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ATOBSL: Chapter 13: Restless in LaPush

Bella slept peacefully later that night, however Jake was restless as hell. After he spoke with the Cullens privately and learned how Jane could be using Bella's scar as a way to torture her, he was filled with dread and fear. How could he possibly stop Jane from possibly driving Bella insane? No one ever heard anything about this. Even the Cullens weren't sure how you could stop it or if it was indeed how Jane was working her magic on Bella.

"Mmmm...Jake...hold me." Bella mumbled in her sleep.

Jake slipped back in between the sheets and held her firmly against him.

"Are you okay?" Bella asked with a sleep induced voice.


To assure her he was, he gave her a gentle squeeze and kissed the side of her neck.

Bella turned slightly, opening one eye as she tried to make out his face in the dark filled room.

"Then why does it feel like you could jump at any second?" She moaned.

Jake forgot that his imprint could sense his own emotional state.

"I'm just worried that Jane is going to try and somehow take you away from me." He admitted.

"It won't happen." She said with conviction in her voice.

"Oh and how do you know that?" Jake chuckled softly in her ear.

"Because you won't let it happen. I know you. You love me too much and our unborn son. There is no way you would let her hurt either of us." Bella replied with such assurance that Jake felt his heart swell with pride.

"Your right." Jake smiled.

"I know." Bella turn her head back and a few seconds later went back to sleep.

Jake held her in his arms and envied how she could sleep so easily when danger was looming over them.


"Leah, when was your last menstrual cycle?" Sue asked for the second time. Leah wasn't paying attention to her mother. She kept shaking her head and looking as frightened as a kindergarten student on their first day of school.

"Mom, I've told you before that since I began phasing I haven't had one." Leah exhaled loudly.

"Okay. When is the last time you and Collin were sloppy?" Sue asked, while pushing Leah back onto the bed so she could examine her.

"Sloppy?" Leah frowned as she stared up at the ceiling.

" know not used protection." Sue felt awkward asking her daughter such personal questions but she was the only doctor on the rez.

"Oh." Leah blushed from head to toe." We haven't used it since I was attacked."

"Have you been experiencing morning sickness?"

"Umm...a little. I mean there are times after I eat I feel like I'm going to vomit but you said that was normal with my head injury and all the toxins in my blood stream." Leah reminded her.

"I need you to go and pee in this cup." Leah sat straight up and gave her mother a quizzical look.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" Leah didn't want to do it. She knew her mother was hinting that this sudden glow and sickness could somehow berelated to an unexpected pregnancy. She wasn't ready to be a mom.

"Nope." Sue pushed the plastic cup in her hand.

Leah climbed off the bed and waddled into the bathroom across the hall and returned with a fresh specimen of urine.

"Have a seat." Sue used her gloved hand to remove the urine from the room and took it to her small lab.

Leah sat in the room, looking at anything her eyes landed on. She hoped when her mother returned, she would diagnosis her as not being pregnant. Emily and Bella were both pregnant and she didn't want to join ranks with them.

"Leah, you need to relax."

Leah looked down at her hands that wereclawing into her pants. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. A few years ago she was devastated to learn that as long as she phased she wouldn't conceive.

"I'm scared." Leah felt her mouth open and the words that spilled out of it.

"Of being pregnant?" Her mother frowned at her.

"Of all of it." Leah's head dropped as tears trickled down her face.

"I don't understand." Sue walked up to her daughter,took her hands and held them.. Lifting her chin up, Sue was reminded of when Leah was a young girl. Her daughter had been so soft hearted but now she kept a wall around that tender heart of hers.

Until recently Sue feared Leah would never let anyone in but when Collin returned and it was revealed he was her imprint she saw little pieces of the girl Leah once was. She knew that Collin had his work set out for him if he had plans to be in control of their relationship. Leah was too damn independent and cautious to let anyone love her the way Sam had.

"I ...well...I can handle being pregnant. I mean it's a miracle. After all, you and the council told me shortly after I phased that I would probably never conceive a child of my own. It took sometime to get use to that fact but I did. What if I can't turn back into a wolf afterwards? " Leah explained her fears.

"Then you will deal with it. I thought you hated being a wolf, especially being the only female wolf." Sue reminded her of when she first started the change and how furious she became at her people and at the world as a whole. She felt like she had done something that caused the Gods to be angry with her. First she lost Sam, then her father, and then she was cursed to be a wolf among a pack of guys.

Sue tried her best to make Leah see how blessed she was. She was the first of their kind. The first female wolf to join the pack. She would play a crucial role in their legends and future generations would learn of her.

Leah wasn't impressed. She just wanted to be normal and hopefully leave La Push, where she'd once only found heartache.

"I did, I mean I do. Kinda but now Collin is one of them and I no longer hate Sam the way I once did. How can I protect my imprint or possibly my child as a mere human?"

"Honey, mothers and wives have found ways to protect those they love without supernatural powers. Maybe it's your turn to be the protected one. Maybe now you get to reap the benefits of being loved and cherished." Sue wiped away the tears from her daughter's face and gave her a motherly smile.

"Maybe." Leah chuckled.

The timer went off and both women looked at one another knowing the result would change Leah's life.


Jane stood before Gabriel while he sat quietly in his room with his eyes closed.

"How much longer?" Jane snarled.

"These things take time Jane; besides, the young woman barely has my blood in her veins." Gabriel mumbled while trying to keep his concentration.

"I want her to suffer. I want her to scream for mercy." Jane ordered.

"I will try to do my best Jane." Gabriel replied.

"Good because when I'm done with her and her mangy lover, there won't be anything left to identify her body." Jane vowed.

"You do realize the woman is pregnant." Gabriel opened an eye as he gave her the exciting news.

"Are you sure?" Jane's lips curled up in a devious smile.

"I catch her thoughts from time to time and she is worried about her unborn child."

"Lovely. Maybe I will wait until she gives birth before I attack their measly home and force them all to watch as I drain the last drop of her baby's life."

"It's your choice." Gabriel didn't care either way. Like Jane, he wanted revenge. They killed one of his favorite children and for that they would be punished.

"Yes. Yes it is." Jane rubbed her hands together with an eager smile that reached her eyes.


Jake finally relented and let Carlisle take a close look at Bella's scar. He was convinced that his theory about the vampire blood that was left behind in her system was the way that Jane was using her revenge on Bella. This would give her the leverage she needed to draw Jake out so that she could kill him and the entire pack.

"This is unbelievable." Jake ran his hands through his hair and growled low.

"I'm sorry Jake. We've never witnessed this before. Edward was confident that he got all the blood out of her system when she returned back to normal." Carlisle apologised.

"It's not your fault." Jake sighed with a frustrated sound behind it.

"We need to form a plan. Jane is not going to come back alone. She will bring some powerful vampires to help her take out your entire tribe."

"I agree." Jake looked over at Sam. They knew this went against their true nature but it had to be done. Together with the Cullens they would go up against a powerful force.

"Where is Edward?" Jake looked behind Carlisle and noticed that only Jasper and Emmett had come along.

"He is hunting." Jasper answered.

"Don't you usually go together?" Jake asked curiously.

"We do. He went with Alice." Jasper replied.


"So let us take you where Alice's last vision showed her they would come from." Jake and Sam jumped into the jeep with them.

"Hold on." Jasper warned them just a second before Emmet hit the pedal and sped away.


Leah slept soundly despite all the trouble thoughts she had on her mind before she fell asleep in Collin's arms.

She was going to be a mother. The thought scared her and excited her beyond words. She was going to tell Collin when he first returned from his patrol last night but he looked so exhausted she chickened out at the last second.

Now they were both up, showered, and sitting at the table having a bowl of cereal.

"We need to talk." Leah sat her spoon down, clasping her hands in her lap.

"Okay." Collin lifted the bowl up to his mouth and slurped the milk from it.

"A serious talk." Leah gulped hard.

Sitting the bowl down on the tabletop he gave her his full attention.

"Is this about your visit with your mother yesterday?" Collin asked with a nervous look.

"Yes." Leah pressed her lips firmly together as she tried to find the right words to tell him that he was going to be a father again.

She saw him with Lizzie and knew he was capable of being a good father. She also knew how much he adored his daughter. Would he feel the same way about their child? It was such a stupid fear to have but she knew how much he loved Bella and although he was her imprint, she also knew he shared a special bond with Bella through their daughter.

"Well? You're scaring me." Collin sat up straight in his chair and look straight at her.

"We know why I haven't phased back into a wolf." Leah started. "I can't because...well..."

A knock on the door interrupted her confession.

"Damn it." Leah growled.

"Don't move." Collin pointed at her before he slipped out of the kitchen and went to the front door to greet the uninvited guest.

"Hey." Bella stood before him with Lizzie on her waist.

"Hey." Collin smiled despite his earlier frustration at being interrupted. He could tell that Leah wanted to tell him something that would change their relationship.

"I was wondering if you could watch Lizzie for me. Jake went on with the Cullen's to do some planning and I totally forgot all about my Dr. appointment today." Bella explained for her unexpected visit.

"Oh. No problem." Collin took Lizzie into his arms and kissed the top of her head.

"Are you sure? I mean, is Leah well enough to help?" Bella chewed on the corner of her lip anxiously.

"She is fine and she will be overjoyed to see Lizzie." Collin assured her.

"Good. When I get back, I will visit longer but right now I'm in a hurry." Bella kissed Lizzie's cheek before leaving.

Collin returned to the kitchen where Leah sat quietly and presented her with Lizzie.

"We have a visitor today." Collin sat down with Lizzie in his lap.

"So what was it you were saying before?" Collin asked.

Leah looked into Lizzie's large brown eyes and knew she was being silly about her fears.

"We are going to have a baby." she blurted out rapidly before she lost her courage.

"What?" Collin cried out.

"You heard me. I'm pregnant. We are having a baby of our own." Leah repeated.

Collin jumped up and sat Lizzie on the floor before taking a quick stride over to pick her up and twirled her around in his arms.

"Are you happy about this?" Leah asked between giggles.

"More than happy. I love you Leah." Collin placed kisses all over her face.

"Kisses. I want kisses." Lizzie laughed as she witnessed her father and Leah's happy moment.


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