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Chapter 1 – Reunion

Uchiha Madara, who grew up as a strong and successful member of the family, walked anxiously back and forth in his hotel room.

His slightly older childhood friend, Shiki, who was slightly taller than him (Madara), had long pink hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, had been a friend of Madara's family his whole life, and had been watching the younger Uchiha fret for awhile; frowned.

"… What the hell is up with you?" He finally growled after long, long painful minutes. "I know you're anxious about tomorrow's meeting, but this is ridiculous!"

Madara merely sent him a glare and kept on pacing back and forth.

"… Ugh! Stop!" Shiki complained, clutching his head out of irritation. "You need to get your thoughts of the meeting!"


"I know! Buy a whore!" The young man exclaimed, grinning at his awesome idea.

Madara, however, didn't approve of the idea and rolled his eyes.

"I don't have any money."

"That's some cursed bullshit!" Shiki hissed. His friend's parents were part of one the richest families in the country. Madara's face expression, however, didn't change one bit. Knowing his friend wasn't going to bend, Shiki sighed. "… I'll pay this time."

"Great!" Madara smirked.

Defeated, as expected, Shiki left the room with a frustrated aura and a frown on his face. Having found a phone, he dialled a few all too well-known numbers.


(Twenty minutes later)

BONK BONK (Sound of someone knocking gently on the door)

"Enter." Madara ordered simply.

Allowance given, the door slowly opened and revealed a slim figure. The person took a few steps into the room and then bowed deeply before Madara, which he believed to be his master the new few hours.

"To your service, Master."

Madara didn't believe his eyes. Before him stood the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes on.

A long, slim figure perfectly balanced between feminine and masculine. Wide shoulders, strong but lean chest, long and smooth legs, cute tight ass, and finally a perfect flawless doll face with the blackest and deepest jewelleries he had ever seen.

And as bonus, the toy was all wrapped up in a black silk kimono with red edges, a big red rope around the stomach and red crows on the left bottom part. It soothed him perfectly.

He was abso-fucking-lutely stunning!


He was perfect.

Shiki too was bewildered, but something else had caught his attention as well. The prostitute seemed somehow… familiar.

He then looked at his friend, then the prostitute and then back again at his friend. Madara seemed enchanted. Breathe taken. Predatory.

Satisfied, Shiki turned on his heels and left the room with a smirk on his face, while uttering;

"I'll give you two some privacy."

Madara frowned at the attitude, but quickly turned his attention back on the prostitute yet again.

"To your service, Master." He repeated again, smiling invitingly and bowing deeply yet again.

Madara immediately smirked and grabbed the slightly younger man's face with a hand, turning it slowly from side to side, while silently musing.

"You're one beautiful slut." He then commented, eyes soft, while tracing said beauty's lips with a thumb. The smaller male looked back at him just as softly. "What's your name?"

"Izuna." He answered in a silky voice. Madara raised an accusing eyebrow.

"… No last name?"

"… If it's not too offensive, Master, I believe my last name is not important at the moment." Izuna answered without emotion. Madara raised a slightly demanding eyebrow, but then snorted.

"Pfff… Guess you're right. Knowing your background is completely unimportant."

Izuna didn't answer.

"Now, let's get down to business. Shall we?" Madara smirked, while stretching out an inviting hand. The younger male looked solemnly at it for a second, but then nodded and grabbed the hand. Still smirking, Madara led him to the bed and pushed him down onto the bed, before taking his rightful place on top of him.

He then grabbed a hold on the younger male's thick hair and claimed his (Izuna's) lips in a demanding kiss. Forcing Izuna's mouth open, he slipped in his tongue and after a few laps, the younger male let out an arousing moan.

"M-Master…!" He panted the moment his master allowed him air.

"What?" Madara grunted annoyed.

"… I have one rule."


"… I deny you the right to play with me, if you're unprotected."

Madara stoic yet searching-for-lies glare changed to a small smirk.

"All right... You're one smart boy."

A small smile found its way to Izuna's lips.

"Thank you, Master…"

Madara grunted in response, and then pushed the prostitute back into the mattress. Haven kissed him demandingly for a few minutes; he sat up in bed and began undressing, slowly revealing more and more of his flawless skin.

Izuna blushed at the sight of his half-naked (he kept his pants on) master, but with a sex-partner as sexy as Madara, who could blame him?

The guy was gorgeous!

He had smooth milky coloured skin, a long and slim perfectly built masculine body; deep black eyes, spiky wild hair, wide shoulders, strong but lean chest, long and muscular legs and the sexiest voice that existed too.

He was gorgeous! Abso-fucking-lutely perfect!

Madara noticed his enchanted stare and smirked.

"Like what you see?" Izuna's blushed deepened, which he tried to hide by shaking his head. Madara chuckled. "It's understandable; I know I'm gorgeous."

The prostitute rolled his eyes on the inside even though his master was right.

Madara, however, quickly regained his attention as he began sucking on his (Izuna's) neck. Izuna caught himself gasping softly at the delicate touch. His master had a one hell of a pair of sweet, soft lips.

The Uchiha smirked pleased at the reaction, but it wasn't enough; he wanted more. Much more! He took a hold on the black kimono the younger man was wearing and then slipped his strong hands underneath the fabric and began touching the smooth chest. Izuna purred softly at the feeling; it was a rare occasion that his master actually took his time and played with him before intercourse.

Madara pulled his hands back out and opened the kimono further, revealing more and more skin as the fabric slid over the younger man's shoulders. He took a look at the dress and then opened it fully by loosing the belt. He then brought his lips into action yet again and kissed down Izuna's chest and stomach 'till he came to the wanted destination; his uke's crotch.

He slipped a few fingers underneath the waistband and teased the sensitive flesh shortly, before slowly sliding them completely off of his uke and throwing them randomly down onto the floor. Izuna couldn't help but blush slightly at his now completely naked state, and it surely didn't help that his master was looking predatory at him.

Madara titled his head shortly, contemplating, and then shot forward and gathered Izuna in his arms, before pulling him all close and placing him on his lap. Izuna couldn't help blushing slightly at the feeling of his masters (clothe covered) erect cock pressing against his ass lightly.

His master then kissed him lightly on the lips, before sliding in his tongue without any kind of warning. Still kissing, he pushed Izuna back down onto the bed and crawled down on top of him possessively.

As soon as they broke apart, Madara brought his three of his fingers to his uke's lips and demanded him to "suck", but Izuna merely titled his head in confusion.

"You really want me to do that?"

Madara grunted in response.

"… B-but my… buyer always use lube, so I don't really –"

"… Did you honestly expect me to do all the work?" Izuna nodded gloomingly after a moment of hesitation. Madara frowned. "I don't know who you have… served before me, but with me, you're not inactive! Was that explanation enough? Or do I have to make myself clearer?"

Izuna shook his head weakly.

"Good…" Madara drawled. "Now; open that pouty mouth of yours and get working."

Izuna wanted to glare, but compared to the situation he decided it was best not push his luck. Instead he opened his mouth as told and began twirling his pink tongue around each digit. Madara had to fight to suppress a groan from escaping his soft lips at the feeling.

As soon he (Madara) believed the fingers were wet enough, he pulled them out and then lifted the younger man's hips high enough to press them against his entrance. Izuna in response closed his eyes and licked his pouty lips shortly.

"Relax…" Madara breathed softly against his lips. Izuna nodded shortly and then tried to relax as his master slipped the first finger through the tight muscle. He squeezed his eyes closed at the uncomfortable feeling but managed to stay calm. The other fingers quickly followed and made him bite his lip.

Believing his uke was stretched enough, Madara pulled his fingers back out and then slowly began opening his pants. Izuna opened an eye, as he removed his pants and his manhood felt its freedom once again. They both gasped; Madara because of the feeling and Izuna because of the size.

The sight made him swallow nervously. Damn, it was going to hurt… He had never had something that big inside him.

Madara chuckled as if he had read his thoughts.

"Scared?" He smirked.

Izuna didn't answer.

Madara chuckled again, and then grabbed the younger man around the waist, pulling him close to his chest, before lying them both back down onto the bed.

"I know I'm big, but I'm sure you can handle it." He assured when seeing Izuna's panicked face at the thought of being penetrated. "… It's your job after all."

"… R-right." Izuna gulped, squeezing his eyes shut. They quickly opened again though, when he felt a pair of soft lips on his own. He looked bewildered up at his master the moment he (Madara) broke the kiss. "… Master…?"

"… What?"

"… What was –" Izuna cut himself off before he could ask something that illegal. After all; the master's actions are not to be questioned.

Madara too was glad the question weren't voiced, because he really had no answer. A little voice in his head had told him to soothe the younger's pain, but why and where the hell the voice came from he had no idea.

"… N-never mind." Izuna finally smiled after a few long minutes.

"… Hn." Madara grunted, before grabbing a hold on the younger man's legs and spreading them apart. Izuna swallowed back a gasp at the sudden action and the embarrassment for him that followed.

"… Master -" Izuna mumbled, not really sure for what reason though.

"I haven't forgotten your rule." Madara grunted in response. He then grabbed his bag from the floor and with random moves ruffled through it, finding a condom. Pulling it out of the bag, he brought it to his mouth and bit the package open.

"… Master, don't –" Izuna panicked. Madara snorted.

"No need to worry. It's not my first time opening a condom like this."


"Besides; if it creates a hole, it's not like you can get pregnant and I'm not carrying any sex-diseases."

"… That's what they all say…" Izuna mumbled flatly, not looking at his master. Madara snorted again and then rolled the lubrication covered condom all the way down over his hard on.

He then grabbed hold on Izuna's hips, placed himself at his entrance and without any kind of warning, pushed himself through the tight walls.

Izuna managed to keep from screaming at the pain by biting his lip, but couldn't stop himself from grunting steadily in pain as his master found his way fully inside. Madara couldn't resist chuckling slightly. For someone being used to be fucked often, the younger man seemed almost surprised at the pain.

"Are you always this vocabulary or is it because of my size?"

"… It's because of your size, Master…" Izuna grunted, while rolling his eyes slightly on the inside. Yes, he was surprised at the unusual big amount of pain that followed, but that didn't give him (Madara) the right to laugh at him…!

Madara snorted amused and then smirked, before licking his uke's ear.

"Don't hold back; I want to hear your voice, as you scream my name in pleasure." Izuna blushed deeply. It was rare that his master actually ordered him to do so. Normally he just lay there as his buyer had his fun. Madara's smirk widened at his (Izuna's) reaction and decided that he might as well take advantage of the situation. "Touch yourself."

Izuna gaped at him, before sighing mentally and deciding not to disappoint his master.

As a beginning, he slowly began touching his chest in smooth, circling motions, which caught Madara's attentive eyes. Izuna smirked lightly at the response and then ran his hand from the chest all the way down to his crotch, where he stopped and gave his master a questioning look.

Madara raised a demanding eyebrow.

"I didn't tell you to stop!"

"No, but…"


"… I'm not sure how you want me to play with myself…" Izuna replied quietly with a small blush. "… You already entered me after all."

Madara gave a small sigh.

"Then… touch me." He suggested with a small smirk, before grapping his uke's wrist and bringing his hand to his chest. Izuna blushed a deep shade of red as soon as his hand came in contact with the strong, pale surface. Madara raised an eyebrow at the reaction. "… You're blushing at something as simple as this?"


"… Again; I don't know who you have served before me, but with me, you're not inactive." Madara pointed out yet again. He then raised an eyebrow when seeing Izuna's reaction; he seemed slightly afraid and unsure of what to say. Frowning, Madara grabbed the younger man's chin and forced him to look up at him, and then leaned in close to his ear and whispered: "I can teach you a thing or two…"

Izuna strangled a lustful moan.

"… Tonight?" He then asked in a small curious voice. Madara shook his head.

"No, not tonight, but next time."

Izuna blushed.

"… N-next time?"

"Hn. You haven't seen the last to me."

"… R-really?"

"Mmm… Why so surprised?"

"… I'm… I'm just… usually a one-night-stand… you know… litterally…" Izuna explained in a sad and slightly tired voice, while staring pointedly up at the ceiling to avoid his master's slightly piercing gaze. Madara simply grunted in response.

He then shifted restlessly, before grapping the younger man's chin and forcing him to look at him.

"W-wha?" Izuna exclaimed perplexed in surprise of the action and in slight confusion.

"I'm growing impatient." Madara explained simply. Izuna's eyes widened. He had almost forgotten where he was and why…

"… O-oh… Well, um..."

Madara was too impatient to wait for his answer, and thrust into him without warning. Izuna immediately gasped and reacted on impulse, swinging his arms around his seme's strong neck. Madara grabbed his left beg in response and swung it over his shoulder in order to get better access, before thrusting again.

Izuna immediately bit his lip in pain and didn't let go; it helped him muffle the cries and whimpers that threatened to escape.


A sudden wave of pleasure washed in over him and made him arch his of the bed. Panting loudly, he looked up at his master with questioning eyes;

"… What… What the hell was that?"

Madara looked at him in shock.

"… What it was?" The younger blinked. "You honestly don't know what it was?"

Izuna shook his head.

"… It was prostate. You do know what prostate is, right?"

Izuna nodded. He knew what it was and what it did, but had always thought that the fact that it was the manly G-spot was a rumour, because no one before Madara had ever hit his, and only about one or two in the "club" had ever tried it…

"Good… I can't believe you didn't know." Madara mumbled while shaking his head in disbelief. "What armatures… Can't even find prostate…"

Izuna simply sighed in response and mentally thanked the receptionist who send him right into the Sex God's arms.

After a few minutes; he came hard, screaming his master's name to the heaven and releasing onto their stomachs'. It didn't take Madara a long time to follow his example, but unlike his uke, he simply grunted as he came.

Izuna stared up at his seme in amazement as they in unison struggled to catch their breath. The rumours about this guy was apparently true; he truly was amazingly beautiful and a master in bed.

There was no one else like him.

Haven finally caught his breath; Madara placed a pillow up against the headboard and then leaned back against it. Izuna didn't dare do the exact same thing and merely sat up in the middle of the bed.

"… Say, Izuna, how old are you?" Madara asked casually after a short silence.

"... I'm 16, sir..." Izuna whispered quietly, while staring down at his hands.

The Uchiha eyed him suspiciously.

"… Huh… How long have you been doing… this?"

"… For a few years, sir... I… don't really remember my life before I started working…"

"… I thought so." Madara sighed. It was then Izuna's time to blink.

"… I… don't think I understand, Master…?"

"I figured you must have been doing it for at least a year. I could feel you had experience." The older male explained, while grasping a lighter and a cigarette from the bedside table. '… Even though you didn't know about prostate…'

"… Ah… I see…" Izuna mumbled. He then bowed his head in shame. "… But having to sell your body to be able to survive is not particularly a dream job though..."

"… Good point." Madara huffed, blowing out a big amount of smoke smoothly. He then noticed Izuna was glancing rather bewildered yet curiously at him. "… What? Want a cigarette?"

He was answered with a shook of his head.

"… What was that?" Madara growled. Izuna may by some odd reason have had a slightly soothing effect on him, but that didn't mean that he shouldn't know his place.

Izuna bowed his head in embarrassment.

"… No thank you, Master."


(In the lounge)

Shiki couldn't resist smirking from his place on the couch, when his friend and the prostitute stepped into the room. Madara sat down beside him with a lazy yet satisfied aura around him.

"Had fun?" He (Shiki) asked him with a smirk, nudging him the ribs.

"Hn." Madara smirked. "He's one hell of a beautiful exemplar. Make sure to write down his number and name for next time."

"I will." Shiki smirked. He then noticed that Madara had turned his attention back on the slut, who was at that point bowing respectfully with a small smile on his lips. Izuna then nodded respectfully at him (Shiki) as well before leaving the hotel, Shiki starring confused after him. "… Where have I seen that guy before…?" He asked himself confused.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Madara frowned just as confused.

"… Nothing I guess." The slightly older male mumbled absent-mindedly. The prostitute was defiantly familiar, but how he knew him, he just couldn't remember…

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