Down Under Keeperoliver Chapter 1

A/N: Well here it is as promised, the continuation of my story, Ignored. This will start out in the time frame of Harry's death, but, will move along quickly after that. Hope you enjoy. As always, Ollie the Keeper.

Down Under-}

Severus and Albus were sitting in the Headmaster's office going back on what had just taken place. Though they should be celebrating the defeat of Tom Riddle, the two were any thing but happy.

Severus looked at his left arm, where his shirt sleeve was rolled up. His arm was red where a tattoo had previously sat. Then Harry Potter died, all of Tom's followers died if they wore his mark, where as He had just felt a terrible burning to his arm, and the mark was gone. Both he and Albus felt it was because he had not earned his mark with the blood of another, but because he was needed by Tom to create certain potions he would be needing in the future. Severus never had to make these, as Tom died before they were needed.

Severus was in this state because Harry gave his life so that Severus could continue his. Harry was too young to be giving up his life so that others could live.

Down Under-}

Luna and Ginny held each other as they shed tears after what happened. Luna was upset, because she never got to say goodbye to Harry. She had formed a connection with him, and was just getting past the urge to turn him away.

Ginny was the worst. She had just got over the urge, and was starting to accept Harry, when she started writing in that cursed diary. She also never got to say goodbye to her hero and savior. Like Luna, she felt a connection with Harry that was more than as a friend. She realized that it was love she felt for Harry. She fell in love with him, not the Boy Who Lived. She knew of her silly fan girl feelings she had for the Boy Who Lived, but she soon learned that Harry was not that person. He was caring, understanding, and loyal to those he cared for. She also knew that she could never love another as much as she loved Harry.

Hermione and George used their feelings for each other to get through the next few months after Harry's death. It had been hard for the first person to show she cared for Harry, to get over his death. George was feeling this way for a different reason. He owed Harry so much for saving his sister, his brother, and himself. For ridding the world of the blight that was Lord Voldemort, and his army.

Fred started out mourning Harry's death alone, but was soon joined by Luna. She could not stand to see Him sit alone while others shared their grief. Her and Fred became a pair that stood fast for a long time. Many many years in fact.

Ron was the odd ball in the group. His fear of Harry had almost turned to hate. It was his brothers and sister that set him straight. He left the group to go to his dorm and think about what they said. He almost passed out when he got to his dorm and found a body on the floor. It was the body of a short balding man that was as round as he was tall. His teeth were rotten, and he had an odor that offended Ron. He notified the Head of house of what he found, and She arrived and called for Albus and Severus to join her in the Gryffindor dorm.

It was the body of Peter Pettigrew that Albus and Severus found lying on the floor. This set a whole new light on the murder of James and Lily Potter. Albus had contacted Amelia Bones, Head of the DMLE, to pay a visit to Hogwarts. She saw the body of the Death Eater, and immediately called ofr a trial of one Sirius Black who was being held for the murder of twelve muggles and this person that was lying on the floor dead.

With the use of Veritaserum, they learned the truth behind Peter's betrayal, and the framing of Sirius.

Sirius Black was released, and when he asked about his Godson, he collapsed when he learned of his fate. He never even got to know him. Sirius searched for the last friend he had in this world, Remus Lupin. Through Albus, he learned of his location, and paid him a visit. Remus welcomed his just released friend, and Sirius shared his story with Remus, and they both cried at not being able to get to know the only child of their dearest friends.

Neville tried to get together with Ginny, but, she just couldn't commit to him, and he understood the reasoning. He missed Harry also, as it was Harry that made him a stronger, confident, and self assured person. He found comfort in the arms of a Hufflepuff girl by the name of Hannah Abbott. They became a couple and were seen together quite often. Their friendship turned into love, and then marriage after they graduated from Hogwarts.

The strangest event of the whole thing was the disappearance of Harry's body, the evening he died. He had been laid on one of the beds in the Hospital, and the next morning, it was gone. It would be seven years before they learned the truth behind the Disappearance.

Down Under-}

Dobby knew that Harry would die if he stayed at Hogwarts. He also knew that his body had to be retrieved in order for him to perform the ritual to bring him back. He also had to find a safe place where they could grow strong, and be safe from prying eyes that wished to exploit the youth.

Dobby laid the body of Harry Potter on the cold slab of Marble in a clearing whose location was known only by a few. He brought two men with him to perform the ritual. These were strange looking men, dressed and painted like early man. They were Aborigines. Shaman of the Koomanjura tribe of the desert area of the Northern Territory in Australia.

With Dobby's assistance in magic, the ritual was performed, and Harry Potter's body began to respond. It started to thrash around on the Marble table. It jerked wildly, as life began to flow back into his body. Then all at once, He sat up sharply, his eyes opening wide at being back to the living. memories began to flood his mind, as everything was coming back to him. "Dobby, is that you?"

"Yes Harry Potter sir, it is Dobby. Sorry if what I have done upsets you sir, But Dobby could not let Harry Potter's act go unrewarded."

"What is it you have done Dobby. I thought I died in the Chamber."

"You did sir. That was why Dobby and these two Shaman worked together to bring you back. It was at a price though sir. You has to live here in Australia for the next five years learning their ways. It will not be too bad sir, as they have friends that will help in this. One in particular, who you will meet later sir."

"I have to live here for five years? But what about my friends back in England. I would like to let them know I'm alive."

"I am sorry sir, but not for five years. It has to be that way sir, so that you can not be disturbed while learning the ways of the Koomanjura.. I am sorry sir, but I had to agree if I wanted you back. It should not be bad sir, as life here goes by fast. Never a dull moment."

Harry learned this very quickly, as he saved a young female tribe member from being bitten by a venomous snake, It was a deadly snake, and the tribe had lost quite a few of their members to the bite of this family of snakes. With his Parsletongue abilities, Harry had set up a peace between the Tribe and the reptiles. The protected each other.

Harry also met the friend that Dobby told him about, but under unusual circumstances. Harry had to save this man from being eaten by a Crocodile. The man was totally embarrassed as he was a known Crocodile hunter, and it would not look right if he been killed by what he was hunting, He was still hurt very bad, and Harry had to heal him. The man asked him to leave the scars, as they would become fodder for a story later.

His name was Mick Dundee, and he and Harry became very good friends.

News had traveled fast about the experience Mick had with the Croc. He became known as Crocodile Dundee. and a reporter from New York City asked to conduct an interview with Mick. He accepted, and agreed to meet this reporter in one week to share his experience.

Sue Charlton had notified her Boyfriend who was the editor for the paper she worked for, and told him of the story she was following up on. He wasn't happy with her decision, but gave in to her plea.

Sue was flown by Helicopter to the remote area known as Walk About Creek, where This Crocodile man ran a tour guide service with his mate, Walter Reilly. Harry asked if he cold go with Mick to see this interview, but, promised not to say anything to her, unless she asked. Mick didn't see any harm in that, and agreed to Harry's request. Dobby would go along with him under a transfiguration spell. It would be hard to explain a house elf to a group of muggles.

Sue got off her seat in the copter, and joined Walter wo was standing beside a beat up pick up truck. "Hello Miss. Walter Reilly's the name. Pleased to meet you."

"Hello Mr. Reilly, Sue Charlton of the New York Post. Where's Mr. Dundee, I was supposed to meet him here?"

"Well, sorry about that, you see Mick got tied up, ad was unable to be here. He is in town, and will meet up with us a bit later. In the mean time, let me take you into town and get you settled in. I took the liberty to check you into the Hotel, if you don't mind?"

"That's fine, Thank you for the consideration."

An hour later found them in Meg's bar and restaurant. Sue looked at the group of men in the place, and shivered at the rough look of them all. Walter talked to her, to calm her down, assuring her that they were quite friendly, and meant her no harm. That was then a knife came flying through the room to in-bed it self in the bar. Then a man looked like he was thrown into the bar, and then went back out only to come back in, wrestling a Crocodile. Sue stood there shocked at what she saw, then got suspicious when a boy of about twelve or thirteen came in with an older gentleman. They stood off to the side, laughing at the act that this man was putting on.

The man took the croc he was wrestling up to the bar, and then asked for two beers, one for himself, and one for his friend. Mick looked for his friend Walt, and saw him standing next to a vision that started to make Mick think crazy things. With this, he started to do stupid things. It never once embarrassed him though. It was as if this was an average day for Mick.

Harry and Dobby watched as Mick continued to make a fool of himself. Other than Mick hitting a gent for calling him a poacher, the evening went just fine.

The next day, Mick, Sue and Walt left for where Walt would leave them to go to where Mick was attacked. Harry and Dobby were there waiting out of sight, to follow them in their journey. They laughed at the different ways Mick used to impress Sue.

The trip took three days of harsh travel. When Sue took off to show Dundee that she was able to take care of herself, Harry was worried that something would happen to her, and it did. While filling her canteen wit water, she was pulled into the water by a large Crocodile. Luckily Mick was there, but the Crocodile was too large for Mick, so Harry gave him a magical hand, giving Mick the upper hand on the beast, and he was able to kill it with a plunge of his large knife in the back of it's head. He got back to the shore, were he pulled Sue into a hug to calm her.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, and they headed back to the landing spot where Walt had dropped them off. Upon returning to Walk About Creek, Sue filed her story to the Post, and prepared to return to New York City.

In England, Sirius was reading different papers from the muggle world, to keep up on world news. He had subscriptions to the largest Papers in the world, The New York Post being one of them. He noticed the article about the Crocodile man, but didn't think anything of it. Remus picked up the paper, and looked at the picture that accompanied the story, and about passed out. He got Sirius' attention. "Pads, did you look at this picture when you read the article?"

"Ya, it didn't look that interesting though. Why?"

"Look at it again, and tell me if there isn't someone familiar looking to you?"

Sirius looked at the photo, and still couldn't see what Remus saw. "I still don't see anything outstanding there Moony. What do you see, that I don't?"

"Take a closer look at the boy in the picture. Who does it look like to you?"

Sirius looked closer at the boy, and screamed, "It's Harry!"

Without telling anyone else, Sirius and Remus booked a flight to New York, to meet this boy that looked so much like Sirius' Godson. This Crocodile man had requested that he join them in their little trip as he was lost in the big cities, and they could be his guide, when Sue wasn't with him. She agreed to this, and included it in her story. Harry had received permission from the elders to accompany Mick, as he was a member of the tribe as well.

This was going to be an interesting trip for Harry.