Chapter 3

The Rage Of The Butcher

Part 1

Yoshi charged at Juri, attempting to hit her with a punch. But the agile villain easily evaded the attack and struck him with a kick to the face, knocking him against a wall. He looked up to see her rushing towards him and moved just as she swung her leg at him for a powerful kick. The attack instead left a dent in the wall, which surprised Yoshi.

"Wow, she has some powerful kicks. I better take caution." said Yoshi.

"Quite shocking isn't it!" commented Juri.

"So what, I've been hit by more harder blows than yours."

"Oh yeah, well then you're gonna love this."

Spinning like a wheel, Juri strikes him with a barrage of multiple kicks, knocking him to the floor. Yoshi rolled out to the side and stood back up, only to be hit with a knee to the gut, causing to him to the double over in pain. Using this to her advantage, she kicked Yoshi across the face, sending him across the floor. As he struggled to recover, she soon rushed up to him and grabbed his throat, lifting him off the floor and into the air.

"Aw what's the matter, can't you fight?" taunted Juri.

"I was expecting more of a challenge, but I must admit, it was fun."

After giving him a lick on the lips, she then kicked him up in the air. Jumping up to meet him, she hit him with an overhead kick, sending him falling back down. Zooming back down to the ground, she soon caught him by his back with her foot, keeping him lifted in the air on one of her legs.

"That felt good didn't it?" Juri mocked as she proceeded to slam him head first onto the ground. Turning him onto his back, she pinned him down by his throat

"Oh what a workout. Now to finish things up."

She then raised her left hand up, preparing to finish him.

"Once I rip the jewel from your chest, my work here will be done."

In a last ditch effort, Yoshi fired a blast of jewel energy from his eyes, blasting Juri clear across the room, where she slammed into a wall.

"She won't stay down for long. I can't beat her on my own, I need backup." said Yoshi.


"Come on metal heads, is that all you got!" exclaimed Sonic as he spin dashed into a robot, breaking it apart.

Charizard burned down a multitude of robots with his Flamethrower. Chun-Li used her strong legs to kick off the heads of five robots simultaneously. Valkyrie and Link sliced several robots down the middle while blocking the lasers with their shields. Fox tore off the arm of a robot and used it to blast apart nine robots in a row. Ryu and Lucario took out thirteen robots with Hadokens and Aura Spheres. Pikachu used her ThunderShock attack to short circuit some robots while Felicia followed things up by slashing them to scraps with her powerful claws. Sonic pulled out a golden ring and squeezed it. He then charged through the a gathering of robots, demolishing them with spin dashes and homing attacks. He soon came to a stop, flashing his signature grin.

"Whoo, what a rush." said Sonic.

"Sonic come in, this is Yoshi." said Yoshi on Sonic's comlink.

"Sonic here, what's the problem?"

"I'm having some trouble with a villain in my location. She calls herself Juri, and she means business. She's trying to take my ancient jewel. I could use some back up here."

"No problem, I got you covered buddy."

Sonic turned his attention to Lucario, who recently kicked off the head of a robot.

"Lucario, Yoshi's in trouble, some villain is giving him a hard time inside the facility. I need you to go give him some back up as soon as possible." ordered Sonic.

"I'm on it." replied Lucario.

Using his ExtremeSpeed, Lucario dashed towards the building, evading various robots along the way. He then made his way inside. He ran across the walls as he dashed towards the main control room

Meanwhile, Yoshi was still struggling to stand up. But just as he stood, he was kicked back onto the floor by Juri, who pinned his head down with her foot.

"Bad boy. You really thought you could stop me with a move like that." said Juri.

"At least it was worth it. I wasn't about to let you take my jewel just like that."

"Touche. I don't suppose you would mind if I crushed your reptilian skull beneath my heel. Afterwards, I'll take the jewel."

She lifted her foot up, preparing to kill him. But right as she was about to stomp on his head, at the last second, Lucario rammed into her from the side, sending her sliding across the floor.

"Boy am I glad see you." said Yoshi.

"I am honored to assist you in battle." said Lucario.

But the heroes were interrupted by the sound of Juri chuckling sinisterly.

"Well what have we here?, A teammate perhaps, how touching." said Juri.

"Yoshi, you go download the intel from the central computer, I'll take care of Juri."

"No way Lucario, she's too strong. You'd be no match for her alone."

"Don't worry about me, I can take her. I've been training with Ryu and Ken for about several months now. I have what it takes to match opponents like her."

"Whatever you say, but I will help you if necessary."

Yoshi then took off for the computer, leaving Lucario face to face with Juri. The villainous blood knight chuckled to herself.

"How sweet, a Pokemon trying to stop me. It's about time I got some entertainment."

"Foul villain, you shall face the consequences for your actions." replied Lucario.

"So be it. Time to have some fun."

Juri started things off by rushing towards Lucario, lashing out with a kick. But Lucario easily blocked it with his right arm and countered with a Force Palm to the stomach. Shrugging it off, Juri took him by surprise with a punch in the jaw. Lucario retaliated with an Aura Sphere, but she kicked it away with relative ease. Catching her off guard, Lucario used his ExtremeSpeed to dash at her and attempt to strike her with a punch. Unfortunately, she spotted him out of the corner of her eye and caught his fist, following up with a kick in the ribs.

Yoshi meanwhile made his way over to the central computer. He typed on the keyboard, using the right coordinates to initiate the downloading sequence. Using a flash drive he had brought with him just incase, he inserted it into the computer. Pretty soon, the downloading started, however it was currently at 5%.

"There, that should do it. Now for some action."

He soon heard a grunt of pain coming from Lucario. He turned around to see that Lucario was having a hard time fighting Juri, who seemed to have the upper hand. Yoshi sped towards her and tried to hit her with a sliding kick, but Juri saw him coming and leaped out the way, charging up her foot with purple energy. She then swung her leg forward, releasing a purple fireball which hit Yoshi. Lucario tried firing another Aura Sphere, only for Juri to once again kick it away. Yoshi, who had recovered , tried to hit her with a jewel blast, but surprisingly, she blocked it with only one hand without little effort. Lucario used this to his advantage to attack Juri head-on, but the sadistic female dodged all of his punches, kicks and jabs without taking even a single blow.

"This is getting tiresome, I might as well get it over with."

Suddenly, just as Lucario attempted to punch her, she grasped his arm tightly, and in a cruel manner, snapped his arm with a deadly chop. Lucario screamed in pain and agony as he clutched his broken arm. Leaving himself vulnerable, Lucario was subjected to a savage and merciless beating from Juri, who ruthlessly pummeled him with vicious kicks. Yoshi tried to intervene, but Juri effortlessly kicked him head first into a wall, all the while continuing to beat Lucario. To make things more entertaining for her benefit, Juri nailed Lucario's left leg with a bone shattering kick, making Lucario scream in pain once again.

"Aw what's wrong, did that hurt?" taunted Juri

"You'll pay for this you witch." said Lucario in a weakened voice, coughing up a small bit of blood.

Soon Juri grabbed Lucario and lifted him over her head. With one foul move, Juri slammed him down on her knee, breaking his back. She then dropped him on the floor.

"Hahahahah, so much for you. Now it's time to go nighty night."

She then prepared to finish him off by breaking his neck. But before she could make her move, she was punched in the side of the face, which knocked her away from Lucario, whom was now out cold. After recovering, she turned to face her attacker, which turned out to be Yoshi, who was surrounded by a dark red aura and his eyes were glowing red.

"You shall feel the wrath of darkness." said Yoshi with an evil tone.

"Finally, just what I was hoping for, some real entertainment."

Yoshi shot forward like a bullet, ramming into Juri with full force, but Juri knocked him back. The two combatants rushed at each other, inflicting powerful blows on one another. Yoshi punched her in the gut and slammed his tail in her face. Juri retaliated with an energy empowered kick, leaving a vicious scar across his chest as a result.

"Fool, your power is useless and pathetic against me."

"I beg to differ, dino boy."


Outside, Sonic and the others were still battling against the robots. Sonic was currently dealing with the Megabot, which was holding Felicia in it's upper right arm. The blue hedgehog was trying all he he could to reach her, but the Megabot's attacks kept him at bay. He continously dodged every laser that was fired at him. Sonic tried to move behind it, but the Megabot swatted him with it's left arm, knocking him back.

"This Megabot is tougher than any robot I've ever faced. I've got to save Felicia, but how?" wondered Sonic.

"Sonic, trying using a Spin Attack on it's arm, that it's weak point." said Felicia.

"Good idea."

Jumping into the air, Sonic went into a midair spin. He then rushed straight at the Megabot, cutting off it's arm, thus freeing Felicia, whom he caught in midair.

"Thank you Sonic, you're my hero." said Felicia while kissing his cheek.

"Whoa, save the kisses for later, it's time to get back into action."


After letting her go, Sonic and Felicia soon decided to take on the Megabot together.

"You think you're up for this Felicia?"

"You betcha."

The Megabot continued it's attack, despite having lost it's arm. Felicia grabbed hold of the Megabot's lower right arm and used her claws to slash it clean off. The Megabot attempted to grab her, only to lose it's upper left arm as Sonic smashed into it with a homing attack, right before following up by kicking off it's lower arm. Going into a midair spin once more, Sonic rammed straight through the Megabot's chest and came out through the other side, causing it to fall to the ground.

"Heh, and they call this piece of junk a Megabot. Big whup."

Halfway through the fight, Chun-Li kicks a robot with enough force to break it to pieces. But suddenly, she got blasted in the back by another robot, and was struck in the face by a second robot's right upper arm. She was suddenly bombarded by five lasers from five robots, which seriously injured her.

"CHUN-LI." yelled a shocked Ryu.

" me...please." said Chun-Li in a weakened tone.

At that point, Ryu's rage began to boil up to a critical point. His eyes turned an evil red, and he became engulfed in a red aura. Roaring with rage, Ryu attacked the robots with brute force, tearing them to scraps with his deadly attacks, even crushing the head of one of them. He continued to press his attack, going so far as to nearly attack some of his teammates, which shocked them.

"Ryu what's up with you, you're acting like a madman." said Fox, who was hit in the face by a powerful punch.

He began to savagely beat down on Fox, attacking him with reckless abandon.

"Ryu calm down, you need to control yourself." said Charizard who grabbed him from behind. But Ryu tossed him over his head, attacking him instead. But right as he was about to fire a Hadoken, he was suddenly halted by sound of Chun-Li calling to him.

"Ryu please, don't let the Satsui no Hadou take over your body. You're stronger than this, fight it." said Chun-Li.

Coming to his senses, Ryu went back to normal as the aura disappeared and his eyes returned to their normal color.

"What was that about?" asked Sonic.

"I don't want to talk about it." said Ryu.

Meanwhile, back in the facility, Yoshi and Juri were still engaged in a serious fight. Though it seem that Yoshi was gaining the upper hand, as he pummeled her with advanced aggression. But Juri herself proved to be an even match for him, as she struck him with devastating kicks, but it wasn't enough to bring him down. At one angle, Yoshi nailed her across the jaw with a super violent punch, drawing blood as a result. Juri smiled devilishly while licking the blood from her lips.

"I've gotta give you praise, you fought really well, but you're not at full potential yet. Until next time, so long sweet prince, hahaha, HAHAHAHAHAHA, AH HAHAHAHA." said Juri while laughing evilly.

In an act of evil, she jammed her fist into a nearby control panel on the wall, triggering an alarm. She then disappeared into the shadows.

"Warning, self destruct sequence has been activated. All personel must evacuate at once." said a computerized voice.

Regaining control of his senses, Yoshi returned to normal. He looked around the room, noticing an unconcious Lucario. He ran over to him and picked him up over his shoulder. He then rushed over to the central computer and took out the flash drive after the download was completed.

"I better get out of here before this place blows up." said Yoshi as he teleported himself and Lucario out of the building, meeting up with the others outside.

"Oh my god, what happened to Lucario?" asked a concerned Valkyrie.

"Juri gave him one heck of a dangerous beating, broke some of his bones too. He's gonna need some serious medical attention. She also activated the self destruct sequence inside the base, we gotta get out of here now." said Yoshi.

"No problem, I already called for a portal." said Sonic.

Within seconds, a portal appears in front of them. Sonic goes through first, followed by the others, with Ryu going last as he carried an injured and out cold Chun-Li towards the portal.

"Chun-Li, I'm sorry." said Ryu as he carried her through the portal.

Soon after they left, the entire building blew up in a massive explosion, all the while Juri had watched from the distance.

"Too bad, so sad." said Juri while licking her lips.

Later back at the base...

"Well that was a difficult mission, but at least we have the intel." said Sonic.

"Lucario and Chun-Li are both recieving medical attention, so they're not gonna be able to do any missions for a while." said Pikachu.

"Luckily we've got Dr. Mario to take care of them."

"So now what do we do?" asked Felicia.

"How about we take a look at the intel that Yoshi obtained, see if it's useful." said Trish.

"Okay." said Yoshi.

Walking over to the main screen, Yoshi inserted the flash drive. All sorts of data files popped up on the screen, each of them showing valuable information, including the 3-dimensional powerplant schematic.

"Wow, this is amazing." said Fox.

"When I first found it, I was surprised myself. For most of the time I was trying to figure out how Mario and his team were able to get into the Lab Corporation ahead of me and my group. I've been confused about it for hours. But when I saw this schematic, I suspected that it might be the reason as to how they were able to find us so easily. It's a good thing I was able to get it before the place blew up." said Yoshi.

"Very impressive, I like that." said Morrigan.

"You know something guys, this gives me an awesome idea for another mission." said Sonic.

"What kind of mission?" asked Falco.

"Sorry, that's classified for now."

"Wait a minute, something's wrong." said Yoshi.

"What's up?"

"The city is under attack. I can tell, my Super Sense is going off immensely."

"Any idea who the villain is?" asked Ryu.

"No, but he seems really powerful, like he's fueled by rage."

"Yoshi's right, I can sense it. This is a being of pure and uncontrollable rage." said Mewtwo.

"Whoever it is, we have to stop him." said Link.

"Alright guys, let's do it to it." declared Sonic.

To Be Continued

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