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The Final Shadow

They say that the shadows of your past will always haunt you. Izuna thought it was rubbish. Complete and utter rubbish. To him, the past was the past, it was meant to be forgotten. Yet, every time he looked at his brother, Izuna was always possessed by a single, small shadow that wanted to snatch his heart.

Jealousy, that's what it was called. Being the younger brother, Izuna was always overshadowed by his genius brother. Madara was the leader, the strongest, the most beautiful. Everyone always admired Madara, everyone loved Madara. Izuna was but a little boy that stood by his side. Izuna was always compared to Madara and it was always expected that Izuna should follow Madara's footsteps.

Despite this, Izuna loved Madara to bits. The brothers were incredibly close. Madara would never be able to survive without Izuna by his side, and Izuna knew that. Every night, the two brothers would sit together and discuss recent events. Every morning they would do their exercises together. Every afternoon they sparred. They always attended clan meeting together, a meeting never started without the other's presence. The brothers were inseparable.

So why did this shadow always loom over Izuna's shoulder? His mind told him that he wasn't jealous, that he was on the same level on his brother. That they were equals. But there was something dark within him that wanted to sway him. Perhaps it was all the built-up emotion that he had been gathering all the years. All the hurt that he felt when he was compared to Madara. Whatever it was, Izuna found it extremely frustrating.

When Madara went blind, the world came crushing down. Suddenly everyone was turning to Izuna, expecting him to take over. Izuna found it insulting. How could they expect such a thing when his brother was still very much alive? Madara might have been blind, but he wasn't broken. He was still Madara. He was still the fearless Uchiha clan's leader. So Izuna swallowed his pride and offered his brother his own eyes.

It was at that moment that Izuna felt an extreme bliss. It was like a heavy weight was lifted off his shoulders. Suddenly that final shadow that plagued him vanished and the world was opened in a new light. The shadows of his past no longer haunted him. He overcame them. For in the end, Izuna was able to do something for his brother out of pure love.