Commonplace Miracles

Part 6: The Outtake Reel

by Kim McFarland

[Red and Mokey are in the Great Hall. Red is in the pool. Mokey is taking off her sweater.]

Red: You can do it. You'll be perfect!

Mokey: [resting her hands on her stomach] I don't know...

Red: C'mon, you know it's not dangerous at all.

Mokey: Wellll... all right! [giggles]

[Mokey steps up to the side of the pool, nerves herself, then jumps. She curls into a ball just before she hits the water.]


[Mokey surfaces and shakes the water out of her face. Both she and Red laugh.]

Red: I give that an eight. Sorry, but you're no Large Marvin!

[Mokey is in labor. She is between contractions, and looks tired and frazzled. Red and Wembley are by her sides, each holding one of her hands.]

Mokey: It's getting harder and harder to see the beauty in this.

Wembley: [sympathetically] It hurts, huh?

Mokey: [sarcastically] No, it feels wonderful! I wish EVERY day was like this! [remorsefully] I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me.

Wembley: It's all right.

Red: Maybe you need something to take your mind off it. Why not make a game of it?

Mokey: A GAME?

Red: Sure! Like, how about arm wrestling? When a pain hits, push on our arms, see if you can beat us.

Mokey: Okay. Oh... here it comes!

[Red and Wembley get into position. Mokey's eyes squeeze closed and she whines through gritted teeth. She pushes against Red and Wembley's arms. They flip across the room and land on top of the unconscious Boober.]

[Mokey is lying back with her newborn on her chest. Red and Boober are at her sides. All are in the clutches of baby thrall. Wembley rushes in dragging Gobo by the wrist.]

Wembley: I found Gobo!

Red: [accusingly] Where were YOU?

Gobo: I was, uh, in Outer Space all day. Doc was showing me all about mirrors.

Red: Uh-huh.

Gobo: [nervously] I, uh, was doing research for my moon greeting. I had no idea he'd be born today! I'm really, really sorry!

Red: [sweetly] Oh, Gobo, don't beat yourself up about it. [furiously] Let ME do it!

[Red stands. Gobo backs away. Red leaps on him and knocks both out of camera range. As the camera shakes around and the sounds of a fight and puffs of dust come from offstage, the other three gaze adoringly at the baby.]

Gobo: [VO] Medic!

[Boober looks over, mildly annoyed. Then he gets up and walks offscreen. We hear him grunt, and the sound of an impact.]

Gobo: Ow!

Boober: NOW you need a medic.

Fraggle Rock is copyright © The Jim Henson Company. All copyrighted properties are used without permission but with much respect and affection. The overall story is copyright © Kim McFarland (negaduck9 at aol dot com ). Permission is given by the author to copy it for personal use only.