Hello, dear readers! It was about time I started a new story and because I was so addicted to watching Desperate Housewives these past few days, I had a great idea. Why not mix TD and DH?

This story will be mostly inspired by the show, however it won't be identical. Still, the DH fans can recognize a few elements in this story. The characters will be around 30, and the story will focus on various stages of romantic relationships, not just on marriage. Also, TDI/TDA/TDWT never took place.

For your curiosity, here's a hint of what pairings you're going to encounter: Gwen x Trent, Duncan x Courtney, Alejandro x Heather, Bridgette x Geoff and many more.

I hope you will enjoy reading the story. For any questions/suggestions/comments, please review or send me a message. Enjoy! :)

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Chapter 1-The Art of Dying

My name is Sadie Ross. I moved into the suburbs before I turned thirty and led an ordinary life, without any spectacular events. I had odd jobs in the neighborhood, but my last job was managing a small cosmetics shop. I had a lovely house, decorated by myself and surrounded by a white picket fence. I even had a garden where I was growing my own vegetables. But most importantly, I had friends. And they were probably the most affected by my death.

On that fateful Tuesday, I didn't step out of the routine. I woke up, made myself a stack of pancakes, got dressed, and went to work. When I finally got home, I cleaned the entire house, watered my garden, and fed my cat. Yes, everything happened as usual, except for the fact that at 16:35, I took a revolver out of my drawer and killed myself.

A tall and slim young woman with shoulder-length black hair knocked on Sadie's door. She was wearing a white sleeveless shirt and a grey skirt, and was holding a tray of cookies. She knocked a few times, then tried the door. Seeing that it was unlocked, she walked in.

"Sadie?" she called. "I made mint chocolate chip cookies!"

The one who discovered my body was my best friend, Katie St Clair. She was a real estate agent, and was the very first friend I made after moving on Wawanakwa Lane. That evening, she came by my house to offer me cookies and tell me about the latest deal she had closed. But she never got the chance…

Katie walked into the living room and saw Sadie lying on the floor in a puddle of blood. Her lifeless eyes were still open. The gun was lying next to her body, the day's final rays of sunshine giving it an odd shine. Katie shrieked and dropped the tray. She fell to her knees next to her best friend's corpse. Tears were running down her cheeks as she continued calling her name.

"Sadie, no! Sadie! Sadie!"

The police confirmed it had been suicide. But no one, not even Katie, could figure out why I did it.

My funeral was held two days later and all my friends from Wawanakwa Lane gathered to say their final goodbyes. Katie organized the ceremony, with a little help from her closest friends. Bridgette Baxter arranged for all the wreaths to have white roses in them, my favorites. Bridgette was a lovely and sweet girl, always willing to help everyone around her. She and her husband Geoff often organized parties where all their neighbors were invited. They seemed the happiest and compatible couple on the street.

Bridgette fixed Geoff's short blonde hair, while looking absently over his shoulder. He gently caressed her cheek.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

She shook her head. Her green eyes had tears in them.

"I don't understand why she did it," she mumbled, as he buried her face in his chest. "Why would somebody commit suicide? I thought she was happy!"

"I don't know, Bridge. But let's try to be strong. For Katie." Geoff said, gently stroking her long blonde hair. "We should go inside, the ceremony is about to start."

Bridgette wiped her tears and nodded.

"You're right, I should be strong. But it's just...I can't see anything good in death. Many say it's natural, but I-" She was cut off by Geoff who took her hand in his. That was always a sign for Bridgette that it was alright. He was by her side. So they both walked into the church.

Courtney Atkins, known as a leader with an iron fist, arranged the burial-related details. As a lawyer, she knew how to get everything done her way, so she had absolutely no problem getting the best deal for an unusually small price. However, although she could obtain almost anything that her heart desired, there was still one thing missing in her life: love. For a while, she thought that she could be tied to her work for all her life without having any regrets. Sadly, she was wrong. Her career couldn't fill in for a lover, and Courtney slowly came to realize that.

Courtney stepped into the church, talking on her cell phone. She was wearing a black business suit, and was still arguing over the phone when she reached the coffin. She then turned the cell phone off and saw Katie, who was wiping her tears with a white handkerchief.

"Hello, Courtney," Katie greeted, attempting a weak smile.

"Oh, Katie, I'm so sorry! You shouldn't have been the one to find Sadie. She was your best friend, so seeing her that way...I'm so sorry!" Courtney said as she hugged her.

"Thank you for coming, Courtney. It means a lot to me that you offered to help. I know you and Sadie weren't very close, which is why I appreciate your gesture even more."

"She was a good person," Courtney affirmed. "Too bad she did…this."

Katie sighed and covered her face with her hands, trying to hide her sobbing. Courtney patted her shoulder, and glanced at the closed coffin standing behind them.

Heather Burromuerto had been in charge of the invitations. She spread the word elegantly, discouraging gossip. After all, elegance was an adjective that described her perfectly. In her youth, she had entered the modeling world with elegance, and quickly made her way to the top. With elegance and subtlety, she also managed to attract a rich and successful husband. You see, it was Heather's elegance that caught the attention of Alejandro Burromuerto , but he fell in love with her because of her other signature traits: ambition, cunningness, determination, and passion.

Heather walked down the street by her husband's side. She was slim, had beautiful long black hair, deep grey eyes ,and was wearing a long black dress that flattered her figure. Alejandro was brunette, tanned, and it was obvious that he regularly worked out.

"We're going to be late," she muttered.

"I thought you liked making an entrance," Alejandro commented.

"At a funeral? It's the only event where I don't want to be the center of attention," Heather added.

"Why are we doing this again? This Sadie Ross wasn't even your closest friend. You bought cosmetics from her a few times, chatted a few times over a cup of coffee and that's about it."

"She was also our gardener for a few weeks while you were away on a business trip," Heather added. "And I know we weren't close, but I owe this to Katie. They were best friends, and she's devastated right now. Sadie didn't have any close relatives, so Katie had to take care of almost everything for the funeral. The least I can do is go there and give her a hug or something."

"So you do have a heart," Alejandro chuckled.

"Did you ever doubt that?" Heather asked, trying to suppress a smirk.

"Well, you're always full of surprises," he replied, before kissing her forehead.

Gwen Houston was the one who had my tombstone engraved. She was a painter, so her artistic nature helped her choose the words, the font, and the style to fit my personality. When she found out about my death, Gwen felt..empty. She called her boyfriend Trent and asked him to come home from work. And for a moment, frightened by the perspective of inevitable death, she even considered telling him that they should get married as soon as possible. But when he arrived home, she rushed into his arms crying, but never mentioned anything about marriage. Death, however dark it seemed, couldn't change her firm belief that marriage was the root of evil.

Gwen searched through the contents of her purse, trying to find her handkerchief. She never cried in public, but it was always good to be prepared. A streak of dark hair fell on her pale cheek. She sighed heavily and turned her purse upside down, letting all her belongings fall in the grass of the church yard. Gwen quickly found her blue handkerchief and smiled victoriously.

"Wow, and I thought you were only messy at home."

Gwen looked up and saw Trent standing next to her, with his black hair neatly combed and his smile as charming as always. He offered her his hand to get up.

"Don't you dare criticize my lack of organization. I am an artist, therefore I am messy," she said.

"Yes, of course," Trent chuckled. "By the way, my sister called earlier. She's uh, getting married next month."

Gwen felt that the conversation was about to take a dangerous turn. So she just smiled and tried to escape the subject in a casual, non-peculiar way.

"Really? So soon? I mean, she always seemed the freedom-loving type," she mumbled.

"You know, honey, marriage doesn't mean losing freedom. It's all about two people deciding to spend the rest of their lives together," Trent added. "And maybe it's time-"

"We should go inside." Gwen cut him off.

She avoided eye contact, but could feel Trent tensing up.

"Right," he replied, trying to conceal how bothered he was by her reaction.

They silently walked into the church, right in time for the service.

After the ceremony, and after I was buried, everyone put away their handkerchiefs and went back to their normal suburban lives. Everyone except Katie, who couldn't get over my death so easily…

Katie was sitting in her deceased best friend's living room, staring absently at the tiny basket from one of Sadie's shelves. Her heels had been kicked off in the middle of the room, and her makeup was a mess because of all the crying.

She smiled bitterly. She remembered that basket, it had been a welcome gift.

Five years earlier

Sadie stood on the front lawn of her new house, and silently admired what was about to become her home. Her belongings were to arrive soon, so in the meantime she decided to step inside and look around. But before she could open the door, she heard a chipper greeting coming from behind her.


Sadie turned around and saw a young woman with black hair, dark eyes and a large smile. She was wearing a white cardigan and pink denim shorts and was holding a tiny basket.

"You must be the new neighbor. I'm Katie St Clair, I live right next door," she said, holding out the basket and smiling widely.

"Nice to meet you, Katie! My name is Sadie Ross," Sadie replied, smiling back. "I'd ask you to come in, but I don't have any furniture yet."

"That's okay. I just wanted to offer you a little welcome gift," Katie added as she walked towards Sadie to hand her the basket. "They're strawberry muffins. I made them myself."

"Thank you so much, Katie! I love strawberries," she said, accepting the basket. "Would you like to drop by tomorrow morning for some coffee? By then my house should be ready for guests."

"That sounds great! I'll drop by tomorrow then. See you around!" Katie waved and walked away, but then turned around as if she had remembered something. "Oh, and welcome to Wawanakwa Lane!"

"Thank you!" Sadie replied. She turned her gaze from Katie to the basket. She smiled, hoping that a friendship would soon bloom.

Katie ran a hand through her hair and sighed. She lied down on her friend's couch and tried to think. What could have made Sadie kill herself? After nearly an hour of contemplation, something caught her eye. Sadie's bookcase had a large drawer at the bottom. Out of it, the corner of a white sheet of paper was peeking out. Katie got up and walked up to the drawer.

She carefully opened it, and saw a huge stack of documents in it. Curious to see what they were, she took them one by one and read the headings. Most of them were from the bank, regarding money transfers. What intrigued Katie were the various documents about adoptions. But they were nothing compared to a note she discovered, which made her gasp in horror.

"Your dirty little secret is no longer hidden, Sadie Ross. But for the right price, your reputation could remain intact. You know who to call."

Katie put the note down, suddenly feeling weak.

"Oh, Sadie…What did you do?"