowered to his own body, shaking and trembling as he did so, to find his body... unharmed.

The expression of the verdant eyed man who would eventually be know as Cho Hakkai quickly turned into surprise as his one eye widened and his brows shot up. That singular green eye blinked once. Twice...

His shot had missed... Quite badly.

Suddenly heaving a weary sigh of exasperation, his head hanging and shoulders slumping in one motion, Gonou muttered "Damn it... My depth perception is shot."

The high-priest Genjyo Sanzo suddenly had to hold himself back from brandishing his infamous paper fan.