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"Hey Cas, what do you think of the new Lady Gaga song?" Sam asked.

"Lady Who?" Dean fell to the floor laughing his head off.

"Dude, don't tell me you've never heard of Lady Gaga?" Dean said trying to suppress his laughter.


"She's the singer who wore a meat suit to an award show," Sam explained.

"You mean she possessed a human at an award show?"

"Wha-No! She wore a meat dress to an award show to promote gay rights," Sam added, now cracking a smile.

"She sounds like an…Interesting individual. I've never thought of homosexuals as pieces of meat."

"Me neither," Dean said.

"Have you ever heard the song Bad Romance?" Sam asked.





"The man who betrayed Jesus Christ?"

"No! It's the name of one of her songs," Sam said.


"I have some of her songs on my iPod, want to hear them?" Sam asked.

"Sure," Castiel replied.

"Dude, you have Lady Gaga songs on your iPod?" Dean asked.

"Hey, you were the one singing Born this Way in the car."

"Shut up, bitch."