This is real WAR….-Focusing on…..-Private . Ozone . Ludge .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Day 1


12:45 p. m, 2015

Objective: Extract defector from 'The Gungkaer' .


Ozone's POV:

We were sitting in a humvee…..Self thoughts… Man, I wondered how long this war will last, people were dying in vain, families were losing their homes, sacrifices were made, justice will not be done…I meant what else could be done…*sighs*. Suddenly I flt a tap on my shoulder….

Glitch: Hey yo Zone…. I turned my back it was my best friend, Glitch Spass, he was the guy that had accompanied me through many trainings and exercises, but now I wondered what will happen to us in this battle. After a while, I knocked myself out of my thoughts and focused on the real situation. 'Yeah Glitch, what do you want to say?

'Glitch: Huh…, Zone I've waited for about 1 minute and you are going to ask that? What happened to you man, I mean that these few days, you have been acting strange lately.'

'Yeah Glitch, I thought about it myself though. I just can't figure out why….'

Glitch: 'Man…I know why….You are scare all right. Hearing all those Bing-Bang-Boom will just freak you out loud.*Laughs*'. Then silence…. ' Perhaps' Glitch…..perhaps.

Driver: 'All right boys, Get to positions!. We are reaching the Gungkaer in about 5 minutes time'.

Shooter:' Roger that, loading 50-cal. and loving it …'

I began day-dreaming into my thoughts again and suddenly…Shvvuush! Shvuush!..Shuvvsh!. Bang….Boom….Bang! One of the soldiers said: 'Enemy artilleries, get out of those vehicles! Move it!'. I stood up drowsily and I saw all those people either lying dead on the ground or just blew into pieces. I was shocked and scared….but then, one of the guy was shouting at me, I recognized the voice and it was Glitch.

Glitch: Zone! Get the hell out of there, Find some cover NOW!. I began running to a tree and began shooting at nothing… Glitch: Don't waste bullets Zone, God damn it! You're shooting at nothing! Sorry Glitch, I was scared of dying man I was( crying)…. Glitch: Yeah you ain't gonna die man….we're gonna live through this….This I can assure you…You get me?

Yeah Glitch, you promise ok? Glitch: Yup, nothing will happen to you. You Done? Yeah…..

I felt a lot better after that particular conversation and I thought to myself: Right, time to kill, don't fall into enemy hands. RIGHT! . I began running up hill and I thought to myself: Where are our men? And where's Glitch, at that moment, I saw about 50 M.E. approaching us. 'Cover Fire!': I screamed. I saw bullets spray to the front at the back of my position. After few minutes, I was told that I am now the officially leader of the team. I was surprised and shocked about this news. I was told to form a machine-gun squad to the 34th block which was located at the far side of the east. We began on walking while covering our backs to the East.

Scout: Hold up! Enemy movements… Get to an elevated position and prepare to fire!

Roger that…about 11 of us went to a sniping position while the rest went on a machine-gun pair in-front.

About 213 meters in-front…

Faint voice: Suppressing Fi~ HELP!beep!….-.

10 of us went on looking at each other with faces of doubts and curiousness while I was shaking my head as if that place was an ambush and I had led ¾ of my team to death….. I was staring in-front at the open field with fear.

By the time I was back to consciousness, the rest of us had already made their way front by crouching and Glitch said: 'Zone! What are you doing up there? Get down here now!' . I went to their positions and I felt a thrust of blood through my vessels and sweats were streaming down my head.