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Rating: T for implosions.

Spoilers: Up through the end of Stars. Takes place shortly after.

AN: This isn't exactly 'tragic.' Okay, it's not tragic at all. I really do need to change that. However, I've been writing stuff that's quite depressing, and I needed a change in pace so I didn't overpower what I was writing. There will likely be more lighthearted pieces to come, but coming up with stories that are Endymion and Usagi will likely be difficult to come by. Also, ignore logic. It makes wondering how they are able to be there much easier.

Theme: 88. Lazy Days

They had all felt the blip in time. One moment, everything was going as it had been, and the next, it was as though everything had always been minutely different.

It had been his idea for the trip, knowing that Usagi needed to see that despite all the chaos she had been through, things would wind up okay, that everything she had been through would make the difference of allowing the future to remain mostly as it had.

"We should go to the beach," Serenity exclaimed happily as she piled suitcases with too many clothes and not enough underwear. He followed behind her, setting the appropriate undergarments in each case. "And oh, we can go window shopping, and the amusement park! Do you think Small Lady went to one before? I don't remember anything about that from her letters. Oh! Ice cream! I miss ice cream."

Endymion chuckled and grabbed her hand as she whirled past, pulling her toward him. "Just how long do you expect us to be staying?" His eyebrows rose at the overfull suitcases.

"Just the weekend. Why, do you think it won't be enough?" Her eyes worried over the clothes as she bit her lip.

"Serenity, I think we have enough for four weekends." Reaching onto the bed, he pulled up and dangled the only pair of socks she had packed. "So long as we take time to do a lot of laundry."

A faint flush bloomed on her cheeks. "Okay, so maybe I was being a little overzealous."

Endymion pressed his lips against her forehead, knowing that beneath her cheer and excitement, she was feeling nervous. "It will be fine."

"But...what if I don't like me?"

"Then you're crazy."

Serenity giggled, and he could feel her devious grin against his neck. "You know what this means? We don't have to fake sick for a whole weekend to spend time together."

Wrapping his arms tightly around her, Endymion could not stop his laugh.


They had specifically chosen this weekend for their vacation. The rest of the Tsukino family were out, whether on business or at friends. Serenity probably could handle the encounter with her parents and younger brother, but Endymion had not wanted to risk what bringing that part of the past back would do to her.

Small Lady was wiggling between them as they headed up the sidewalk, her excitement contagious. "What if she doesn't recognize me? It's been months! What if she's busy? What if she doesn't want to come?"

Tugging at his shirt, the king wondered how wearing something casual could feel more stifling than wearing a suit. But after years of dressing appropriate for his station, he felt rather exposed. "She will. Just go wake her up with all that exuberance of yours."

His daughter halted mid step, transforming from an excited child to a refined lady. "I'm sorry, Papa."

"Usagi," he chided gently, emphasizing her given name, kneeling before her and tugging lightly on her hair. "We're on vacation. Go scare the living daylights out of her so we can kidnap her, okay?"

With a broad grin, Small Lady pressed a quick kiss to his cheek before dashing the rest of the way. She paused only to extract the hidden key from inside a planter, and then she raced into the house.

Thumps could be heard, followed by a loud crash. There were several seconds of silence, then...



Usagi had been dreaming about picnics and a giant angry platypus when she was suddenly jerked out of slumber by the house falling down around her.

Only it wasn't her house, she realized, it had been the entire weight of a small girl with bright pink hair. Her first instinct was to yell at the girl, to tell her to go bother Shingo, wanting nothing more than to roll back over and hope she could sleep over the throbbing of her spleen. After all, she had at least five more minutes before Mamo-chan came to get her.

Then memory came with waking up, and realizing who it was, Usagi shrieked a name she hadn't spoken in far too long and all but tackled the slender child in a bone crushing hug.

"You're crushing my pancreas!" Despite her protest, Small Lady was doing her fair share of hugging.

"Chibi-Usa, what are you- I mean, how- what-" The last time she had seen her future daughter had been before Galaxia, and until now, she'd had no proof that the future had not been too drastically changed. Tears welled in her eyes, but before she could let forth a wail to wake the dead, tiny hands clamped on her mouth.

"Sheesh, I'm fine! We barely felt anything. You fixed stuff, I'm okay, so don't worry!"

With one long sniff, then two, to chase away the tears, Usagi suddenly jumped up. "Oh yeah! Why are you here? More training?"

The tiny pink head shook back and forth, whipping herself in the face with pink pigtails. "Nope! Mama and Papa wanted a vacation and decided to go to the beach!"

Usagi's nose scrunched in confusion. "So they sent you here?" That seemed kind of harsh, shuffling their daughter off to the past for the weekend just so they could have some time to themselves.

Chibi-Usa heaved a sigh of impatience. "No, airhead. They decided to come to the beach here." Then eagerly, the younger of the two scuttled closer, wrapping her arms around her knees. "So, what happened?"


Serenity sighed as she glanced at the watch on the inside of her wrist. "Perhaps we shouldn't have sent her in by herself."

"I'm sure they'll be out soon," Endymion replied. Then, true to his word, they heard the sounds of elephants stampeding from inside the house. "See?"

The front door slammed open, and the king of a utopian world was greeted by a wailing pink ball. "Papa!"

Staggering back beneath the hurtling weight of his only daughter, Endymion blinked up at his wife in mild surprise. "What's this all of a sudden?"

His daughter's face, which was usually either deep in a scowl or wide and open with giggles, was now scrunched up tight as tears streamed down her red face. Her next words had his eyebrows racing into his hairline. "Usagi said you died!"

"I didn't say that, you twerp!" The front door slammed, and the younger version of his wife stormed down the stairs, duffel bag slung over a shoulder.

"But you did die! And you were gone!"

"I...got better?" It had not really been something he had intended on spilling to his young daughter. For one, it would not have made for a good bedtime story. The idea is to get the child to sleep, not induce nightmares. For another, it was never really something that could come up in ever day conversation. 'Hello, Small Lady, how was your studies? By the way, I technically died for a few months after you left that last time. Try not to bring it up around your mother, though. She's still rather upset about it.'

A familiar figured came up the sidewalk. At first, he was content in just walking and enjoying the warm summer air. However, as he neared, Endymion saw the confusion all over Mamoru's face. "Is everything okay?"

In a blink of an eye, his young daughter released him from her grasp as there was an echoing cry of "Mamo-chan!" The younger man soon found himself the victim of a double vicious hug attack. When it settled, Usagi was clutching one arm while his daughter, still short, clutched onto a wrist.

"Usagi!" Serenity admonished her daughter.

Sheepishly, the young girl slunk away from Mamoru, having the decency to look abashed. Even the elder Usagi flinched beneath the commanding tone in the queen's voice. Endymion felt his breath come easier. His wife, it seemed, at least maintained a sense of decorum that-

"Serenity, what are you doing?" He was not seeing his beautiful wife clinging to the arm of another man, even if he was his younger self.

"Basking in nostalgia."

"Can we all just...go to the beach? Please?"

Mamoru, face red, nodded his enthusiastic agreement, already accepting his fate at being forced to wherever the two – no, three – ladies demand he go.

Jerk, Endymion sourly thought. I know you're enjoying this.


My drabbles have gotten pretty undrabbley. I think I may continue this little story arc, though not sure for how many parts xD Unless you prefer more tragedy.