Author's Note:

To make up to my wonderful readers for "Those Dark Hours" last Saturday (and to purge myself of a very real bit of guilt), I decided to do something happy with the Watson family. This little series, then, is looking at the Hiatus years through the eyes of Mary Watson—more specifically, looking at her husband and her son. These stories will also be non-linear, as I'll just be writing whatever comes to mind whenever it happens.

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==A Mother's Heart==

1. When a Child Is Born

"Tired, love?"

Mary smiled wearily up at her husband. "Very. Little Arthur certainly wanted to be born in a hurry."

John chuckled softly. "I suppose we deserve it for making his middle name Sherlock."

"Mm." She looked down at the baby nursing in her arms. "He is big, isn't he? Big and strong. Like his father."

"I hope he'll be a better man," said John, quite seriously.

Mary smiled again, this time not looking up from stroking the baby's soft, coppery hair. "That would be quite an accomplishment, darling." She sighed happily. "…He is so very perfect."

"He's his mother's son."

"He's also his father's."

When she looked up, John's hazel eyes were warm and shining with love. "You should get some sleep now," he whispered. "Doctor's orders."

"Yes, sir," Mary murmured sleepily, too tired and too content to argue. John slipped into bed beside her and carefully threaded his good arm around her shoulders, and she nestled against him.

Life cannot get much better than this.

Author's Note:

Now, don't expect regular updates, okay? AMM comes first and foremost. I should also add right now that whatever stories fall under this title will probably end up in my future project, the Deliver Us From Evil series. You can check out the post by that name on my blog, www dot studysherlockiana dot blogspot dot com, for more details.

I'd also like to note that, as I write these stories (and all my Sherlockian fiction, for that matter), I see David Burke (Granada, seasons 1 & 2) in my mind's eye as Watson. Unfortunately, I don't have a film template for Mary (I've only ever seen a couple of clips of Granada's SIGN, and that wasn't enough to give me any sort of impression). But I could very much see and hear David!Watson in this little scene, and it was enough to make me wish I was Mary. =)

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