Alright, I know people want me to write Shino and Hinata but I really have no knowledge of the classes. I've decided to dedicate the omakes to them. This one features Shino and Kiba! Please enjoy. For the reviewer who demanded I write the lessons anyway, don't worry my omakes will be about their lessons! I just call them omakes because with my limited knowledge I can't write a very long chapter.

Omake 1: Translator (ft: Shino and Kiba)

Hermione had generally disliked the teaching habits of the new teachers. She didn't think it was exactly allowed to control students with fear and dish out physical punishments. There was a law somewhere against child abuse though since all the teachers were technically kids themselves, the rule didn't apply. Yay for loopholes.

However, she didn't really know what to make of the new Ancient Runes teacher. He was tall enough compared to the other teachers that not even Ron could call him short. What surprised Hermione was the fact that he decided to wear two jackets. The one he wore on top was a pale green olive colour with a hood that dropped low over the pair of sunglasses that obscured his eyes. The second jacket was darker with a high collar that covered what little of his face that the first jacket and the sunglasses couldn't hide. Even in comparison to muggle clothing, his sense of fashion was unusual. In her head, Hermione stumbled over a few words she could use to describe him but none of them seemed to fit.

If Ron had been in her class, he would've been mumbling the word "creepy" but Hermione wasn't too sure about that. The teacher seemed so silent…so indifferent… OK, so maybe he was a little bit creepy but the word Hermione was looking for was…bland.

Professor Inuzuka had stumbled in with the teacher, much to everyone's distaste. So they were going to have twocrazy ass teachers torturing them today in one lesson? Hermione shuddered. She wasn't the only one. Thankfully the loud mouthed Professor Inuzuka made up for the other's silence. He'd changed his regular outfit today to a black muscle shirt and leather pants. Hermione could practically feel the drool puddling at the bottom of her feet from every girl in the class gaping.

'Hello everyone!' Kiba sang, waving enthusiastically at the class. 'For those of you who don't know me I am ProfessorKiba and this is my faithful friend ProfessorAkamaru.' Behind him, the familiar white dog gave several welcoming barks.

'You're our Ancient Runes teacher?' a blushing Ravenclaw girl said all too happily.

'Oh, no, no,' Kiba said quickly, laughing and pointing at his strange companion, 'Heis your new teacher for Ancient Runes.'

Everyone turned their gazes to the mysterious teacher who continued to look quite indifferent with all the newfound attention they were giving him. After five minutes had passed of silence, the birds outside were chirping, Kiba had grown so bored he began inspecting his nails and the teacher stillshowed no intentions to start the lesson and all the students were too afraid to ask.

Finally after ten minutes had passed, Hermione decided that she wasn't going to let some mute weirdo screw up her Ancient Runes grades this year so she raised her hand. 'Excuse me, sir but you didn't introduce yourself.'

The teacher, who seemed to have been gazing at a particular fly that had managed to crawl in through the tiny gap from the open window, turned to give her his full attention. Hermione blushed as he opened his mouth. At least, she thought he opened his mouth because his high collar shifted very slightly.


Kiba sighed and mumbled something to the teacher. As usual, his companion did not reply so Kiba turned back to the class, 'My name is Professor Aburame.'

'No you're not,' a Hufflepuff girl said, looking confused, 'you're Professor Inuzuka.'

'Can't you tell that I'm translating for him?' Kiba said.



'Today we're going over the basics from last year,' Kiba translated in a dejected monotone, 'I hope you all remembered to revise over the holidays.'


'Can anyone tell me what symbol is used to represent the Rune number for one and why?' Kiba continued. Hermione's arm shot up.


'Yes Miss Granger.'

'It's a unicorn because it has one horn,' Hermione answered immediately.

'Wow, how can you understand him?' a Hufflepuff boy called Zachery Price gaped in awe.

'I've known him for years,' Kiba said, shrugging, 'after a while you start to get his lingo.'


'What was that, oh silent one?' Kiba said, frowning in concentration.


'Oh... he wants you all to get out your parchment and quills and copy down these runes.'

Professor Aburame's arm twitched very slightly, probably the biggest movement they'd seen from him so far, minus the walking into the room of course. A few black thingies flew out of his sleeve and hovered in front of his face. They hovered for a few moments, creating a gentle buzzing sound like the humming of an insect's wings and then...

More of the black insects flew out.

And they didn't just fly, they swarmedout in hoards.

The entire class, girls and guysscreamed.

Bugs. Or flies, rather, hundreds of them swarming out of Professor Aburame's sleeves and forming crooked rows of runes in the air.

'...' Shino said above all the commotion. Somehow, being silent he could still bring himself to be heard.

Kiba raised an eyebrow. He must admit that even hewas a little impressed, 'Calm down everyone!' he barked, throwing a few kunai here and there to surprise some of the more hysterical students into silence, 'Copy everything down, Professor Aburame says, otherwise I will chain you up in my office and clean out my silkworm cage.'

Well, thatshut everyone up.

Short and lame, I know! I suck at writing Shino so I decided to pull Kiba in to help. Shino is the hardest character to write for me so I was a bit stuck with this chapter. Next chapter, I swear will be Sakura. I probably won't be updating for a while because I'm going to China for a few weeks! I'm Chinese so if you're Asian, you'll never be able to pick me out from a crowd! I am now officially a Year 11 Senior student so I will be very busy and my updates will be even slower.

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