Origin of Symmetry: Chapter One; Bliss
A Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfiction
By Exploding Your Universe

AN: A very old fanfiction continued and revised, first dropped from lost of interest, second computer problems, and then out of disgust of it's grammar problems. To also note, this isn't fluffy. At all. It's mature for fucked-up reasons. Based and titled on Muse's album. And until a bit later, the chapters will be short.

Everything about you is how I'd wanna be
Your freedom comes naturally
Everything about you resonates happiness
Now I won't settle for less

The doorbell echoed throughout the mansion, another quickly following the first. Kaiba, who was in his office working, glanced at the time on the computer screen before furrowing his eyebrows together in thought. It was too late for reporters, and the gate guard would have used the intercom if they saw someone that wasn't familiar. So who would be out this hour of the night? Kaiba's immediate thoughts said it might be business associate as there had been some arguing in the meeting today. But going behind the board's back to the president secretly was against the company. They knew what would happen if they broke violations, so Kaiba ruled out that idea.

The doorbell rang again, four times now. Kaiba stood from his chair, went to the window, and pulled back the curtain, but it didn't do any good. It was too dark out to see clearly who it was on the porch. They were swaying a bit, hunched over, and appeared to be having trouble standing.

"Seto?" A tired croak came from the door, and Kaiba turned his head around to his little brother. He was dressed in his large night shirt, a capsule monster plushie in one arm while his other fist rubbed at his eyes. "There's someone at the door..." Kaiba gave a small smile of reassurance at Mokuba. Kaiba found it oddly comforting how Mokuba's attitude could change from tricky, manipulative vice president of Kaiba Corporation to innocent little kid with a stuffed animal at the end of the day.

"Yes. I know," Kaiba said softly and moved from the window, guiding Mokuba by the shoulder gently to the direction of his room. "I was just about to go on down. Head off to bed, it's late."

"'Night, big...brother..." Mokuba yawned and shuffled on down hall.

Kaiba watched him close the door before walking quick, long strides down the stairs. There had better be good reason to be coming this late at night and waking his little brother, Kaiba thought after turning on the hall light. He pushed in a panel by the door that bounced out, revealing a pistol. The brunette held the weapon behind him as he opened the door with his other hand. Right when the door was opened a crack, it flew open with the weight of the person that was leaning against it. Kaiba, surprised by the suddenness, stepped back quickly and bared arms and hardly registered the fact that it was Jounouchi Katsuya lying on his floor, half-naked and unconscious.

He was too engrossed in the bruises and cuts that littered his back.

For the first time in years, Kaiba Seto stuttered.


The CEO dropped the gun, knelt, and checked for vital signs. Still breathing, slow but even. Kaiba reached into his pocket for his cellphone and called his third emergency contacts. There were a few rings, but finally a pick-up. Before they could even answer, Kaiba demanded, "Nakadai, I need you immediately," and ended the call. He cast the phone away while a hand checked Jounouchi's temperature. The blonde was feverish, and being on cool wood floors after coming in from a cool autumn night half dressed probably wasn't helping. Kaiba rolled the younger male on to his back, heaved him into a sitting position, and then was was able to pick him up and walk him to the couch.

Jounouchi gave an uncomfortable sound. "I..." he breathed.

"Are you awake, mutt?" Kaiba growled and laid him down. There was no answer, and the pained expression on the blonde's face remained. Waiting for the family doctor to arrive, the blue-eyed teen turned on the table lamps. He glanced back at Jounouchi, and his eyes widened.

Jounouchi's front was covered in wilts and bruises, dried bloody scratches, and pale and raw red scars. The old and new. His face even bared some wounds, but from the state of his arms it was obvious to see he had been protecting himself from head injury. The shaggy blonde hair was tangled and dirty, and Kaiba only just realised the younger teen was without shoes.

Kaiba's eyes narrowed, a frown pulling his lips into a scowl. Street fighting? Mugged? He kept both those ideas in mind as he sat down in a nearby chair. Jounouchi might have swore against gang fights nowadays, but it was always too easy to fall back into familiar patterns. Being mugged would also probably explain the lack of clothes and give reason to being at Kaiba's door; muggers were always lingering in the alley ways of his neighborhood, hoping to find a rich wanderer. Why, though, was the mutt in Kaiba's neck of the woods?

A few minutes later, a repeat of loud knocking came at the door before the person let themselves in. Kaiba turned towards the entry where they would come through, paying no attention to their stomping.

"You, sir, have some nerve," Nakadai Kaede barked as she entered the room, "to call me at two in the morning when you, or the lack of Mokuba, don't seem to be dying."

"On the couch."

Nakadai came close and allowed the medical bag to drop from her hand in shock. Jounouchi stirred lightly at the noise, eyebrows knitted together in anguish when he shifted. Kaiba's eyes narrowed further at his expression; it wasn't something one would normally see on the joyful teen's face. It gnawed slightly at the CEO, being as bothersome as a buzzing fly.

"I'll get started," she muttered, dark brown eyes wide.

Give me
All the peace and joy in your mind
I want the peace and joy in your mind
Give me the peace and joy in your mind

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