Down Under Keeperoliver Chapter 10

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Down Under-}

Narcissa Malfoy sat down going over her options. With Draco ow teaching at Hogwarts, and with her and Severus' breakup, she didn't feel comfortable staying here. It had been nice of Sirius to let her live in Black Manor and she really did appreciate it, but, she was becoming lonely. It was now time to act on her feelings, and hoped he would be receptive to them. He had no reason to be, but she still hoped he would.

Seeing as how he returned to prepare for his wedding, it was the perfect time to ask him.

Harry decided to stay in Black Manor with Sirius, Eva, Remus, Tonks, Dobby and Kreacher. They would be joined later by Mick, Sue, Jill, and her new boyfriend Jason Belding.

Harry made his way to the kitchen for breakfast, when he was stopped by Narcissa. She asked him to join her in the library, which he did. They sa down facing each other.

"Mr. Potter, I know we don't know each other that well, and what have to ask will probably shock you. I would like to know if when you return to Australia, may I go with you?"

This question did indeed throw Harry a curve. "Mrs. Malfoy I have no say on where people wish to go. Even if I wanted to keep you out of Australia, Which I don't, I could not stop you. Why do you even ask this of me? And please call me Harry."

"Alright Harry, I ask you because I wish to join you and your family in your new business. I am a Potion Master, as is Severus, and I feel I have some ideas that would go over really well as pranks. With Draco now teaching, and with he and Daphne getting serious, I have become lonely. I feel I need a change, and you are my best hope. The Malfoy name is not as well received as it once was, and it makes it harder to find a decent career. I was hoping to start a new life in a country that is not familiar with the Malfoy name."

"Mrs. Malfoy, in the wizard community of Australia, the Malfoy name is well know. Not in the same sense as it is here but still known. It seems that your husband made quite a name for himself there, and made few friends, but, also many enemies. He was not the best of people to do business with. If you come back with us, I suggest you drop the Malfoy name, and take up the Black name. It will get you much farther."

"Does this mean you will take me with you? Narcissa Black is a name I lived with before, and can do so again, beside there is nothing stopping me, is there?"

"Certainly not from me. Besides, having a potion master in our employ would certainly put a feather in our cap. I have no idea what a potion master makes for wages, so what are we looking at here?"

"Well, Severus makes 10,000 galleons a year, so I guess that sounds fair. What do you think?"

"It will do as a start. We will talk later, in the mean time, welcome aboard the HMS WWW. Flagship for Marauder Enterprises."

Down Under-}

August 6th was turning out to be a beautiful day. Everyone was gathered for the wedding, and Harry was enjoying meeting his old class mates. People who before he died never took notice of him. Now they wished him all the luck in the world. They all knew Ginny, and really thought that Harry couldn't have chosen a better person to chose as his life's partner.

It was now time for Harry to take the stand next to Albus in preparation for his blessed event. Fred stood at his side as Best Man, and George was there as Head Usher. His other ushers were Ron, Neville, Draco, and Nugget. On Harry's side of the family were, Sirius, Evelyn, Remus, Tonks, Mick, Sue, Jill, and Jason. Dobby and Kreacher were there as well. His friends from Australia were there as well. Donk, Wally, Meg, and the Shaman from the tribe he called his family away from family.

On Ginny's side were her family, and their mates. Bill, Fleur, Charlie, Percy, Penelope, Fred, Luna, George, and Lavender. Ginny had asked Hermione to be her Maid of Honor. Victoire was to be the Flower girl, and Teddy the ring bearer.

Harry and Albus were talking, when the music started up, and they took their positions. Then the music changed when the procession ended. and Arthur and Ginny stared their walk to the alter. Harry's eyes took in the vision of his soon to be wife. His thoughts were he had to be the luckiest bloke on the planet to be marrying the beautiful Ginevra Molly Weasley, soon to be Potter. He left the stand to meet Arthur and Ginny, and he took her hand, thanking Arthur, and led her back on stage,

Albus then began the ceremony. "We are gathered here today to bring together two beautiful people in love, and make the one with each other. Before we start, I need to know if there are any among you who feel this should not take place. Wonderful, since no one thinks this is not meant to be, let us begin. What we are about to do, is to bring together two people who, though they are not aware of it, have been bonded for over ten years. Yes Harry and Ginny, you have been legally married all that time. That being said, it is time for make it official. It is not often that I have had the privilege to join a couple who were meant to be. Harry Potter, you have approached me to ask me to perform this ceremony. If you would be so kind as to make your vows to your chosen mate."

Harry glowed at Ginny's beauty. He marveled as her lustrous hair reflected the sun's rays that hit it. "Ginny, I have to change my speech as Albus was kind enough to hit us with this bonding we share, although I should have realized it before. From the moment I saw you at the World Cup, I knew there was something about you that called out to me. It was there that I knew you were meant for me. Why I never thought of you before this, I have no idea, but it didn't matter. The moment I saw you, you were not Ginny Weasley. You were Ginevra Potter. That is why I made you your Dream Machine, to make sure that you knew how much you meant to me. To show you how much I loved you. To make sure there was no one to come between us. Sorry Viktor, but this was meant to be. Ginny you will always be first in my mind. You will be the one I think of when I go to bed at night, and you will be on my mind when I wake up in the morning. You were the last thought on my mind when I died. How we never got to now each better. The thought of Tom being the last person to be intimate with you. It made me sad that I never got to know you as well as he did. I intend to make up for that transgression starting now, and lasting for ever."

Albus had a tear in his eye from Harry's vows. He then turned to Ginny, "Ginevra Weasley, if you would be so kind as to make your vows to Harry."

Ginny had tears in her eyes as well. Harry's words had touched her deeply. "Harry, I have to confess that I too felt the bonding, without realizing what it was. I guess that is why I never dated anyone after you died. I couldn't. No one could ever match what I felt for you. They always fell short. What always puzzled me was why me. Why not Hermione. She was your first friend. She was your best friend, and she was your closest friend. Then I thought what about Luna. She was closer to you then I became. I knew she cared for you, because of the way she fought off the spell. Finally there was Daphne, and she confessed her feelings for you. Yet you passed on them all and have chosen me to be your wife. You have made me the happiest woman in the world, and I will do my best to make sure you are the happiest man in the world."

Albus then reached out and took their hands in his and started the joining of the two. "Let it be known to all, that what these two young people share is the greatest love an one could share. If one were to think about it, Harry made this possible with his friendship to Dobby. Yes Dobby you played an intricate role in Harry's life, as did Lucius Malfoy. It was because of Lucius, that we are now free of the threat of Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort. Isn't it funny that He played into Harry's hands with out either of them knowing it. He made the mistake of taking Dobby with him on his trips to Australia, setting up Harry's return. That being said, it is time to bring these two soul mates together. Harry if you will, please place the ring on Ginevra's finger, and repeat after me. I Harry James Potter do take thee Ginevra Molly Weasley as my lawfully wedded wife. To share with you all that I am, and all that I ever hope to be. To never let you forget how much you mean to me, and how much I love you." Harry followed each line Albus stated with the love he felt in his heart.

Albus then continued, "Ginevra please take your ring and place it on Harry's finger and repeat after me. I Ginevra Molly Weasley do take thee Harry James Potter as my Lawfully wedded Husband. To share with you all that I am, and all that I ever hope to be. To never let you forget how much you mean to me. and How much I love you. So Mote It Be." As Ginny completed her vows, a golden glow en-captured the two and each felt the love they shared to it's fullest. With the ceremony complete, Albus then introduced to the assembled crowd Mr. and Mrs. Harry James Potter. They watched as Harry and Ginny shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

The reception lasted long into the night, even after Harry and Ginny excused them selves from the crowd to share their first night together as Mr. and Mrs. Potter.

Down Under-}

When they returned to Australia, Narcissa went with them, and was soon making true with her promises. WWW soon became the second largest novelty shop in the world, behind the twins shop. It made Marauders Inc. a world wide sensation, between the Broom company, the novelty shop, and Harry's other investments. He maintained his offices in Walk About Creek, and Had to expand on it, as the company grew. Narcissa became the head of the Technology Department for the firm and soon became the hottest female to grace the pages of Witch Weekly.

Harry and Ginny Built a home in Lorry, and had a floo connection in it for travel back and forth to England. They never lost touch with their friends as they connected it with the Weasleys, Malfoys, Longbottoms and the Tonks.

As the families grew, so did the love they shared. They were never alone, and they made sure that they would visit England as much as they could.

Narcissa started dating Nugget,and before long, She no longer graced to pages of Witch Weekly as the most eligible witch, Her and Nugget Married to end this. Mick and Sue were tickled to see their friend so happy. Draco was too. He and Daphne spent every summer there to be with his mother and Daphne couldn't have been happier. She learned to love Australia, and its people. She had become close friends with Harry and Ginny, as did Draco.

Sirius and Remus became the figureheads for Marauders Inc. and Eva and Tonks also had positions in the firm. The company became the most sought after job site in the country. No one ever quit, or was fired from it, and the pay was well past the normal pay for similar companies, plus they had profit sharing with all their employees. Other benefits included Vacation the moment you start, insurance, holidays. Two weeks off for Christmas and New Years. The population of Walk About Creek was more than enough to put it on the map. It's size more than quadrupled. It was now a thriving community.

Harry and Ginny were living the life they both had always dreamed of. They shared their life with family and friends. Hermione, George, Fred, and Luna were weekly visitors, preferring to come to Australia, rather than have Harry and Ginny visit them. Arthur and Molly were also constant visitors, as they also enjoyed the easy living life style of the out back.

Albus, Minerva, Filius, and Hagrid became summer visitors, enjoying getting away from the harsh winter of Scotland for two weeks.

Harry had come a long way from when he was a boy, ignored by many, but loved by the best people he could have imagined. Now he shared this love with these people in the land Down Under.

Down Under-}

End Notes: Yes it is short, but it was sweet. I wish to thank all who reviewed, favored and enjoyed this story. Maybe it wasn't my best, but, I still enjoyed writing it. I hope you join me on my next adventure. Until then this is the Keeper signing off. Have a good day mates.