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x Marielle

Too Little, Too Much

Rain, rain and nothing but rain Hinata thought as she walked down the busy road. Midnight, it was and her feet had walked incredible miles just to start anew. She only had a hundred yen in her name and a few essentials she needed to survive; undergarments, a plain top (tops if she remembered to bring more), spare jeans, shoes and all that junk. Hair wet and clothes damp, she knew her gray umbrella wasn't helping her in any way. The dark brown over-sized coat her mother had given her had continued to keep at least a centimetre of warmth in her body and the thick black leggings paired with soft boots secured her legs.

Alongside her were fully hyped cars whizzing and whooping a second after another, no intention of stopping just to ask whether that poor girl walking to wherever she would be taken was lost or needed help. Maybe she was unseen, invisible from all the life running around her. She could have stayed where she was and push away the thoughts of running further away. But then there was nothing left for her there. She was banished and forbidden to go back to her house. The house she grew up in, where everything, starting from birth, developed into something wonderful.

After what felt like two more miles, her eyes started to drop in blatant exhaustion. She found massive rows of light a few feet ahead of her therefore continued to keep herself awake. The rain had stopped but the wind didn't make it any better either.

The only house she had guaranteed to knock on was the one in the middle. It was big, gigantic, but that wasn't the reason why.

It was the only house with lights open. The houses around it were quietly sleeping with a look of unwanted disturbance.

When she had made it to the house that lit up the street, her fingers wrapped around a long metal that made up a gate that separated her from that house. There was no way you could climb over or crawl under. You know what little children would say. You can't go over it, you can't go under it. You have to go through it. She looked around her to locate a doorbell or perhaps one of those expensive doorbell speakers. What she found was the latter.

The door speaker she was talking to had tiny droplets of rain splattered around it. It came with a camera resting on top to complete the whole package. The initials P.M. were written on the bottom of the voice speaker.

'You need anything?' a cracked voice lured out from the mini holes on the door speaker. Hinata opened her mouth to speak but her throat was lacking water and she didn't know what to blurt out. She made a little cough to bring her voice back and made a second long eye contact with the camera.

'I-' she stuttered but the person behind the voice speaker had beaten her to it

'Were you sent by Grazielle again? Fuck sake, come in then'

'N-No… I…um… Sorry for the inconvenience but I was wondering whether I…I could stay in your house for tonight'

That bastard Sasuke thought while in deep frustration. It wasn't everyday he gets locked up in his own control room by some grotesque best friend. In his position, his dark cotton shirt and washed out jeans weren't enough to keep him warm. He was out of energy, bored and mistreated. He was the owner of this house for god's sake! Why the hell was he trapped in the control room?

After giving out a long sigh, Sasuke rested his head on his folded arms that was set on the table. It was two in the morning, so why does this house need to be guarded? He could be sleeping right now. Or better yet, in bed with a few hundred girls waiting for their erotic turn. His eyes skimmed the different coloured buttons and metal levers. Not a lot made sense at all, but then all he needed to do was watch the standard TV present live night-vision actions from the outside. It wasn't long until he found himself staring at a girl clutching onto his mansion's black gate. Her hair clung together to show wetness and a little backpack hung low behind her back.

His mind grew of curiosity. Was she poor? Perhaps she was homeless and lived in the streets. Unless this was all Grazielle's idea on grabbing the viewers attention, then heck yes it was working. Only problem was, it was working the wrong way. Her face was hardly showing and her clothes presented no curves, no skin and certainly no attraction. Turning around, her eyes investigated the speaker box. Sasuke sat up from his slouched position and moved closer to the microphone. What the hell are you doing?

'You need anything?' Sasuke asked. He squinted to clearly observe the girl standing in front of the camera. Sasuke was sure she had a fringe, but due to the rain from earlier, it was tucked to one side. He watched as she opened her lips but nothing came out. A little cough was released from her throat and her eyes, her unexplained eyes, swiftly glanced at Sasuke – the person behind the camera.

All of a sudden, curiosity and annoyance loaded Sasuke's mind 'Were you sent by Grazielle again? Fuck sake, come in then' he stated before pushing the 'Open' button for the main gate. He could've sworn she said something before he did. But who cares. Explanations can be told later. It's not out of the ordinary a stranger would come and enter the house. What mattered to Sasuke was that he was going to miss out on a lot.

That and there were now more than two hundred people in his house.

'N-No… I… um… Sorry for the inconvenience but I was wondering whether I… I could stay in your house for tonight' a soft voice suddenly exclaimed from the other end. Sasuke looked up to stare at the TV in front of him.

'Just enter. I don't care where you sleep. Tell Grazielle to change those clothes of yours when you go' he answered. That would save him the time. That was probably her concept; a homeless person. It looks shitty. And with that thought, he watched the girl walk through the moving gates. He watched her gaze on the massive mansion before her, watched as she freed the umbrella from all the water excess and watched as she hugged that same umbrella tighter, eyes still glued at the shining house.

'Another gold-digger' he muttered to himself.