Okay this is a story I just came up with, I want you guys to tell me if I should carry on writing it or not.

Renee and Joshua Uley got together and they both lived on the rez, Bella get's picked on except by the pack and becomes really close with an 18 year old Jacob. (Bella is 17) then Jake starts to feel funny, and Bella unleashes her furry on Billy.

"How could you?" I yelled at Billy, "He was your son! You only son! And you threw him to the wolves like he was nothing!" I screamed and then I started to shake. I huffed, and walked out; jumping into my Camaro that Joshua had bought for me. I drove into Forks until I was shaking so bad I had to pull over. I stumbled out and fell down the banking into the woods. I pushed up onto my hands, but they gave out on me.

Then I started to scream. A wave of pain was sent through me, and I didn't even know where it had come from, but it was agony. It felt like I was on fire, like it was spreading through my whole body, I convulsed on the floor, my back arching away from the ground and my hands clenching into fists, the heels of my shoes digging into the ground. Then my joints started to pop, at another scream was ripped from my lungs.

It started at my toes, and as the popping sensation got closer, I felt my body getting bigger, and then going back to normal. It felt like insects were crawling under my skin and I just wanted to scratch, but I couldn't, and then I was fine. Until with a final burst of pain, I was flipped onto the ground, on all fours and a lot taller than I had been to start out with. I looked down and had to do a double take.

I was white, with traces of gold and black in my fur, blending, but the black was more like dots, and the gold was all over, but the white was mixed in with it. I was panting and looking around and then I saw the Cullen's looking at me with pity in their eyes. Then they all turned and left.

I turned to the words, where I could sense people getting closer, images flashing through my head as they got closer, and I backed up until my rump hit a tree and I crouched into a spring. I didn't know where they were, but I didn't want to get hurt. I wasn't one for pain. I watched as they stopped. I saw a wolf, Grey with dark spots and his eyes, they looked familiar, but I couldn't place them. Then a brown wolf next to him, he didn't remind me of anyone, but I felt like I should know him. A Black wolf stood in the front, I took him to be the alpha, and he reminded me of someone, I just couldn't put my finger on it. A Dark silver wolf stood next to him, and I knew those eyes, eyes that used to hate me, but turned all nice. The only wolf I was sure of at the moment was Paul, because at that moment, it felt like I would know him anywhere, like he could make all this better. And then the russet brown one next to him, I knew him too.


Was all I said and he barked. Yeah, defiantly Jake! I narrowed my eyes at the rest of them, then the grey and spotted one hit me. Embry? And my gaze shifted to the Black coloured one. Sam? This left the brown one. I racked my head for a name, and my eyes widened, Jared? They all sat to show they weren't a threat, and I did the same, keeping my back to the tree.

Looks like we have some explaining to do, huh sis? Sam said

Ya think? I said sarcastically.