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Meeting Myself: Chapter 1

"Jane, who's at the door?" I called from upstairs. I could hear Jane's voice elevate as I made my way towards her.

"Listen, child. I don't know who you think..." Jane said hostilely.

"Can I please just see him?" I heard the voice of a girl ask.

"What? No!" Jane went to slam the door, but I caught it to see who was on the other side.

The girl appeared to be no more than fifteen or sixteen. She had long reddish hair that flowed over her shoulders, bright green eyes, and a smile that reminded me of...

I gasped.

"Edward, we're moving," Angela announced out of nowhere.

Ange and I met in middle school, but we didn't start dating until our first year of high school. By sophomore year, I thought things were going well, but this sudden announcement had me question everything.

"What! Why?" I stuttered. When Angela asked me to meet her at the park to talk, I wasn't expecting this.

"My dad got a transfer, and we're moving to Chicago," Angela said evenly. There was little emotion behind her words.

"Can't you stay? How long have you known?"

Angela looked down, and I was scared. I loved her and wanted to be with her, but she said she was leaving.

"A while. Edward, when people find out..." she cut herself off.

I raised my eyes at her.

"Edward, I was pregnant."

Shock took over as I took in her words. 'I' and 'pregnant' sticking out in my sixteen year old head.

"Listen, Ange, I know we're young, but you don't have to move. We'll make it work, I'll get a job, we can..." I rushed out but stopped when I saw her shaking her head.

She continued to sit emotionless, staring blankly ahead at the empty playground.

"No, Edward. I.." she stopped. "I had an abortion. There isn't a baby anymore, but when people find out...we're moving, it's over."

Her words cut through me like a knife. I knew we were young, but that didn't matter to me. She killed a baby. She killed my baby, without even telling me beforehand. Even if she didn't want the baby, I would have taken it, no questions asked. Instead, she killed my baby.

"Get out of my sight," I seethed.

"It's better..."

"Leave! I do not ever want to see you again, Angela. How dare you! You're a murderer!"

I stormed off back towards my house.

Angela's family was gone within days, and I never saw her again.

The truth did eventually come out, and her name was never uttered again in my presence.

I ran from Forks the day after I graduated high school and never looked back.

"You're dead?" It came out like a question, but I was in shock.

"I knew this was a mistake," she muttered and turned to leave.

"No. No! I mean...but she said..." My brain was trying so hard to process that the beautiful girl in front of me was my daughter. She had my hair color, and my eye color, but I could see traits of Angela as well. "Please, God, please come in."

I pushed past Jane who had her mouth open as I lead her to the couch.

"Okay, now start from the beginning, please," I asked once we had taken a seat.

She turned towards me and bored into my soul with her eyes.

"My name is Savannah Nicole Guthery, and you are my father."

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