Put me inside flesh that is dying
A ghost that wanders without rest
Burned by desires and weakness
I understand
Please, don't take your love away from me
-Don't take your love away by Vast

Damon POV.

To say I knew exactly how I got here and exactly how the tables have turned on me would be a lie. I couldn't tell you the name of the girl who sat with me in this extraordinary bubble bath that wasn't for her benefit. But one thing I could tell you was that I never wanted it to be this way. I never wanted to accept the relationship between Elena and Stefan for what it was. In their minds they saw forever when they looked at each other. For some reason I had it in my head that they saw just now. Like maybe I'd get a chance later, I'd be able to give it a shot.

But now that is over. I was never one to actually have morals but I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't wreck the lives of people I actually grew to care about, so that meant I couldn't take what I wanted. I couldn't take an engaged women away from her beloved fiance. And maybe I was giving myself too much credit, as if I could actually do that if I set my mind on it.

That just caused my mind to drift off to how I got here, with another pretty face that just walked in to my trap of taking my aggression out the only way I knew how.

It started off as another melancholy disastrous day in Mystic Falls. I didn't know what to do with myself when a joyful Stefan and Elena came back to the boarding house from their little get away at Elena's cabin. It didn't fit with the current circumstances. I didn't understand how after they both have been ambushed, nearly staked, and told that Elena still is probably going to die that they could be laughing. Shouldn't they be a little bit more worried and serious about the situation they are in?

"Damon we have news." Elena's smile sent little flutters to my stomach but that stopped when she aimed that same smile back at Stefan. "With everything going on, we know it's bad timing but we thought we had to stay positive."

"What is it?" I was getting impatient and it seemed like they were purposely taking their time with telling me after they both glanced at each other warily.

"We're engaged. Yes we know it's a little unrealistic but it gives us hope, you know?" To say the least I was at lost for words. Elena looked so happy. She was starring at her finger as if at any moment the ring would just disappear. I hesitantly walked forward the small distance that separated us and took her tiny little hand in mine. There it was. It was my mom's ring. I had no idea how Stefan got it, but it infuriated me to core. Stefan didn't even know our mother how dare he have her ring, but then the thought of Elena being the one to wear the ring calmed me down. Even if it was a resemblance of them, there is no other girl in the world I thought should have it.

"Isn't the ring pretty? Stefan keeps saying it's old and he should buy me something new because it would mean more but I love it." She gushed about the ring and I felt like getting sick in that very moment. I wanted to be happy for her. I loved her and if she was happy, I wanted to be happy, even when it was killing me. But I couldn't do it. I wasn't mad. I was severely disappointed that I let her slip through my fingers.

"It was my mothers." I didn't even realize it was coming out of my mouth as I stared at the ring then back to a shocked Elena.

"It is? Stefan didn't tell me that!" She shot daggers at Stefan who just shrugged.

"I-I need to go." I grabbed my leather jacket and got out of that house as quick as I could. Thoughts of how Stefan stole my mothers ring and the two women I've ever really cared about rushed through my head. Well now only the women I cared about. I tried my best not to be angry with him. But anger was a reflex to me, it came just as natural as breathing. It wasn't fair. No one in this life should know how this felt. I rushed to the Grill to clear my mind the only way I knew how. Drinking my sorrows away. How cliche, but easy it was to do.

And that's how I ended up here. With a girl who was drinking her problems away as well at the bar. I took advantage of the situation and this is where I found myself.

"I've been drinking too much." I muttered while putting the empty glass of wine down on the side of the tub. I tried to push back the thoughts of what should really be running down my throat to satisfy me, even though I knew it was inevitable that this girl wouldn't be making it through the night. She had a fire in her, so of course, I wanted to take that from her.

"No. You can't stop now. Us problem drinkers need to stick together." She gave a little giggle while still sipping out of her own glass. "So Damon, what exactly is your story? You looked like a freight train hit you when I first saw you.

"My brother is marrying the one women I've ever given myself the chance to love again." I grabbed a hold of her glass and finished off the wine while setting it down as well. "And to top it off he proposed with my mothers ring." I was getting lost in thought now and I didn't care what came out of my mouth. She'd forget it anyway. "Maybe if I was... maybe if I was human I could have been the one for her. Maybe If I was better. I want it so bad." I said while nearly breaking. "I want to be able to have chances I once did again. I want to be human again more than anything."

"I get it. My boyfriend dumped me when he found out what I was." I wasn't paying too close attention to this girl but after that sentence my head flashed in her direction. She wasn't freaking out like most girls would be. I was ready to compel her but it was as if everything I just said was normal or she was expecting it. She looked painfully familiar but I couldn't pin in.

"You look familiar." I stated, wanting some answers. "Have we met before?"

"You may know my little cousin, Bonnie. We are told we look like each other all the time." She slurred and took another drink. I couldn't tell if she was actually getting tipsy or faking it.

"So, you are a Bennett?"

"Oh, god no!" She leaned in close and whispered in my ear. "Don't you know the Bennett's are crazy?" She giggled and leaned back. "They think they are witches!" She laughed profusely and I watched her carefully. What was this girl playing at?

"Okay, lets cut the shit. You know who I am and I know who you are."

"Took you long enough. The moment you walked in the bar I knew who you were. I'm not going to lie Damon, I came back here to teach you a lesson, plus you were hot. But I kind of feel bad for you now."

"What are you talking about?" I snapped. After today, I really didn't need this.

"Your life is pathetically tragic. We both knew what you were going to do if you didn't figure out what I was. I'm not a midnight snack for you. Now I think the only way to punish and help you out would be to give you exactly what you want. The punishment would be, after a week, it'll be gone."

"What are you giving me?"

"Humanity." She smiled at me and didn't know if I had too much to drink or if I was officially going crazy. And here I thought I already had my psychotic break. "For a week you will live your life the way it would be if you were human. No vampires, werewolves...witches. It would be as if it never existed."

"This is ridiculous." I said while finally done with this. I went to sit up from the tub when all of a sudden a horrendous pain went off in my head. I couldn't focus on anything but the piercing pain. And then everything went black.

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