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The Island in the Warp.

Ch: 1

The bridge of the Evorus flashed red as the warning lights on the ceiling activated bathing the crew and captain in a red glare as the worked the controls. The crew worked frantically with a nervous, fever like energy not daring to take glances at the massive armored figure in the corner who watched their progress without expression. Checking and rechecking the control panels the Captain wiped the sweat from his brow as the situation resolved itself. He stopped himself from jumping when the voice spoke up from the corner. A cold pitiless baritone that reminded one of the void in between the stars.

"What seems to be the trouble Captain?"

"It is nothing my Lord. Only some transitional turbulence, we are coming out of the warp without incident."

There was no reply. Taking silence as a mercy the Captain went back to pretending to look at the control panel while he thanked all the deity's he knew that he had not stumbled over his own tongue in front of the one in the corner.

A few moments later the ship shuttered one last time as the transition from warp to real space completed itself.

"Up shutters." the Captain ordered as he once again ran his hand along his brow. The red light flashed once more and then went of allowing the natural lighting to take over once again as the shutters on the ship rolled back revealing a clean and crisp view of the blackness of space that lay outside, scattered everywhere with the lights of a million burning stars and caped off wonderfully by the pure golden glare from the resident sun.

The Captain always loved this part the best, after daring the horrors of the warp and casting oneself adrift in a metal can to the mercy of its unfathomable currents coming back out and seeing the light of the good honest Emperor given stars was like coming out of a dark tunnel and breathing fresh air in the morning. It was a sight that never failed to lift his spirits. Except today.

"Set a course for Sordeth Three captain." The figure in the corner intoned, causing new waves of nervousness to rack his mind. "I wish to be there by tomorrow morning at the latest." The armored figure went on.

The captain froze as he put in the coordinates for Sordeth Three and the estimated time came back to him through the computer. The figure in the corner turned to leave, pivoting sideways, the light of the lamps catching and clearly illuminating the large red skull set I that was emblazoned upon the figures massive ceramite pauldrons.

"Ah!...Uuh.." The captain choked, half stretching his hand out towards the figure as it started to leave. It paused mid step, the figures back still turned towards him.

"Is there a problem Captain?"

"Ah!.. Milord! There is- that is, it will take over 26 hours to reach Sordeth three at a- at a safe pace... for the crew, that is..."

The armored figure of the inquisitor turned back towards him leveling its steel gaze at his face.

"Surly Captain you are not a man of such little faith to presume that this ship will fall apart because of haste made in the Emperors name."

"Ah, uh n-no Milord but in order to arrive at Sordeth Three we would have to overdrive the engine to dangerous levels..."

The Inquisitor did not make any move only staring blankly at him as he stood there stuttering and sweating.

"Its only- it- its only that- that, Well Milord- its just that the heat would- the heat would kill all my- I-I would lose half my engine crew.. an-and..they're good men- I.." He trailed off, his mouth seeming to freeze on its own as he stared into the razor sharp eyes of the Inquisitor."

"Captain are you attempting to prioritize your own interest over the time and resources of the Inquisition?"

"N-NO!" The Captain nearly shouted in panic. "I-I am sorry Milord! I will order the engines into overdrive imidi-"

"What are you apologizing for Captain?" The Inquisitor interrupted, his cold voice cutting over the Captains quavery voice like a jagged knife of ice. "You admit that you were putting your own interests before that of the Inquisition?"

All the color drained out of the captains face. He stood there for a moment before throwing himself down on the floor, landing face first his arms spread eagle. "F-Forgive me Milord, I meant no such thing! It was but a slip of the tongue!"

He could feel the the eyes of the Inquisitor upon him, burning into the back of his head. Then without warning the Inquisitor simply turned and walked away, the massive boots of his power armor clanking loudly as he walked down the hall away from the bridge the red robes he wore over his power armor swaying as he did. "Set a course Captain." The voice came floating down the hall in the Inquisitors wake. "And guard your mind against further impurity, your selfishness will be the end of you."

With that the figure was gone, turning the corner and disappearing from sight into the maze of corridors that was the interior of the Imperial starship Evorus.

Pulling himself to his feet, the Captain turned towards his crew who were watching him like statues.

"Well?" he screamed at them, spit flying out of his mouth. "What are you fools waiting for? Overdrive the engines!"

The crew broke out into another panicked flutter and the set about changing dials and imputing commands on the control panels.

Down below in the vast cavern of the engine room the countless impressed thralls that made up the crew groaned and panted as a wave of heat suddenly poured down on them from all sides. The massive turbines of the engines beginning to glow red hot as they pushed themselves to new frantic speeds.

*Scene *

Inquisitor Vaurious Mourdifus walked down the halls of the vessel Evorus deep in thought. Though on the surface he appeared as he ever did, stone cold and alert, underneath he boiled with impatience. It was not for nothing that he had commissioned the tiny tub of a vessel that he now rode in, a miserable little thing only 1.7 Kilometers in length. It was a poor ship for one such as himself, and he had only determined to use it after he realized that it was truly the speediest way to arrive at his objective. They were nearly there, and with the engines pushed to their maximum he would arrive early at his destination as he preferred.

It was his policy to always arrive early to every occasion. When one was early one saw found the little things that were covered up if one arrived when expected. It was an invaluable look into the workings of the ones that you were investigating that was vital to his role as a judge of men.

And speaking of such he made a mental note to have the captain of this ship executed upon arrival. He did not even need his Psyker powers to determine that the man had been seriously suggesting that he delay his mission to preserve the lives of the cockroaches that worked the engine room. He had inspected the crew of the ship he road in while they were in transit, having nothing better to do and he had discovered, little to his surprise, that there were mutants among them as was so often true among the pressed crews of the Navy. Not only would this course of action speed his arrival to his destination but it would also thin the ranks of the corruption that plagued the Imperium endlessly. One who could be so dull as to not see this was unfit for command of an imperial vessel to say nothing of the Heresy of contradicting the wishes of an Inquisitor such as himself.

Making his way down the hall he taped the corrupt warp amulet that lay at his belt idly and made his way at last into the chamber that he had commissioned as his own. It was a large, bare steel gray chamber with nothing in it save for a single lamp that hung from the ceiling and the huge pile of his more precious or dangerous belongings that could not be trusted in the hands of the ships quartermaster. Upon his requisition of the vessel the Captain had naturally offered him his own chambers. He had declined this in favor of a simple storage room that had been cleared out at his request. Power armor was not easily taken off, and it made him to bulky to properly fit inside the Captains luxurious quarters. Besides this he desired a place to meditate and the plain steel room suited him more for this purpose than any comforts of the Captains berth did.

Closing the door behind him he sat down carefully in the middle of the room and closed his eyes. Reaching out with his mind he felt the ship hum and it hurtled through space, bringing him closer to his destination. He felt the minds of the crew around him, exhausted and nervous. They feared his presence on board as they should. He heard in the background the whispers of his daemon artifacts seeping from his trunk like a black miasma, muffled and subdued by the many holy wards around them but still present. Tuning them out with little effort he reached out further and felt the minds of the crew far below him in the engine room, slowly suffocating as the excess heat from the engine overwhelmed all but the strongest. Then pulling his will back inward he focused on himself, feeling the beating of his heart and the flow of his blood as it carried life to his body. In and out. In and out. In and out, he stretched and retracted his consciousness, the elementary Psychic exercise focusing and honing his mind as he waited for the ship to finish its journey.

Vaurious Mourdifus was an Inquisitor of the Imperium, the Holy Empire of Man that stretched across the galaxy and bound the human race together in purity and conviction. Operating in the light and the darkness equally it was the divine Emperor given charge of the Inquisition to guard humanity and police the great empire for all dangers whether they be the Heretic, the Xenos or, greatest of all, the Daemon.

Daemons. In the end it was they that were the true enemy of the Imperium and its glorious master. Formed in the depths of the warp they were comprised of all the hate, all the greed, all the corruption that the world had to offer and bent on nothing less than the subjugation of all the world and the infernal integration of their nightmare realm with the purity of reality. Insidious, powerful and without number the hoards of Daemon-kind waited in the warp like a swarm of all devouring locus held back from their plans only by the sacred wall that was the fabric of reality. And that wall was crumbling.

With such a vast and overwhelming foe against it humanity had but a few defenses. And the greatest of these was the Ordo Malleus.

Charged with combating the manifestations of the Warp itself the oldest and most secretive branch of the Inquisition was a organization that monitored all levels of society from the lowest slave to the greatest lord and exercised absolute authority over its charges. All together they fought an invisible, eternal war against the monsters of the warp.

Of these crusaders Vaurious was a formidable member, his time in the ranks of the Ordo Malleus stretching back far into the past and his victory's against the eternal enemy numerous.

And yet he was ever hated.

For Vaurious Mourdifus was a radical and a member of the sect of Xanthism.

Common as its purpose was the Inquisition was a fractious and disunified organization, split into countless minor party's all of them clamoring that their way was the best. Of all these however none was a radical or mistrusted as the sect of Xanthism for they were the ones who stood farthest in the shadow treading where the Puratinist Majority and even the other radical factions refused to go. For while the other Inquisitors chanted rites of purity, and put the works of the enemy to the flame the Xanthists saved them and delved deep into the very arts of the enemy themselves. Daemons were strong, why should their power go to waist when it could be turned against itself for the good of the Imperium? Why burn the corrupt tome, why shatter the Warp sword or exorcise the daemon when they could be brought, through skill under the heel of man? The other Inquisitors raved and ranted of how Daemons could only corrupt and only bring evil upon those they associated with but was that really true? After all they would not be harnessed by the weak willed men of every day operation but by the Inquisitors of the Impurium. Surely if man was superior to Daemonkind in spirit, as the Emperor affirmed, then the strong had nothing to fear if they remained vigilant.

This was the philosophy that Vaurious Mourdifus had lived by for nearly his entire life, and as far as he was concerned it had proven itself again and again in countless victory's against the eternal enemy. In light of this what were the few mutations that his body now bore from his exposure to the ruinous powers?

It was a dangerous way, but those strong enough would prevail in the end.


Vaurious sat there for a long time, gathering his will and examining his thoughts for the task ahead. However the next few days went he must always be prepared to face down anything. Such was the mettle of the Inquisition.

*Scene *

The Evorus flew though the void of space quickly approaching the small dark brown planet that was Sordreth Three. Tiny and nearly barren the planet was only sparsely populated and was almost undeveloped as far as Imperial world went. Having few valuable resources it received little traffic and passed mostly unnoticed by the imperial governors that ruled the district. It was primarily for this reason that it harbored one of the Xanthists larger strongholds in that side of the galaxy, the secret base of the Radical Inquisitors being founded far from the prying eyes of there Puratins brothers. True to their title of the Emperors Shadows, the Radical Inquisitors often dwelt far from the major places of Imperial import. The sect of Xanthisim was like this more than any other, building their few strongholds deep in the heart of cold space where their dubious and, as many said Heretical practices could go unpoliced.

Entering atmosphere hallowed by fiery friction the loading ship of the Evorus docked in the spaceport of Sordreth Three, the thrusters of the smaller passenger craft staining the landing pad black in a few places as it put down and disgorged its cargo of passengers onto the platform.

It was an unscenic place that greeted the Inquisitorial Retinue that climbed out of the passenger bay. Unloading two at a time they stepped out onto the ground in order of importance surveying their bleak surroundings expressionlessly.

Inquisitor Vaurious came first his massive power armored frame black except for pauldrons of dull gray set in the center on either side with the inquisitorial seal. Over all of it he wore red robs partly wrapped around his armor much like the robes commonly sported by the Dark angles Space Marines. His hood was thrown back today, revealing dark hair and a heavy set face with a square jaw marked by a few scars here and there that hinted at a passion for melee.

At his belt he wore a bolter and a crackling power sword as well as an immense grimourum that swung from his belt on a short chain. All three were set with purity seals, wards against Daemons and reminders of his position in relation to the world.

Next to him walked his Acolyte, Jarl Maltious a powerfully built blond haired man much like himself but clad in carapace armor and wielding weapons more manageable for unenhanced humans. A smaller bolt pistol and sword were all that he had for now besides the mandatory knives and bombs that nearly all Inquisitorial personnel bedecked themselves with. Not that Jarl was unenhanced of course, the promising warrior was quite heavily agumentated, his physical ability's boosted through the roof by the various drugs and enhancements that were available to inquisitors.

Behind them walked the dark hooded figure of a Penitent, swathed in dark robes who slouched along after him twitching slightly. Walking with him holding a leash attached to the hooded figures neck was a man dressed in more simple armor with a variety of guns and blades hanging from his person.

Following closely was the Mystic Nidilus, a tall man with a mop of dark hair that fell nearly over his eyes whose job it was to detect and a sometimes banish Daemons, and Hierophant, a bald priest who bore a tall staff and chanted slowly under his breath as he walked along.

Behind them came a small crowd of other member of the retinue. A Medic, a Communications Expert, a terribly malformed Mechanus Priest and nearly a dozen simple warriors, men whose skill in battle and steady nerve combined with utmost purity of purpose to set them apart enough to gain the notice of the Radical Inquisitor.

Moving together as one group the party of almost twenty persons marched resolutely across the landing pad. Inquisitor Vaurious had arrived.

*Scene *

Deep below the earth in the heart of the Inquisitorial stronghold Vaurious strode along taking the steps of the stair he was climbing two at a time as he ascended. Reaching the top of the staircase he did not bother to knock as he flung open wide the double doors marked down the middle with the inquisitorial seal. There was a small gasp from the occupants as he strode into the room, the old man who sat in the corner flinching a little and the two younger men by the desk nearly jumping as he burst into the room. Only one figure in the room betrayed no reaction, the grey haired inquisitor who sat upon the throne like chair in the center of the room. The man was clad in power armor like himself and looked pleased unlike the others at the sudden invasion. Vaurious frowned internally at the reaction of the majority, sign of a guilty conscience.

"Vaurious!" The gray haired inquisitor called as he came forward. "It is good to see that you arrival is timely as always. You're punctuality is most appreciated, especially now."

"Lord Stervin." Vaurious said briefly nodding at the higher Inquisitor. "I make it my business to come as quickly as possible. What is the situation that had required such an urgent request for my presence?"

"There has been a binding." The old man in the corner wheezed, his sore covered face contorting as he spoke.

Vaurious turned to regard him. Despite his pathetic condition Inquisitor Xirith was without a doubt the oldest person in the room, having lived for an astounding 372 years on the longevity enhancements that Inquisitors received. He was a scholar of great knowledge rumored to have been from one side of the galaxy to the other in days gone by. He was also a known trouble maker among the Inquisition and a Inquisitor who had been brought to trial for heresy no less than three different times in the span of his life. Vaurious did not trust him, the man had not always been a Xanthists like all the others in the room.

"Did it break free?" He intoned, casting a look at Xirith.

"No, the Daemon waits below." The old man wheezed again. "As far as we can tell it is contained by our wards thus far. It is the nature of the Daemon however that intrigues us."

"Go on."Vaurious said narrowing his eyes.

"Originally we were in the process of creating a Daemonhost. I have spent the last few hundred years of my life researching the enemy, and there was a theory that I wished to test regarding Daemon-kind outside the control of the four primary powers. I attempted to procure one but something happened. A very strange daemon came though. And it manifested independently of the prepared host."

Vaurious's eyes narrowed till they were mere slits. "What do you mean? Are you saying that a warp gate opened inside his stronghold?"

"No. That is what is strange."Inquisitor Stervin said. "And there is more to it than than."

"Enlighten me. Now."

"Perhaps it would be better if you saw for yourself." One of the younger men said giving him a pointed look.

"I see."Various said. "In that case take me to this Daemon I fear to question no servant of Chaos."

Together the party exited the room following the Lord Inquisitor Sturvon back down the flight of stares and through the fortress until they reached the dungeon. It was a dark place light only be occasional lights on the steel walls and broken up into cells. Even morose than the dungeons of the Puratins this was a place of madness and death, where horrific experiments were carried out in the name of the invisible war. Transversing the dungeon with an air of long familiarity Vaurious followed the others to where they lend him deaf to the infernal sounds of the unspeakable things held there beneath the earth.

They walked past the countless cells and interrogation chambers and came at last to the entrance to a room greater so far than the others.

Stepping inside they each paused a moment and whispered a prayer of purity stealing their minds against the presence of the enemy.

The room that they entered was a large if simple one with plain square walls lined with tables meant to hold reagents and tools for the radical Inquisitors experiments. Aside from that the only thing in the room was the angular pattern that lay on the floor forming a sort of hexagon in the middle.

Stepping out into the room Vaurious gazed out into the middle of the room his eyes narrowing at once in confusion and wariness at the unexpected sight before him.

The Daemon stood in the middle of the circle but it was strange. Vaurious had studied the Daemon for more years than he could count and yet he could honestly say that he had never seen one like this. Absent were the horns and claws, the bulging mussels, the putrid rotting flesh or the ever shifting features that could drive men to insanity. The unmistakable feeling of wrongness that Daemons carried with them was gone as well. Instead, quite unmistakably in the middle of the circle stood what looked like a girl in her early twenty's at the most. She had blond hair done up into a complex bun that disappeared around the back of her head and fair, angular features with a pair of clear green eyes, bright in their sharpness. She was clad from the neck down in some sort of armor/dress combination of Blue and silver with golden overtones that almost recalled the armor of the Adepta Sororitas.

Were it not for the subtle but distinct psychic signature that was emanating from her Vaurious could have truly and honestly mistaken her for a normal girl, maybe from some noble family. As it was though he could feel the signature that she gave of though it only surprised him more. All Daemons had a signature detectable at least in some way, but while the presence of Daemon's was like a dagger to the untrained mind the feeling that the creature before them was emanating was different. It was pleasant almost, though as far from the sweet and subversive feeling given of by the Daemons of Slannesh as anything could be. The figure before them gave of a presence like a warming fire or the first light of dawn, it was a signature that made one feel as though they were in the presence of the High Lords of Terra or a great Space Marine Chapter Master.

Vaurious studied her carefully, honestly caught off guard for what felt like the first time in years. The realization hit him like a bolter round that he did not know what to make of what was before him.

"And who are you Giant?" The thing suddenly said looking at him in what was unmistakably a very human, crossed expression. "Another conjurer here to fuddle about?"

Recovering himself quickly from his genuine surprise at the natural sounding voice Vaurious answered swiftly: "Inquisitor Vaurious of the Emperors Holy Inquisition, you are caught in the iron grip of the Emperors Servants Daemon! Name yourself!"

"Servant of the Emperor eh?" The girl said her eyebrows rising on her forehead in a look of what could only be bemusement. The look was gone the next moment replaced by a stoic expression much like his own. "You may call me Saber, though that is not my proper title any longer." She waited for a second before continuing her eyebrow traveling back up onto her head. "As for the Emperor I must say that I am surprised that there still is one, I suppose this must be Italy then?"