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x Marielle

Waking up to find yourself laying down in a bench surrounded by vibrant flowers, freshly cut grass and stunning cherry blossom trees were Hinata's idea of a good morning. Yes, the bench was fairly wet and yes, she was outside but it was peaceful. Beautiful. After taking a few seconds to comprehend all the events that happened last night, she stood up and fixed herself like she would every morning. The usual combing the hair with fingers and wiping eyes clean routine.

Underneath her coat was in fact a knitted jumper (or dress) that ended around her knees. It was the colour of light, light blackcurrant and coincidentally matched the temperature of the day.

She wondered how she was going to get out. Should she meet the owner of the house first? It's a bit shameful, if not rude, to sleep in someone's bench… she thought while walking back to where she came from. Obviously, the house was a giant. It wouldn't be a surprise if anyone gets lost, especially if it was Hinata. Sure, she wasn't as bright and talented as her little sister. She wasn't as confident or as gifted. But she had a big heart. She had a lot of determination and understanding. But this doesn't matter when it comes to finding your way back. You just need common sense and a good memory, that's all. However, that's what tattered in Hinata's mind. Last night was wet, dark and last night she was sleepy. She had no idea where she was heading to and trusted her instincts in its place of her brain.

Instead of finding that lofty, secured gate, what she found was the actual entrance of the house; the front door. It was made out of sleek wood and was layered with glossy white paint. Two silver knobs big enough for two hands to cover were situated on each door. In fancy, curly writing was the same initials P.M. painted or again layered on the centre.

Eyes still amazed at the house before her, she slowly took steps closer to the house; lifting her feet when she passed the marble stairs and brought to a halt when she was only a few inches away from the front door. There were no doorbells or other ways to communicate with the possible people inside, therefore she knocked on the door as hard as she could – considering the fact that it looked thick and sturdy.

Hinata had to wait a while for any response. And when it did come, the door opened swiftly and out came a girl with chocolate wavy hair topped with a messy full fringe. Her lips were peachy pink, not shiny or glossy, but naturally pink, wore the shortest shorts that it could be passed for underwear and what looked like black sports bra to support her chest. She eyed Hinata from top to bottom and raised an eyebrow.

'Yes?' her voice was deep – either caused by having to wake up or is just naturally like that.

'U-Um… is this your house? I would like to thank you for letting me sleep on your bench. I'm sorry if it caused any trouble or-'

'Wait, what? You slept on the bench? Outside? What the- it was raining outside!' her eyes widened in disbelief.

'Oh, uh… It didn't rain for long,' Hinata quickly added with a slight smile 'I just really want to say thank you'

The brunette bit her lip to hold a giggle 'Oh, honey I'm not the owner of this house. Look, follow me and I'll take you to Sasuke'

'I-I don't want to bother you, more importantly him, in any way…' Hinata blushed while replying with a naturally concerned look.

'Tch, don't worry about it. He's all yours,' a little wink was given to Hinata, and although she was still blushing, she didn't have a clue what the brunette meant by that. 'Seriously, he doesn't like waking up next to someone. Come in and just follow me.' After that being said with a deadpan voice, she held the door wider for the new guest and slowly walked off. Hinata swiftly chased the girl she had just spoken with after closing the door behind her.

'Oh, I'm Tenten, by the way. The most dependant one out of the collection' she stated while turning around to hold her hand out. Hinata nearly jumped due to the sudden action but, without hesitation, shook it with her own right hand.

'Nice to meet you, Tenten-san. I'm Hyuuga Hinata' she gave a heartfelt smile. She liked meeting new people. She liked the way you would know more about them as each second pass. That way, everything was a big, never-ending mystery for you to solve and find out.

Tenten gave the same smile and turned around again to continue walking. In a split second, Hinata took in the brightness of the place. You'd be hallucinating if you see even a speck of dust anywhere, because things like that are obviously not welcome here. The living room was the first to come out. Heck, the living room was never even hiding! Red couches, glass tables and expensive looking candles, vases and photo frames were displayed to your right as soon as you enter. The space was unimaginable. All this for two people?

(Hinata believed there were only two people in the house; Tenten and the actual owner.)

Opposite the living room was a dining table a few feet in front of the glass window. Metres away from that is a full-set kitchen. There were breakfast bars, three-door fridges, ovens, microwaves, a shining sink, glass taps, everything, all tidied away with coordinated colours. Hinata wasn't a fool when it comes to houses like these. From first glance, you would know what to expect as soon as you enter.

The dazzling images Hinata had seen were already buried in her head. Everything was easy to remember thanks to nothing but space – if not walls for other rooms such as toilets - separating everything. Not a word was spoken between Tenten and Hinata, but it wasn't uncomfortable or awkward. It was a matter of time before they had to walk up the stairs. Wooden stairs, they were and it curved to show exquisite. There was a little balcony from the second floor, which meant you could overlook half the first floor and to its left was a hallway. Hinata's footsteps clearly echoed around her compared to the barefoot brunette who fluidly took each step.

Then they stopped at the middle of the hallway. The door was biggest of all the others, but the design was nothing new. Tenten turned around to give Hinata a smirk before twisting the door knob open without noise. The brunette's hand extended inside the dim room, insisting Hinata to enter, and when she did, gave little speech.

'Right, so he may be asleep, but just give him a little shake or two. He's a light sleeper.' And with that said, the door was closed once again, leaving Hinata in the dark. That fumbled with Hinata's mind for a few seconds. Was this really happening? How can she be left in this room alone? God, how she felt so rude and a disturbance.

Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness, thanking the bright sun outside for passing through the thick curtains. A streak of light had settled across the crimson duvet which coated a gigantic bed big enough for four people. Hinata squinted to focus on the motionless body underneath the covers. Bulky and undefined, she moved closer to the body. Ah, what should I do…?

Without thinking straight, Hinata carefully placed her foot in front of the other, gradually making small steps to reach the bed. The big lump suddenly became more defined. The covers didn't wrap onto the body as Hinata thought it was. Instead, it stopped just above his hips. At first Hinata thought he was naked. Bare muscles covered his back – thus he was lying on his chest - and two bent arms were spread across two pillows. His skin was almost glistening. And after taking one more look at his torso, she found herself standing right in front of the body. His face was turned to the left whilst his features displayed peace and tranquillity. She was definitely opposite the owner. Although she was a few metres away from the bed, she can clearly make out what he would look like overall.

But now that she's close to him, what else should she do?

After looking around for the umpteenth time, she saw his body shuffle from the corner of her eye. He didn't move again after a while, hence she just stood there and gaped. Hinata wouldn't deny the fast beat her heart was making. What if he shouts at her? Accuses her for standing inside his personal room?

And with that in her mind, her pale eyes had unexpectedly locked with charcoal ones.

For a milli-second his eyes were blank and empty. Hers just widened even more. He was awake and was still as immobile as a few minutes ago.

Subsequently, his eyes darkened and surely anger filled his mind. He turned his body around while sitting up. The thin duvet slid down even more, showing elastic-topped boxers that tightly settled a few centimetres below his hips. Black hair messy and eyes in a daze, Hinata looked at him in fear.

Not a morning person. Not a morning person… she thought as she watched his hand collapse on top of his forehead, sighing before brushing it through his hair. His eyebrows just about met in the middle, showing irritation and his head tilted back before landing his eyes on Hinata.

Like precise spears, it never left her.

'I want you fired' was his morning greeting.

Hinata's eyes widened in confusion and surprise. She knew this was a bad idea. She should've declined the offer to enter the house. But no, she didn't. And where did that leave her? In a room with the owner who wants to fire her when she isn't even working for him. Great. Sarcasm is great.

'I-I don't work here… I just wanted to-'

'Get the fuck out. Where the hell is Ino? Tenten?' he half shouted with a croaky voice. How many times this has happened. How many times was he woken up unknowingly? And how many times had he told that man to put a lock on his door? Still with a drowsy look, he eyed her once more.

Familiar. Her eyes were familiar. He's got a memory of a robot. She must be someone he's met.

'Sorry. I'm really, very sorry. I… uh… Thank you. For letting me sleep in your garden…' Hinata quickly stated while taking time in walking backwards. Back to where the door was. Sasuke looked at her in bewilderment.

'Are you out of your fucking mind? What are you on?' he continued to ask. Drugs? Cocaine? 'Did you say you slept in my garden?'

Hinata stopped moving and bit her lip. She was in trouble. Oh god, she was in trouble.

'Last night, I remember someone letting me in… and I didn't have a place to go. I'm very sorry I've used your garden'

Sasuke thought for a while. What the hell did he do last night? In bed. In the kitchen. In the bathroom. In the garden. In the… In the control room. Naruto better be prepared to get his ass kicked. The hell was he supposed to do? And why wasn't this girl leaving? A deep stare and her image suddenly came into understanding. That new girl. The one with the weird concept.

'You've told Grazielle about this new homeless idea, haven't you?' Sasuke asked in a mere sigh. Temper unexpectedly decreasing.

Hinata's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Grazielle? How come the name sounded-

'I-I think you've misunderstood' she answered hesitantly 'I don't think I've ever met a… met Grazielle. I come from Konohagakure? I'm really sorry about all this. I could… I could pay you if you want, I-'

'You really slept in my garden? And you're not a model…' Sasuke's mind continued to wander while Hinata nodded at every reply. 'Shit. I'm getting a fucking headache 'cause of all this' he sighed as he brought his thumb and his forefinger on either side of his head. Temples, more like. 'Forget it. Oh, just forget it. You're a normal girl who comes from wherever you said you came from and you know what? You're fucking hired.'

Hinata's mouth slowly hung open. 'Ex-Excuse me?'

'You're working for me now. You can't just enter and leave this mansion without a price.'

'But I said I could pay-'

'Money is not the fucking way to do it'

'But… you don't know me… and I don't know you. Why would you give me a job?'

'Then I'd have a reason to fire you.'