"Good evening, and welcome to the six' o'clock news.

In tonight's top story, the Pokemon Catchers, a charity designed to capture Pokemon for those unable to, has continued to collapse following yesterday's events, where Sevii Island Chief Isabella Frost and her lover Cameron Williamson launched an attack on the Fuchsia City Pal Park in an attempt to steal Pokemon. Their plan was foiled by Leaf Oak and Fuchsia gym leader Janine, along with an employer reportedly blackmailed into helping. This resulted in two helicopters being destroyed and Miss Frost being shot dead.

Mr Williamson than launched an attack on Pallet Town and Professor Oak's laboratory, resulting in a dramatic battle that has left sixty percent of houses destroyed along with the lab, the injury of over thirty residents and the death of over fifty men hired to help Mr Williamson, who also died.

Today, police and the army launched an investigation into the Sevii Island base, involving a full out raid on the Boon Island headquarters and the arrest over a dozen employees believed to be involved, though other media outlets are reporting that more people have been secretly taken into custody. Files, computers and a large arsenal of weaponry, including three boats loaded with secret machine guns and missile launchers. Pokemon Catcher groups across Kanto and Johto have agreed to cooperate and police are moving into their organizations as we speak.

We will now cut live to Pallet Town, where reporter Jackson Warren is standing by with both Leaf and Professor Samuel Oak as a clean up operation continues."

"Thank you David. Now, Professor, what do you –"

I switched off the television, unable to take anymore.

I lay on my couch with a fish and chip dinner resting on my bare chest. I have been lying here all day, unable to bring myself to do anything else. All of my Pokemon were still at a special Pokemon Center that Professor Oak was opening to deal with seriously injured Pokemon, and though I had caused his lab to be completely destroyed, he had told me to send my Pokemon there as a way of saying thanks for things… not that I really deserved to be thanked, but my Pokemon deserved to be healed.

I had told everything Cameron had said about their plans to the police officers that arrived shortly after Leaf's Blastoise put out the blaze caused by the explosion, and than Oak had told me I could go. I saw Daisy as I left with a blanket around her shoulders being checked for injuries. I bade her farewell, and she gave me a hug, slipping a card with a number on it into my pocket, though I wasn't quite sure if I could date her or not. After being escorted by police boat to Boon Island, where they were going to start their investigation, I took Robert's body to his wife. She was grief stricken at first, but after I passed on his final words and explained how his plan allowed us all to survive, she began to calm down and said that was just like him before thanking me. Once again, someone was thanking me when I didn't really deserve it.

I arrived home in my small flat, with a kitchen and living area combined, a single bathroom and a single bedroom and a small space for my Vespa. I spent an hour in a shower, and than the rest of the night struggling to sleep, and watching TV, reading and attempting to eat couldn't clear my mind.

I knew Cameron was right. For some reason, I knew it was true: I didn't have to shoot Frostbite really, and I didn't have to get involved with Pallet Town. I had a feeling that his words had simply been insults designed to try and throw me off, but I couldn't shake them away, simply letting them eat away at me.

I had gone into this situation questioning myself, wondering if I was doing the right or wrong thing by stealing Pokemon to supposedly benefit others, but this moral dilemma was worse, much worse. I couldn't see how I would be able to ever forget the houses being crushed by the falling arms, the explosions, Mr Williamson's final screams, Frostbite's expression as she fell backwards into the water. I was reaching a point where I simply wanted to collapse from exhaustion, but I wasn't sure if my brain would stop running madly then… if it would ever stop running.

"Someone's doing some thinking."

"AHH!" I screamed, falling off the couch and landing on my dinner. I looked up as a figure walked out from near my front door, laughing slightly. I looked around for a weapon but couldn't see anything, and wondered if this was Cameron's revenge.

"Relax Trevor, I am not here to kill you," the man laughed, stepping into the light. He was wearing a simple brown trench coat and had brown hair that showed signs of going grey. I leapt to my feet, ignoring the fact I was shirtless and staring at this man.

"Who are you?" I yelled.

"Quite an impressive story what you've been through," the man said, ignoring the question. "Not just the past few days or this saga, but your entire life. Your brother's cancer, the troubles with your Pokemon… all very tragic, yet you've managed to pull through, and I like those who can pull through."

"Who are you?" I repeated, getting louder, and the man looked at me and smiled.

"My name is Looker, and I work for an organization," he explained. "You have very impressive skills: keeping cool under stress, managing to work out strategies, quickly adapting to using a firearm and other weapons, and ruthless murder, which is a personal favourite trait of mine."

"I am not a killer!" I screamed unintentionally, and my voice echoed, making the man, Looker, smirk.

"What's more, you have the training of a Pokemon Catcher, which is something just wonderful, as well as the experience in three high stress situations," he continued. "My superior has read your file and thinks you would be a worthy adversary to our team." I was taken back by this and I looked around, wondering if someone was going to leap out and yell 'SURPRISE'

"What… what the… what team?" I spluttered. "Are you a spy or something?" Looker simply stared at me smiling, and I wondered what was going on. "Look Looker, I don't care who you work for! I don't want to get involved in anything else! I've had enough drama over the past few weeks to fill a soap opera's storylines for a decade, and I don't want anymore!"

"Don't want, or can't take anymore?" Looker said, and I was once again shocked. "I understand killing people is a hard thing to do at first, but my group does not go around randomly shooting girl guides whenever they knock on our front door. We only harm those who truly deserve it and are at risk to the rest of the world. We stop people like Cameron Williamson and Isabella Frost, and you have shown you can stop them as well." Looker walked forwards and put his hands on my shoulders, staring at me with a glare that seemed to read my mind. "What's more, we need help looking for a certain man… a certain man who murdered someone in a cave fifteen years ago, and harmed several Pokemon shortly afterwards."

"You mean…," I whispered, and Looker nodded.

"Come and work for us, and you will help put away the man who ruined your journey, and quite frankly, ruined your life," Looker whispered. It was a lot to take in, and I collapsed backwards onto my couch, things rushing through my mind. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but one thought stood out amongst the rest: I had always wanted to do good, and I had always wanted to make my Pokemon and others were kept safe.

"I'll do it," I whispered, wondering if I was making the right choice or not. All I knew at this moment, as Looker clapped his hands with glee and rattled on about something I wasn't focusing on, I could feel the pressure lessening, the stress and the emotional pain beginning to fade away.

For the first time in weeks, I was pretty sure I was making the moral decision.

I hope you have enjoyed the tale of Trevor Archer and the Pokemon Catchers. It has been a long time coming to reach these point, but I am satisfied that I achieved what I set out to do and that the story has hopefully been captivating to you all. Look out for Trevor's appearances in other stories in my world as he embarks down this new road set out for him in the final. Thanks to all those who have read this and gave me their feedback on it - I hope you enjoyed the ride.