Willful Expressions 4

By: Female Heero Yuy

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He dried his hands on his apron as he'd just finished doing the dishes. Very sure that Sebastian would be pleased that not a single dish was broken. Though he wasn't sure he'd put the pots back in all their proper places since Sebastian had a spot for each one, he figured it would be atleast satisfactory. "Oh, Tanaka. How long were you there?" he asked when he noticed the old man.

"Not long. I just got here." he replied as he placed a small tray of dishes in the sink.

"Let me do that." he turned on the faucet.

"It's quite alright. I will do it myself. You've been working hard all day." Tanaka took over by doing the dishes. Finishing them quickly. And drying them with a cloth. "I think the young master was pleased with the meal you made today."

"I know isn't it great?!" he was all smiles. "I can't wait to tell Sebastian!"

"I'm sure he'll be happy to know of your praise."

"You think so?"

"Sebastian can be hard, but he's not against being honest."

"It's tough being a butler huh?"

"Indeed. Being a butler is not the easiest job when working for a family of nobles. But it can be the most rewarding." he smiled as he remembered many things that Ciel's father Vincent had put him through.

"Tanaka, i've always wondered. Do you have any children?"

"No." he finished drying the dishes.

"Don't you wish you could of had some of your own?"

"Indeed a person of my personality would of love to of had children of my own. But the fact is i've raised over ten children in my lifetime. So I do not feel that i've missed out."

"Wow...over ten children." Bard looked at him in awe. "That's alot of kids."

"And I loved every one of them. It's hard not to love something that you've taken so much to care for." he got a little sad. "Some of them even passed away before their prime. It's heartbreaking. Like you've lost your own child."


"Remember Bard. Protect the thing that is the most precious to you. You never know when the time will come when it is gone."

"I understand Tanaka." he replied. Thinking heavily on the things that had just been said.


Sebastian suddenly found himself with a nose full of flowers at his face. Bard was grinning at him. Not realizing that no one wanted a messy bouquet of flowers shoved directly into their face. Grabbing it he lowered it from his face and wiped at his nose. "Do you like them? I thought you'd like them cause they looked pretty."

"It's fine." he double checked to make sure none of the petals and leaves fell onto his bed. The bouquet Bard had made consisted of some flowers from the garden. Roses, daisies, lavander, and even a sunflower. He was fairly sure his garden was ruined over the small arrangement. But apart of himself also couldn't help but how much effort had gone into it. "Thank you." he reached over for a vase and put them in. Trying to make them look nice even though they didn't really go together. He jolted when Bard grabbed his foot. "What are you doing?"

"Giving you a foot massage." Bard replied as he proceeded to do as such.

"I don't need aaaaaa..." his nerves went against him. Pleasant sensations running along his foot as Bard gave him the foot massage on his good foot. He'd never had one before. And didn't understand until now why humans enjoyed it. He could just feel the stress melting away. And tight muscles loosened under the man's fingers.

"Sebastian...are you okay?" Bard looked at him confused.

"Yeeessss..." he practically moaned.

This made Bard smirk as he continued to work his magic. Slowly working his way up Sebastian's leg, his hips, waist. Turning him over gently and working his back. "My god you have more knots than a net!" he announced when he noted how tense Sebastian was. Making sure to work them out. 'No wonder he's grouchy.' he thought as he continued.

Sebastian on the other hand was on cloud nine. He could swear his body was melting like butter. He moaned when Bard had worked out a particularly tight knot. Once his back was one, he went for his arms, and then his shoulders, neck and finally his head. By the time Bard was done. Sebastian had passed out entirely.

"Wow. Someone was exhausted." Bard commented when he finished. Smirking when the demon didn't budge even when he covered him with the comforter. "I guess i'll sleep in my room tonight." he turned out the lights and shut the door. Leaving Sebastian to sleep.


He groaned as he stirred in his bed. Pushing himself up and promphtly falling back down. "Oh god..." he groaned even more. His body was sore. More sore than it'd ever been in all his life. He'd heard massages were good for ones body and would make one realize they were hurting in places they didnt' feel were hurting to begin with. But he thought it was just a much of made up non sense. He could honestly say he'd take anything he'd said back. As good as the initial massage felt, he was in pain right now. And it wasn't helping that he couldn't push himself off his stomach either.

Ciel came into the room, and was surprised to see the position his butler was in. Walking to the side of the bed his face was pointed at he looked down at the demon. "I never knew you slept so much like a human."

"It wasn't intended."

"In anycase, is your leg better yet?"

"Currently my leg isn't the problem."

"Oh! So it's healed!" Ciel stated with some excitement in his voice.

"No. I simply stated it wasn't my current problem."

"Eh?" he raised a brow in confusion. "So then what is your current problem?"

"I can't move."


"I can't move." he repeated.

Ciel poked Sebastian on his shoulder, earning a pained hiss in return. He did it again and the result was the same. "So how did this happen?" he asked.

"Bard gave me a massage."

"And what did he break your spine?"

"No. My body was simply under a mass amount of stress, and he released it. So now my body is sore."

That made Ciel snort.

"It's not funny." he growled.

"For you maybe." he tried to hold back his laughter. To see the demon so helpless from something as a massage was just too funny in itself.

"May all your meals be burned." he retorted with distain. But Ciel was too busy laughing to notice.


After a few hours he found he was able to move again. Though rather stiffly. But it was an improvement. But still, the pleasant sensations that remained showed it wasn't all bad. But much to his horror, Bard had migrated a few more things to his room. The items were rather sexual in context. And right now he was trying to reach for the last item he was trying to hide in his bedside drawer. It was a box of condoms. And the human had just left them there for all to see. He couldn't allow such an item to be left out in the open. Questions would come up. Awkward questions. But not only that, he was sure there would be many implications if certain other humans were to see the box. And what would he need condoms for? He just didn't see the use for the things. If one was to mate, then mating should be natural. That was his opinion.

Finally he'd managed to snag the box with the use of his crutch, and tossed it into the drawer. Slamming it shut. It was by pure luck that Bard had brought in the items after his master had left. But he'd spent the good course of two hours getting every time from the far end table to hide them. It amazed him at how perverted humans could truly be. And made him wonder between demons and humans. Which was the more perverted species. In his mind, it was humans. Though he'd accidentally dropped one of Bard's magazines, and it amused him at how some of the images were considered adult content. To him alot of them were childish at best.

Bard came in with a tray of food he'd made for lunch. Noticing his stuff that he'd brought in earlier he pouted. "Aww where did my stuff go?"

"I put it in the drawer." he pointed. Making sure to have a tone that showed his distaste.

"Awww why?" he pouted as he placed the tray before him. It had a plate of sandwiches, a small bowl of fruit and tea.

"Because they were inappropriate thats why." he replied before taking a bite of one of the sandwiches to pretend he'd been hungry. It was mostly to taste the food to see if it was edible. It was. Though there was just a little too much dressing in the sandwiches in his opinion. But they were still over all satisfactory.

"Awww." he pouted even when he opened the drawer to find everything in there. "I wanted them to be ready for use at a moments notice though." he muttered.


"Nothing!" he closed the drawer while blushing. "I gotta get back to work now. Enjoy your lunch!" he gave him a quick peck on the cheek before fleeing.

"Weird human." he stated before polishing off the food. And making a note to teach Bard how to make tea properly. It tasted of water. Meaning the tea hadn't been soaking long enough. So it was essentially. Brown water. So he poured it into the vase with the flowers. Not seeing the point in wasting it.


The house was partially in shambles. The garden a mess. But on a happy note, the food had improved. Ciel had come to find very quickly that even though Sebastian was stuck in bed until his leg healed. He could tolerate quite abit so long as he had good edible food. And he was just simply lucky that he wasn't expecting any guests. Then he might actually panic. Right now he was doing the most un noble thing he'd ever done. Bard had decided to make some homemade ice cream since it was hot. Using a recipe he'd found in Sebastian's recipe books. For a while the chef had been the one churning it. But the moment his arms got tired, he'd had Maylene do it. The curiosity had gotten the better of him as he'd never seen ice cream made from scratch before. So he'd looked in, and somehow he'd ended up as the next person churning it. Who knew ice cream could take so long to make?

"Come on young master, surely you have more arm strength than that." Bard watched over him.

"It's hard because of the ice!" he shouted in his defense. Continually churning in hopes of getting to taste the frozen confection sooner. Though he could swear his assistence was making it take longer. Bard kept stating otherwise, but as far as he could see, the mixture had yet to become actual ice cream. "How long does this take anyway?!"

"Several hours." Bard replied. "This is the best way to make fresh homemade ice cream."

"This better be some damn good ice cream!" he growled. Trying to use his strength to turn the lever faster.


When Bard had carried him out to the viranda for some air, he'd been mostly embarrassed. Simply because he wasn't properly dressed. But the chef didn't seem to care in the slightest that he was only in his nightshirt. Sitting him on one of the chairs and propping his leg up with another that had some cushions. Did his protests mean nothing? He would of liked to atleast have some pants on.

A small bowl was placed before him. Making him look up at the chef in question.

"It's some homemade vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit slices."

He looked at the bowl, indeed it appeared to be ice cream with fresh blueberries and mango slices. But he had to wonder about the taste. Taking a spoon, he took a small taste. The vanilla was a little strong, and a bit too sweet for his tastes, but it was tasty. The fruit helped to ease the flavor of the ice cream. Making it a tasty delight for those who enjoyed such things.

"The young master helped. We spent hours churning it. Do you like it?"

"It's good. A bit too sweet for my tastes, but i'm sure the young master will enjoy it."

At that Ciel had sat down, and was enjoying his share of the spoils. "It's good." he stated.

"Thank you young master." Bard bowed politely. Which made Sebastian's jaw drop slightly.

Bard had shown such manners. It was unbelievable. As many times as he'd scolded the man over his manners. This was the moment he choose to display them. He was so stunned that he'd actually dropped his spoon. Ciel was equally shocked. But managed to keep his spoon in his hand.

"Well i'm going to go start preparing dinner. So enjoy your snack." he announced before retreating into the manor. Leaving the to to silently ponder the same questions.

Who was that man? And where was their chef?


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