Guess who got a brain baby during work two nights ago that led her to come rushing back to the old computer. That's right Lord Yunie. I have been rereading all the Harry Potter books and it hit me. A simple thought that led me down the rabbit hole to a world filled with happy yaoi and smut-smut. What was this thought you ask? It was simply this, what would the world have been like without Voldemort. It started small and then exploded in my head.

Those who know me from our two to three-year long adventure with My December you will be pleased to know that I have returned with determination to try and overcome my writer's block and create a new riveting adventure for you all. You will also be pleased to know that this story will not be as much of an emotional roller-coaster as My December was, but of course someone will die. Sad but it's needed for my story to work out. And so we begin anew with a notebook and some paper towels I used to start writing the first chapter. Now to try and remember how to set this up.

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING, nothing I say. Because if I did Ginny would be nowhere in sight and the happy boy on boy smut-smut would take over every chapter. .

Plot: It all began with a simple wish; to live in a world where Voldemort never existed. Then a girl appears offering to grant him that wish, but after he lives through it he must decide which reality he wants. An easy discussion until he wakes up next to none other than Draco Malfoy. Now the two must relive their years in Hogwarts with no memories of the other world. Which reality will they choose in the end?

LEMONS, maybe M-preg later not sure, yaoi, threesomes, incest, and whatever I decide to add later.

Chapter 1: Be Careful What You Wish For

The sun shone brightly, the sky a crystal blue, the birds sang in the distance, and the flowers surrounding the house began to bloom. Sitting there on the porch of the old house sat a man. Not an average man mind you, his eyes sparkled green, his unruly hair sat untamed upon his head, his smile hid Be Careful What You Wish For

The sun shone brightly, the sky a crystal blue, the birds sang in the distance, and the flowers surrounding the house began to bloom. Sitting there on the porch of the old house sat a man. Not an average man mind you, his eyes shone green, his unruly hair sat untamed upon his head, his smile hid years of pain and regret that lurked within his face, but the most non average thing about him was the unusual scar upon his forehead. In the shape of a lightning bolt stood the reminder of all that had been lost so that he could achieve this peace.

"Harry, are you out there?" The little red headed woman called out. Harry turned to his wife and smiled.

"Yes Ginny." She came out and scoffed.

"Daydreaming again?" Harry nodded slowly and returned his gaze back to the open yard.

"Just thinking about everything, it's getting closer to that time of the year after all." Harry sighed as Ginny put her hand on his shoulder.

"That was years ago. It's ok to forget sometimes you know." She pursed her lips together in an agitated expression. "You always get so depressed and it gets kind of boring watching you get all nostalgic every year." She kissed his cheek and walked back inside the house. Harry made no motion to move into the house. His eyes remained close as he thought of all the people who had lost someone special during the war. Some days Harry felt like he was reliving the build up to the final battle, but when he'd open his eyes everything was still the same.

Harry felt the tears stinging the back of his eyes as he thought of those that had been lost in those hard times, wishing always that things could have been different. He blinked them away quickly. He looked around at his life, he had a loving wife, a family, children, but somewhere deep inside of him he felt hollow.

After Voldmort fell Harry had thought the feeling would vanish, and it did for a while. Now though his own children had begun Hogwarts and the memories seemed to come more frequently. Harry just felt as if he should have tried harder; then maybe some of the people who had died would still be with them. 'If only Voldemort had never been around', Harry thought. "How I wish I could see a world like that." He got up and walked into the house slowly.

Ginny sat at the long table waiting for Harry to come inside; her hands were crossed in front of her as she chewed on her lip nervously. "Harry, we have to talk." Harry looked up at her.

"Bout what?" He knew, it was the same every year. She was going to go on about how he should stop living in the past.

"You know what. You do this every year, and I put up with it like a good little wife, but it's time to move on. I have." Her face seemed to darken as her memory slide to thoughts of her older brother and the twin that had never quiet gotten over his death. It was the same speech she gave to him every year, but it never made Harry feel any better. The thoughts of what the world would have been like if Voldemort had never been around had never seemed to haunt her as they did him. A thought crossed his mind as he looked at his wife. If Voldemort had never been around would he still be married?

"Ginny, if I wasn't famous do you think we would have still gotten together?" She laughed at his question and shook her head slowly.

"Of course, silly. You're you. That silly scar wouldn't have made a difference." She stood and walked closer to him. "Want to see what you do to me?" She ran her hands down his chest, down to his pants. Harry let her, but he still felt numb. He knew how it would go. She'd try and seduce him, he'd give in and they would fall asleep about a house later.

Harry woke with a start. He sat up slowly as to not disturb Ginny's sleep. A sound came up from down stairs. Harry grabbed a pair of pants and his wand, his heart racing with the same uneasiness that had plagued him in school. He felt like he was walking the halls of Hogwarts again trouble waiting for him around every corner. All he was missing now was Malfoy's smirk as he went into unknown danger. The hair on the back of his neck stood high as another sound came from the dining room. Harry came around the corner wand held high, but there was no one there.

His pulse began to slow as Harry felt deflated the excitement passing. He turned to go back up the stairs and then the sound came from behind him. It was a laugh that sounded closer to bells tinkling than a voice. He turned back around quickly his wand raised once more. "Show yourself. I'm not afraid to use this." He threatened to the darkness,

"Oh put it down with you before you wake up the girl." Came a soft voice from one of the chairs in the darkness. "I'm not here to hurt you." It said softly.

"What are you doing here?" Harry whispered as he lowered his wand slowly.

"You have a wish that I'm here to grant. You're heart's screaming even now. I can hear it crying out." Harry saw the figure shift in the darkness.

"Right, and what wish is that exactly?" Harry tried to cover up the shocked tone in his voice with one of disbelief. His pulse had begun to speed up once more.

"You want to see live in a world where Voldemort never existed. Am I wrong?" Harry could imagine the voice smiling at him as it spoke. He heart was hammering in his chest as he opened his mouth to answer, but he couldn't find the words. "I can make it happen. I can make your wish come true, but you have to realize that you can't keep your memory of this reality." Harry watched the shifting shape intensely.

"How does it work, just in case I decide to believe you." He shifted from side to side, his nerves becoming more apparent.

"Simple. First we shift over to the other reality to the same moment as now; this will be your end point. Then should you decide to go through with it we send you back to the beginning. You live your life up to the exact moment where we began and then you make your choice." The voice lit a small candle. The light flickered slowly as the creature's face came into focus. Harry could see bright silver eyes glistening in the fire light. The creature had the face of a small girl, her features unnatural in the firelight. Dark emerald green hair framed the small face which was now smiling at Harry.

"What are you?" Harry stared at her in wonder. He was vaguely reminded of his encounter with veelas in his fourth year when he looked into her eyes. She held his gaze and her smiled widened.

"That's my secret. Just know that I'm not a part of your world Harry Potter. There is no other creature like me, but your wish called to me through space and time; called me here to you." She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she watched him intently.

"If I agree, what'll happen to this world?" The girl eyes softened as she watched him fidget in the candle light.

"It'll remain untouched. Should you choose this world everything will remain the same. You'll wake up in your bed as if nothing ever happened, but if you choose the other reality this world not exist and vice versa." She placed a fingertip against her temple.

"What about my children? What will happen to them?" Harry felt tense. He loved his children and he wasn't comfortable with them never existing.

"They will be born. Maybe not to you, but their souls will come to this world as they are now. We cannot erase them. "She lowered her hand to the table. " Any other concerns?"

Harry thought for a moment," What about my friends? Will we still be friends there?" Harry thought he saw a flicker of what look like pity flash in her eyes.

"I'm afraid I cannot tell you that. In the other reality we've only changed one moment in time, the rest is what naturally occurred between you and you're friends. If they happen to not be your friends there you will not recall them from this world until you reached the time limit. This is your clean slate Harry. It's up to you to make it how you wish." Harry felt nervous. Here stood a chance for him to fix everything, but at what cost. 'Then again,' he thought, 'I can return here if I don't like the other reality. So there's really nothing to lose.' He looked up at the girl who nodded. "Nothing what so ever."

"I want to see it." Harry said slowly.

"Wish for it and it's yours." Harry closed his eyes.

"I wish that Lord Voldemort never existed." Harry felt tired all of a sudden. His head felt heavy as did the rest of his body. He felt as if he had not slept in days, his mind began slipping into the darkness.

The last thing he heard was the creature's voice," Sleep Harry, and when you wake up everything will be as you want." Then the sleep took him over.

Oh yeah I have more to write but I've cut it in half just to see how the first portion does. Don't' worry I've already got more written out so you won't be waiting long.