When I was feeling it so hard

I couldn't see through my scars

You led the way through the dark

My eyes were opened with love

I'm seeing colors flowing through my mind

Colors by Graffiti 6

Ticking. That was all I could focus on. The never ending ticking of the stupid clock. It never stopped. It just kept ticking, ticking and ticking. It felt like each tick was mocking me showing that time was moving on. And each tick was just proof that next will feel endless too. She was late. She forgot or she didn't care. She didn't come. It was six minutes past noon and I sat on the stairs leading to the boarding house. I still couldn't get away from the ticking and I was starting to doubt if I could actually hear the clock or if it was all in my head.

Why was I so upset she didn't come? I made her leave. I kicked her out of my car at one of her most vulnerable moments. I didn't deserve her to come after me. I guess I should have been easier on her. It's not like I was blind, I could see all the pain I caused her and all the pain that she tried to hide. It was all fault, why would she jump in to a relationship bound to be painful.

I had to change things. Elena never came. She didn't try to stop me from leaving her. I've been on this earth for way too long to repeat my same old patterns. I have been a lot of things and a sorrowed heart I can not be anymore. I had to just switch it all off before-

"I made a huge mistake!" My thoughts were suddenly cut off when a red faced and heavily breathing Elena suddenly appeared in front of me. "I'm not too late am I? Of course I'm not, you are still here." She pushed it out as she tried catching her breath. Was she actually there or was my head torturing me? I didn't know which one was more realistic. "Damon?"

"What are you doing here?" I managed to get out.

"What do you mean? I'm here to stop you obviously. I made a huge mistake in telling you to leave. I can't let you." You've got to be kidding me. I took a deep breath and looked back to her.

"Why are you so red?"

"I tried getting here on time but there was an accident. I ended up jumping out of my car and running the rest of the way."

"Why did you do that?" She wouldn't actually do that. She didn't actually try to stop me... That would be too surreal. Impossible.

"Are you kidding me? I'm not going to let our last words to each other end with an argument." So that must be it. She just wanted to clear things up before I left.

"Well it's okay. I'm not mad at you so you can go now."

"Are you kidding me?" She looked at me incredulously. "I didn't not just run two miles to be sent away. Will you get it through your head what I'm trying to do right now."

"What is that?" I said with no emotion.

"I don't want you to go because I want you to be with me. Can't you get that through your thick skull?" She slapped me upside the head which caused me to glare at her. If it was anybody else... "I need you, even though I really don't want to. My heart needs you around. And I'm sorry I wasn't able to accept that till now. It is just the thought of you leaving struck something in me. You are constant in my life. You are someone I can depend on to be irrational and crazy and always being able to lighten the mood. You are someone I can depend on not to change. Everything around me has been torn up and the memory of my parents has changed and the way I look at Stefan has changed the more I learn about him, and it's not that way with you. I need that. I need you cause I can depend on you."

"I don't know why you would want to be with someone like me. " I always thought I'd ever find the perfect girl because I didn't find someone who would like me perfect. If she wanted me then there had to be something wrong with her and she just didn't know the facts. And that didn't count for Elena. She was neither crazy or uninformed. I don't understand how this could happen, so I didn't want to accept it.

"I love you, Damon. I know you feel the same way about me. I've heard you say it and I've never doubted it. Why do you keep doubting me?"

"Because you think I just obsess over things!" I finally found it in myself to realize why I was so hesitant. I didn't like the way she thought about me. I didn't like that she didn't think I could love.

"Damon, I was just scared. You scare me."

"How do I scare you?" I asked after a few moments of dead silence.

"You are the most intimidating person I know." She tried out a calmer voice then before and came to sit down next to me. "And if you can change my mind about Stefan then... what if someone else makes you change your mind about me?"

"That's never going to happen."

"It happened with Katherine." She said it only in a whisper and I felt my heart break for her. How could she compare the two?

"Are you insane? I have met thousands and thousands of women and in over century and a half the only one who could change my mind was you. Doesn't that say something?"

"I am always going to have doubts but I'll trust you with them."

"Where is this all coming from?" I wanted to know when it all switched. Why was it that after all this time was it now?

"I already told you, I was laying in bed and thinking about losing you for good and how I would be so crushed that breathing would be difficult and I wouldn't be able to move on. And I thought when you love someone they uncontrollably your world and when you said you were leaving it felt like my world ended. It's clear to me now, Damon you are the only one I love. I'm not confused and I'm not scared anymore. I know exactly what I want. Now you can leave me and go someplace where it won't be so hard or you can stay and fight it out with me. The only difference if you leave me, is that here I promise I won't give up on you like you are giving up on me. If you just waited a little longer... Things could have been different and I know that the Elena that you will grow not to love in that world will either never give up on you and be miserable or she will still hope everyday and night for you while she is still miserable. She will be you. But I promise you that if you stay... You won't be miserable anymore. " After her little speech I knew I didn't have to think about it. She already knew how much I loved her.

"What about Stefan?" I didn't want to bring him up but I didn't want to get our signals crossed.

"Screw Stefan, this has nothing to do with him right now. It is only about us. I'm not thinking about him right now and neither should you. We will tackle that later."

"Okay." I didn't to think about him anyway.

"So does this mean you will stay?" I could help but laugh and she gave me a bewildered look.

"Elena I already sent the witch away." Before the words even fully got out she started fake punching my arm.

"Why didn't you say something?" She began to laugh as well. "Thank God." It all suddenly changed and I didn't even recognize the exact moment her lips found mine. I've never felt a kiss so passionate before even when I've shared some with her in the other world. It was different once she was finally mine. Once I finally had claim to her it was as if none of the past ever happened and she was always mine.

"I love you." I said as I let her catch her breath.

"I know."

Everyone says when you are a vampire your senses are heighten, every emotion is magnified, and reality is shattered because we truly come alive. I disagree, I wasn't truly living and I wasn't truly feeling till I met Elena Gilbert. This is where the real story begins.

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