Dive into an endless world of night. Truth clouded by doubt. Despair hidden in the heart, love scarred into the soul. Under the Light, Darkness falls.


A world without hope or wishes. Only reality... Many dreams seem to spawn from it and many wish to live in their dream. That dream in my life would be considered a nightmare by many but I see an ordinary day. I don't see the light of day as clearly as anyone else. The light of the moon seems to be the one illuminating my world. A world of harsh reality and a world of the night.




Under the Light

Chapter 1:

Under the Moon










The sounds of sirens rang through the city as the police and ambulances rushed to the scene. Any sign of silence was broken as the entire city grew in its panic. The news reported that a series of murders had been occurring throughout the city; however, all the victims had a thin line of similarity; they were very important people or people with a high status that didn't exactly work in the legal light. The assassin left no traces of evidence in their presence, the only thing that could be retrieved was the body of the victim, if they were lucky it remained intack; not even a single finger print. It had always been a clean and silent task or a very graphic and gory scene. The public knew this information but others knew more and what they knew, they feared.

In the same world yet a different world, a dark one, there existed a group only known as The Organization. It could be said that they are the source of all the terror that had been going on in the city. The group specializes in working the underworld; where they have the top crimes and deals, received and done by the most dangerous people. The Organization was the current talk of the underworld as rumors spread through like wildfire and because of their most recent success and rise to power. The only information that could gather was that they had been raising a group of private assassins that had undergone the most ruthless training. One assassin in particular however performed every mission he ever went on, perfectly.

A blond headed man walked down an empty corridor, his footsteps resounded across the clear path as he scrolled through his digital planner. The man held a large bag, carried at his side as he stopped in front of a door. He knocked on the door twice and turned the knob slowly and cautiously pushed it open. The room was plain and simple with the walls painted a dark red and various kinds of furniture lined the walls. A dark brown haired young man stopped his exercise and turned to the man. Staring at him with a soulless gaze yet shivers ran down the man's back just from the sight of his golden eyes.

"Xiang, you have a new assignment," he stated, a slight nervousness in his voice. The Asian boy remained silent as he waited but gave a small sign to recognize his new task.

"Alright then. The head of our rival organization has just flown into the town for a plane refuel. Your task is to find him and kill him but the difficult part is that he has a large group of guards with him and they're trained and heavily armed. We want you to kill him without being found, no one must know of your identity, understood? You are to leave immediately."

Xiang nodded slightly and went out with the man as they were about to supply him with the necessary gear for his mission. The two meet with the weapon supplier and he handed a sniper rifle and sword to Xiang. He took the weapons without any change in emotion and left the two men.

Xiang strapped his gun onto his back and sheathed his sword as he walked through the underground parking lot. After passing by some other vehicles, he arrived to his personalized black motorcycle. He unlocked his motorcycle and seated himself firmly as he turned it on. He grabbed his helmet and revved the engine, making the machine roar with mechanical sounds. Xiang speeded out of the parking lot as he headed toward the airport. Traffic was light as he speeded through the highway. The night time lights came in a blur to Xiang as he ran pass them without care, focusing on his mission. He slowed down for only a second to check his location and sped back up, knowing that he was close.

Xiang reached his destination soon enough and he slid across the parking lot, parking far away from the building and sprinted through the dark and to the building. Avoiding any lights that would reveal his presence, he finally reached the tall building and pressed his back up to the cold stone. Using his binoculars he scouted for his target. From the corner of the wall he could see the large man standing with at least twenty other men dressed in complete black. They all carried lethal weapons that could clearly overwhelm him but Xiang placed his binoculars away and took out a grappling hook. He tossed the metal hook to the top of the roof as it hooked onto the edge of the ledge. Making sure the hold was firm; he began to scale the side of the stone.

The roof seemed to be completely clear excluding the door that led up there. Xiang went to the side of the building and took out his rifle. He promptly took aim and saw that no one was guarding or surrounding the target. He took all factors of the distance into account and readied the trigger. The wind whistled passed him and his finger pulled the trigger. All was silent as the bullet flew through the air until the collapse of a certain person threw everything into chaos. The next second came and all the guards were scrambling around, trying to find the culprit and trying to save their employer. Xiang lifted his head from the scope of the rifle and watched as the smoke began to dissipate from the head. He could see the small pool of crimson beginning to form around his victim as the worthless guards could do nothing as he died. The sudden and unmistakable sound of footsteps was heard and Xiang turned around quickly, aiming his rifle at whatever made the noise.

On the other side of the roof stood a woman, holding a knife, and a tall man holding a creepy smile on his face. The woman was wearing some sort of maid dress and had long white blond hair. The man was wearing a heavy coat and a scarf that wrapped around his neck. He had light blond hair as well.

"Looks like my informants were correct," said the man. Xiang noticed that the man had a hard Russian accent as he spoke but he turned most of his attention to the woman holding the knife.

"Do you not speak? Well that's just fine. I must thank you for killing that man."

Xiang only held his emotionless stare as the man continued.

"Do you want to know why I am here? Do you want to know why I'm thanking you?" Xiang thought about it for a second before slightly nodding his head. "Excellent, I finally got you to respond. The reason I'm here was to see you kill that man. And the reason why I'm thanking you is because that man was my father."

Xiang was confused by his response and he tightened his grip on the rifle. "You must be confused, da? Allow me to explain, my name is Ivan, Ivan Braginski. I am the heir to my father's company so logically I would inherit the company after his death. I would inherit all the power that it has to offer. But I wasn't going to wait for him to just die naturally so I needed a way for him to pass away faster and I leaked the information that he would be here to your higher ups. I knew they wouldn't pass up the chance to take out a person of such high status and now here we are. It was also simple to find you. I planted guards on top of all these buildings and they alerted me immediately once you appeared. They said they didn't even notice you arriving but what does it matter as long as the results are sufficient."

Xiang's expression didn't change but he opened his mouth and in a monotone voice he spoke. "Looks like the target has changed." Without any hesitation, he pulled the trigger and the bullet ran through the air. However, instead of hearing a body fall to the ground, the clang of steel echoed across the roof top; the bullet met with steel, rather than the flesh of the target. The woman stood in front of Ivan, holding her knife in front of her face. Xiang saw a small dent on the side of the blade as she covered her face with it.

"Oh, allow me to introduce my guard and sister, Natalia. She is very deadly in combat. Well Mr. Assassin, I'm afraid you must die now. After I bring your body to them, they will hail me as a hero and no one will ever know of my plan."

Xiang gave a despondent look at Ivan and saw that if he was going to kill him, he had to get rid of the girl first. Natalia dashed to Xiang; out of reflexes, he pulled out his rifle to defend himself. The two objects meet and the sound of metal clashing resounded into the night. Xiang could only defend himself against Natalia's relentless assault against him. Xiang was pushed back to the edge of the roof and in a swift movement, Natalia sliced through the rifle. Xiang cursed the low quality rifle and tossed the useless weapon towards the girl, forcing her to jump back in response. Taking this chance, Xiang slowly unsheathed his sword, allowing the small amount of moon light to reflect off of the gleaming blade.

Natalia gave a murderous gaze towards Xiang and charged him. Raising his blade, he blocked her attack and brushed it off easily. Now that he had gained some ground, he could easily defend himself from her onslaught. Xiang had the greatest advantage over her as all her attacks were direct and readable from all sides. As she charged again, in one swift movement, he swung his blade and knocked the girl back. Without wasting a single second, Xiang dashed off and mercilessly slashed her across her body. A wave of blood emerged and Natalia fell to the ground, as red painted the ground under her.

Xiang walked to her, raising his blade over her throat, ready to finish off his foe. The sudden burst of a gunshot made Xiang react and turn his attention to the sound. He then saw through the corner of his eye that he had been grazed by a bullet on his cheek. He could feel the blood slowly flowing out of the side of cheek but paid no mind to it as he focused on where the bullet came from.

"I can't have you killing my servant," announced Ivan. He held a pistol in his hand, aimed directly at Xiang. "Too bad you moved or else that would've killed you."

Xiang turned all his attention to Ivan now. The Russian wasn't fazed by his concentration at all. Rather he looked amused, holding that sadistic smile on his face. "Well Mr. Assassin, I'm afraid you lose this game now." With a snap of his fingers, bodyguards burst through the door and began to fill the roof top. To make things even harder for Xiang, a helicopter flashed its light and focused on Xiang. The bodyguards all took out their guns and aimed them onto the Asian. Xiang realized he wasn't going to be able to kill Ivan, so he slowly sheathed his sword.

In a flash of movement, Xiang stole Natalia's knife. With his sudden move, the guards began to shoot. Xiang side stepped the barrage of bullets and ran passed the men, cutting down anyone that got in his way and finally reached behind the entrance to the roof. As he planned, the light from the helicopter shined right above him. Using the knife he stole, he flung the blade at the source of the light and the light was shattered and only the dim light of the moon illuminated the roof.

Xiang faced the edge of the roof and taking a deep breath, he leaped from the roof. Instead of free falling to the bottom, he ran across the side of the building, his speed increasing with the gravity that pulled him down. Xiang neared the ground and in an instant, he took out his sword and dug it into the wall of the building. The friction from the blade slowed his movements as he neared the ground. Only a few feet separated him from the bottom until his blade snapped from the tension. Xiang fell to the ground but landed perfectly, showing no signs of injury. Without wasting time, he sprinted towards his motorcycle.

Taking out his keys, he jumped onto the motorcycle and started it. He quickly threw on his helmet as the engine roared but Xiang made sure to keep his lights off so they couldn't detect him, using the darkness of the night to his advantage he escaped into the city, the building quickly shrinking as he made his getaway.

The bodyguards prepared to chase after him but they were halted. Ivan still held his grin despite Xiang being able to escape. The guards began to line up accordingly.

"There is no need to chase after him. Someone go check on Natalia." Two men broke formation and went over to the girl.

As soon as they got close to her, her arm sprang up and caught one of them by the neck, only tightening her grip as he squirmed. "Hurry and stop this bleeding," she uttered, giving a death glare to her prey. The man called for medical aid and attempted to stop the bleeding as she finally released her vice grip on the man's neck.

Ivan began to walk across the roof, the guards moved aside. Ivan stood in front of the discarded rifle of Xiang's. His smile grew wider as he looked down on it. "Someone wrap up this rifle. Make sure not to touch it with your bare hands, all the evidence we need is right here."

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