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Cape Brink

Ever since I had been thirteen years old, I had wanted to be a Sevii Pokemon Catcher.

My name is Trevor, Trevor Archer to be precise. Growing up, my friends had always wanted to be the usual professions: a gym leader, member of the Elite 4, top coordinator. I had wanted to be a trainer as well, and had temporarily gone on a journey. I managed to earn the Rainbow and Volcano Badges, but struggled against the others. I returned home after three years, a severely injured Charizard and ill Vaporeon in my PokeBalls.

When I arrived home, expecting my mother to hug me, expecting my father to tell me off for failing, expecting to get teased by my friends, I found my family in despair. I quickly learnt my nine year old brother, Eric, had been diagnosed with cancer, and the doctor had given him only a few months to live. There was nothing I could do to cheer anything up. I had gone to the Pokemon Centre, wondering if the nurse could fix my Charizard's cracked wing, when I found the answer. A poster had been advertising a new charity group: The Pokemon Catchers. They caught Pokemon for sick children, adults and bed ridden elderly to cheer them up. I quickly dialled the number, and within forty eight hours, a tall, pretty woman arrived. She briskly caught a cute Phanpy with a Poliwag for Eric, who was over the moon. Thankfully it was free, and the woman went off on her way. And six months later, my brother was still alive, and within two years, he was fully cured. And it was all thanks to Phanpy.

My mother now donated to the group once a month and my father helped organize a marathon up Mt Ember every year to raise funds. I never did much, except help with party preparation and door-to-door fundraising. So that is why I vowed to become a Pokemon Catcher, so I could do something good in the world. I want to see people smile when I passed them their PokeBall with a huge start on it. I wanted to be able to pose in photos, help promote this great cause, and make myself well known

I wasn't going to become well known sitting behind a desk.

Fifteen years on and here I was: taller, fitter, happier, but with not much to make myself well known. I was sitting behind a mahogany reception desk, with a flat screen computer in front of me, filing cabinets behind, and a lot of stationary around me. The old Pokemon Catcher's building, which had been a one storey hut, and it had grown into a four storey complex on Boon Island, with many more offices around Kanto, Johto, and soon Hoenn and Sinnoh. I was currently on the ground floor, with the junior catcher offices, staff room and storage room behind me. The lobby was generally full with worried mothers and concerned fathers, but today it was empty. No one seemed to get sick on a Wednesday, I noticed. Half the catchers were out though, and the rest were preparing for their catching trips later on. The receptionist had fallen ill, so I was filling in. It was rather tedious work, and I was beginning to fall asleep.

"Vapor." A soft cry came from my feet. I looked down and saw my Vaporeon, awakening from his own nap.

"Hello there." I said, and patted her on the head. Vaporeon had become my main Pokemon after Charizard's injury, and she loved being outside of her PokeBall.

"Por Eon Vap." He explained, and moved towards the water fountain. I watched and laughed as he leapt up, pressed the tab, pouring himself a drink.

"Is that sanitary?" A voice said from behind me. I gasped and turned in my chair: a middle aged woman with greying hair and ragged clothing stood in front of the desk. I recognised her face, and realised she had been a nurse at the Pokemon Centre.

"Sorry, it gets a bit hot under the desk." I explained, trying to sound friendly, but the women raised an eyebrow. "Anyway, what can I do you for?"

"My nephew has broken his leg and the doctor said it will take months to heal." The women explained. "I would like to get him a special treat, and I hear there is a rare bird Pokemon flying around." I nodded, as we had all been told about it: a Taillow from the Hoenn region had flown down to Boon Island. Everyone was excited about it, though no one had been able to find it, except for a fortunate hiking group.

"A Taillow would be a perfect capture." I said with a smile, though I had huge doubts: how could I possibly catch such a rare Pokemon when I was still just a junior catcher? But we couldn't let the customers doubt us, so I put on a smile and tapped the order into the computer.

"Also, my father-in-law recently passed away." The woman added. "My husband has been rather down about it, and he just loves to go swimming. Could I request a Poliwag as well?" I smiled and nodded, but was secretly annoyed. The Pokemon Catchers had expanded, and now dealt with all types of misery and pain. A broken leg and a dead father-in-law seemed a bit uncertain, and I couldn't help but ask.

"Excuse me, but we require proof." I said. "Do you have a death certificate, doctors note, obituary?" The women gasped.

"I don't carry things like that around!" She shrieked. But I looked into her eyes, and saw a guilty, shift in there. Footsteps suddenly sounded from nearby, and I felt Vaporeon rush back towards me. I looked over, though I already knew who was coming.

Isabella Frost was true to her name. She had a hard, cold face, long dyed blue hair, and wore pale blue makeup. She always wore an ocean blue dress suit around the office, but worn camouflage tracksuit on the odd occasions she went out in the field. Everyone called her Frostbite due to her cold, bitchy attitude, but I found her rather attractive. I had first met her when I was thirteen, after all.

"I heard someone yelling." Isabella said stiffly. "What is going on?"

"This man accused me of lying about my nephew and father-in-law!" The ex-nurse wailed. Isabella turned towards me, her pencil thin eyebrows raised.
"Is this true, Mr Archer?"

"Yes mam, but-"

"No buts!" Isabella shouted. "Please take the order form, and your Vaporeon, and go and catch her Pokemon!" Her words came out like a whip, and I instantly leapt up.

"Come on Vaporeon, let's go!" I said, and rushed off to get changed from my casual work clothes to catching gear. Vaporeon shot Isabella the evils before following after me. I could feel Isabella watching us, and I felt a shiver go all the way down my spine.

I was glad to be getting out of the ice cave.

Twenty minutes later, I was off on the road.

I was wearing the standard outfit for Pokemon Catchers: khaki camouflage gear, from the hat down to the leather shoes. I had six Poke-Catch-Mega Balls attached to along my belt, and a long metal rod on my back. The outfit was one of the coolest things about the job, and when people saw the logo (a capital P and C in rainbow colours, with a picture of a P-C-M-Ball below), I always got a friendly wave.

My mode of transport was an open-topped jeep, painted in dark green with the logo on the sides. The wind blew through my brown hair, and Vaporeon sat besides me, his fins getting blown as well. Several customers walking towards the building smiled and waved, and both Vaporeon and I waved back, him using his tail. It was a short drive towards Cape Brink, but we must have received a dozen waves: it seemed that it was going to get busy for Frostbite soon. It was difficult to stay attracted to her: she was ten years older, a bit of a cow and didn't seem to like me very much, but she was hot, and who could deny that?

"Vapor!" Vaporeon exclaimed, and pointed over the side, down a hill. I turned and saw the expansive pool of water that was Cape Brink. The sun was shining down on it like a spotlight, showing Poliwag and Psyduck splashing and having a fun time. A waterfall was pouring into the lake, and I knew it was downhill now. A sign up ahead said "45 Degree Drop Ahead" and I gulped: I wasn't the best driver when it came to managing steep hills.

"Brace yourself Vaporeon." I warned, and the car suddenly titled. The two of us yelled as we raced down the hill, the car bumping and bouncing over holes and rocks. I brought my foot off the accelerator, but it didn't slow us down. People's heads turned towards us, and a couple watching Cape Brink screamed and jumped out of the way. As we reached the bottom, I flawed the brakes. The car spun around, Vaporeon bumped into me, and his tail smashed into the steering wheel. The airbag burst out, squishing Vaporeon against me, and the car came to a halt, right by the water. Vaporeon bit down on the airbag, bursting it and freeing us. My shoulder hurt a bit, but I had to carry on if I wanted to please old Frostbite. I opened the door, letting Vaporeon leap out first, and then climbed out. No one dare tried to steal a Pokemon Catcher car, and one man even came and stood guard. I nodded my thanks, and then jumped down a slight ledge to reach the lake front.

Lots of Pokemon turned towards me, intrigued by my sudden appearance, along with Vaporeon's. He smiled and beamed at them, and many of the water Pokemon smiled back. I used my training to find the perfect Poliwag: we had to find the happiest Pokemon, the one that would cheer the customers up the most. At the front of the pack, I saw a Poliwag, its mouth open wider than anyone else's, and its tail splashing the water happily.

"That's the one Vaporeon!" I cried, and pointed towards it. The Pokemon in the cape stopped smiling, and they looked rather confused. Then, Vaporeon leapt forwards. The smiling Poliwag gasped and dived underwater, but Vaporeon leapt in after. I unhooked the metallic rod, and pointed it towards the water. Vaporeon appeared, his tail thrashing, and the Poliwag clamped in his mouth with Bite. The Poliwag's friends were appearing, getting firing Water Guns and using DoubleSlap furiously.

"Vaporeon, get it onto the ground!" I shouted. Vaporeon spat the Poliwag onto the ground, who landed at my feet.

"Poli!" It wailed, and tried to flee, but I pressed a button on the rod. A green beam shot out and struck Poliwag. Its muscles seized up, slowing it down. Vaporeon was trying to get onto dry land, but Psyducks were slashing at him.

"Hang in there buddy!" I yelled, and threw a P-C-M Ball at Poliwag. But before I could see it get sucked inside, Vaporeon fired Surf to blast the Psyducks away. The huge wave knocked me aside, sending my crashing towards a rock. I was covered in water, barely able to breathe.

How was this suppose to change the world?