The following morning;

The sun had barely risen and shined through the windows of the mansion, when the young Uchiha snapped out of dreamland and opened his eyes.

He immediately snapped to attention, when discovering that he was in a kind sized bed at an unknown place instead of the small mat he used to share with his friend and that said person's brother. He quickly recalled everything though and calmed down.

Sighing contently, he lied back down and snuggled under the warm covers again.


A few hours later;

He thought he would get lost walking down the many corridors in the "house", but instead luck decided to be on his side that day; he had stumbled upon his brother the second he stepped out of his room.

Madara had immediately insisted on them eating breakfast together in the dining room and afterwards ran his (Madara's) old closet through. After several long minutes, Madara finally decided on a pair of black pants and a loose gray shirt.

The second he was dressed, Madara indicated with a hand that he (Izuna) should turn 360̊, so he (Madara) could see his masterwork from all angles.

He nodded satisfied at his work.

"This will do for now, but we have to go shop sometime soon. It's only fair you have your very own wardrobe." Izuna simply nodded in response. Who was he to oppose such an offer? "Follow me, I'll show you around. This is your home from now on after all."

"All right." Izuna smiled, before following the older Uchiha out of his room and down one of the many corridors.

The house, or rather mansion, was as he had predicted; ridiculously big. The building was no less than four floors big, had expensive furniture, art and pictures on the walls on each floor, all of the rooms had a beautiful view, etc.

It all left Izuna speechless.

Small time shift;

"Who do we have here?" A curious voice suddenly sounded from behind them, when they were walking down a corridor near the offices Madara claimed their parents worked in when home.

Turning around, they came face to face with a tall, handsome, black and short spiky haired man in his forties. Izuna immediately figured that he had to be their dad. He and Madara were extremely similar.

"Are you a new friend of Madara?" He asked Izuna with a friendly smile. The younger Uchiha returned the smile, but it quickly disappeared again when the older man raised an eyebrow at him, before scowling at Madara; "… What I have I told you about bringing them here? You have to keep your booty calls at the hotels!"

Both brothers frowned.

"… He's not a slut." Madara then deadpanned.

"… If he's not a slut, then who is he?" The older male demanded. "Is he an actual friend?"

Madara sighed and frowned slightly.

"… Sort of."

His father raised an eyebrow.

"… Sort of?" He repeated with suspicion in his voice. "What do you mean 'sort of'?"

Madara sighed again. What a hopeless situation… He might as well just tell him.

"This," He pointed at his brother who looked curiously up at their father. "Is Uchiha Izuna. Your youngest son."

You could have heard a pin drop.

A long silence followed. Shinji looked perplexed at both boys as he desperately tried to understand what his son had just claimed. He couldn't possible have been serious! It couldn't be true...

"… Maybe we should get something to eat before we discuss this any further." He then finally mumbled still absent-minded. "Shiki, of course, are welcome too."

Madara simply nodded in response, before leaving to find his friend.


More or less thirty minutes later at an extremely expensive restaurant;

Izuna sweated the second he saw the prices that was prettily printed with gold letters on the flawless menu-card in his hands.

Actually, that was a lie. He hadn't believed his eyes the second they had stepped over the doorstep to the expensive place they were currently at.

It was a ridiculously high star restaurant with waiters to litterally do whatever the guest might wish for. For example, if the guests felt that it was too hard to read the menu on their own, a waiter could read it out loud.

Izuna couldn't resist rolling his eyes when he discovered it happening at the table on their left. To think that something as foolish and humiliating as that actually existed...

"Hey." His brother elbowed him in the ribs after several thoughtful minutes. "No need to freak about the prices. You're not the one paying after all; our dad is."

Izuna looked perplexed at him. Was his brother honestly serious when he claimed that the business man, known as their father, had without further discussion invited a complete stranger along on his pay check alone? And at such an expensive place of all places!

"You'll get used to it." Izuna now looked even more confused at his brother. What the hell was he talking about? "The meal the other day was nothing; wait 'till you try the food here. From now on you're only eating at places like this."

The younger Uchiha gaped at him. Could it honestly all be true, or was his brother simply throwing him a big lie without as much as raising an eyebrow?

He didn't know what to say anymore, but luckily Madara accepted it without any kind of protest.

Small time shift;

"So… you were saying what about Izuna-san and me?" Shinji began after haven taken a few tastes of his fancy meal.

Madara stopped eating abruptly; actually they all did, before sighing; so much hoping for a peaceful dinner.

"… It's difficult to explain."

"Try me." Shinji challenged with a cocky yet encouraging smile.

"… I'll try, but it'll take quite some time."

"I know. You said it was complicated."

Madara ignored the comment and simply watched as a waiter filled his glass with water yet again. Yes, that's how an expensive place it was! He then cleared his throat before continuing;

"… We don't know much yet, and we were hoping that you might be able to give us some of the missing puzzles."

"What are you talking about, Madara? How should I be able to answer any question on the matter? I have no idea of what is going on, heck I don't even know who the new guy is…"

"… As matter of fact, you do."

"… What are you talking about?"

"… I tried to tell you earlier."

"… Just what are you saying?"

The Uchiha brothers exchanged glances. Madara then cleared his throat yet again.

"This young man beside me is Uchiha Izuna."

You could have heard a pin drop.

"… U… Uchi… Uchiha I-Izuna…?" Shinji stuttered perplexed. "… As in my… my… my youngest son?"

Madara nodded.

"Hn. We, as in Shiki and I, met him on a bar a few days back." Both Shiki and Izuna gaped at him. "Shiki realized he had seen him somewhere before and by doing some research on the subject, discovered that he indeed must be my brother. We were, as you can probably guess, extremely lucky to bump into him again yesterday too."

Everyone at the table looked speechless at him. Neither of them could find their voice.

Shinji was the first to do so;

"… W-well… I… I thought you two were alike, but this is...! This is unbelievable!"

Madara nodded again.

"I didn't believe it in the beginning either, but luckily Shiki remembered he had seen him somewhere before and did some research."

"... So it really is true then...?"

"Of course. Don't you think that Izuna and I are similar?"

Shiki realized his oldest son might have a point and took his words into consideration, while turning his gaze from his oldest to his youngest and vice versa.

"Without question..." He then breathed quietly, his mind still slightly unable to understand the important information it had been given. Curious, he turned his attention on his youngest son. "But where the have you been in all these years? We honestly thought you were dead…!"

'… Everything would probably have been easier that way…' Izuna thought miserably, as he bit his lip in slight frustration. '… At least then I wouldn't have to answer such a difficult question.'

"… Izuna?" His two relatives (father and brother) called in unison.

"… Uh…" Was all he got out, before blushing madly in embarrassment. He wasn't used to all the attention he was suddenly getting. "… Quite a few places…"

"Outside of the country?" His (apparently) father asked intrigued. Izuna shook his head weakly. "What about this neighbourhood?"

"… Sort of."

"Sort of?"

"... H-hn."

"... What do you mean? Where have you been?" Shinji still seemed curious, but it was slightly obvious to Izuna that he was beginning to get annoyed and worried because of the non-answers. "... Has it really been so horrible that it is too difficult to talk about?"

"... Y..." Izuna was just about to admit, but Madara gave him a pointed look that told him otherwise. "N-no... Of course not. I had a place to live, a bed to sleep in and got food three times a day. Plus there were lots of other children! What more can you possible ask for?"

Shinji gave a small smile at his youngest son's enthusiasm. The two other young men, however, raised an eyebrow and exchanged glances.

"It sounds kind of like an orphanage." Shinji pointed out. "Was it that?"

"... Sure."

"It doesn't sound so bad. Television sure is good at giving everything a bad reputation these days."

"... Y-yeah... Apparently." Izuna muttered even though he had no experience on the matter.

Madara and Shiki exchanged glances again;

'I can't believe he bought that.'


The following night in the library;

"I can't believe he bought that." Shiki snickered.

They had been extremely careful when finding a room where all three of them could talk privately.

"I know." Madara smiled just as brightly. He almost laughed too. "Luckily you apparently believe everything when you suddenly meet your long lost child."

Izuna simply nodded from the seat across from them. He was still slightly in shock of the fact that he had somehow managed to sneak his way out of the problems so far. And the fact that he had so easily lied to his dad (Shinji had told him to call him that).

"... But we have to be on guard." Madara made eye contact with his brother. "If we're not careful, he might realize that something doesn't quite make sense after a while."

The other two simply nodded in agreement. There were no reason to discuss it; they both knew that Madara had a point.


Later that night in Izuna's room;

That night Izuna had a hard time finding peace enough to fall asleep even though he was reunited with his warm and loving father, who had hugged him goodnight. The few times he succeeded, his dreams didn't last long because of the disturbing memories from his past that popped up in each one of them. They all resulted in him waking up coated in sweat and panting harshly out of panic and fright.

After the fifth time, he finally decided enough was enough and turned the lights on to simply slumber instead of attempting to sleep once again.

"Izuna-sama? Is something wrong?" A light and slightly worried voice sounded from the other side of his door the second the light from the lamp had lit up the room. Izuna didn't have the chance answer, before the "stranger" decided to invade his privacy to check on him.

It showed it was one of the bodyguards;

Hoshigaki Kisame.

"Are you okay?" The man asked again when seeing his boss' long face.

Izuna simply nodded.

"Yeah... I just had a bad dream. That's all."

"I see... Would you like for me to get either your father or brother? Or maybe you would prefer both?"

"... Do you think Aniki would get angry if you woke him up at this time of the night?"

"Well, he's said to be cranky when woken up, but I'm sure he won't mind when it is his baby brother who needs him." Kisame almost grinned. "Shall I wake him?"

"Please." Izuna smiled.

Kisame returned the smile before leaving the room, and returned only a few minutes later with an extremely tired and worried Madara, who immediately "rushed" to his brother's side when seeing his long face.

"Thank you. You may go now."Madara dismissed him with a hand.

"Goodnight then." Kisame greeted before leaving the room again. The second he was gone, Madara turned his attention on his brother again;

"What's wrong?"

"... I had a nightmare. Actually several..."

"I see..." Madara sighed slightly worried yet relieved that it was nothing serious. "Do you often have nightmares?"

Izuna simply nodded.

"Bad ones?"


"What are they about?"

Izuna opened his mouth to answer, but quickly closed it again and then looked pointedly down at his hands in his lap. He didn't want to worry his brother further... but he would have to tell him about his past sometime.

"... They... They were all about my boss at the... orphanage."

"I see..." Madara sighed again. "... And what does he... do to you...?"

No answer.

"... Izuna?"

Still no response.

Madara almost sighed again at the silence he received, but he figured there had to be a reason behind the silence. So instead of getting worked up, he decided it would be wiser to ask the questions and by that allow the younger Uchiha to simply nod or shake his head.

"… Are they about the things you had to go through to survive?"

Weak nod.

"... Were you ever... molested... by your boss?"

Izuna hesitated for several minutes before he finally decided to nod. The older Uchiha gritted his teeth at the devastating thoughts. His poor baby brother! Mildest said! It was unbelievable...!

"... Do you want to talk about it or do you want to stop for now?"

Izuna bit his lip and hesitated again as he considered his options;

"... I think that I... want to wait..."

"Fair enough." Madara smiled in a comfortably way. "Are you ready to go back to sleep or do you want me to stay a bit longer?"

"... H-hn. Please stay with me! Just for a bit."

"My own bed can wait then."

"T-thank you."

Several minutes later;

"Hey, Aniki?" Izuna began in a small voice, as he was about to get drowsy real again.

"Mmm?" Madara hummed from his spot on the bed beside him.

"... How come I haven't met... our mom yet? Or simply seen her?"

"... She's too occupied with work to stay home. She travels a lot."

"Oh... I see..." Izuna mumbled slightly awkwardly. "Do you think it'll be impossible for me to meet her?"

"No, you will eventually. Actually, I bet dad has already called her, so she will probably arrive in just a few days."

"Really? That's great!" Izuna exclaimed pleased. "I can't wait to meet her!"

"Great." Madara returned the smile. "I bet it means a lot to both of our parents."

"You really think so?"


"I really hope so... It would mean a lot to me."

"Mmm..." Madara hummed, while watching the younger Uchiha carefully who was just about to finally fall asleep.

Only a few minutes later could he sneak out of the room and into his own awaiting bed. It had been a long day; his exhausted body told him the second he relaxed.

He sighed as he realized that a lot of likely exhausting days where to come in the near future.

He just hoped they wouldn't be too exhausting...

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