so I lied. I began rereading the Harry Potter series to begin the preparation for the final movie. My apologies, between a full time job and trying to stuff every detail without crying back into my head I have lack the time or will to write. Here I am though right as rain and pumped up on Deathly Hollows. Yes feel honored as I have resisted the urge to keep reading until my body collapses from exhaustion.

Chapter 2: Times have changed

"Harry!" A woman's voice called up the stairs. Harry felt the fog of sleep slipping from him, and had to resist the urge to tell Ginny to bugger off.

"Harry?" called the voice again. Harry's eyes shot open. The voice didn't belong to Ginny or any girl he knew for that matter. He sat up quickly and fumbled for his glasses. His hand grasped the bare table and Harry realized that his vision was not fogged over any longer. He blinked slowly and touched where his glasses should be, but touch the bare skin of his nose.

"I can see?" He blinked rapidly waiting for his vision to fade, but everything stay visible. He stopped blinking long enough to turn his head. He sat frozen as he realized he was not in his bedroom that he had shared with Ginny for years. This place was new, he felt new. The walls were an emerald green with little gold and silver vines stalking up and down the walls. Over in the corner sat an elaborate desk with a small phoenix carved into the back wall. Pictures littered the desk, but Harry could not tell the faces that were smiling back at him. A small moan beside him brought Harry's attention to the fact that he was not alone in the room.

An arm protruded from under the blank, with layers of fine blonde hair covering it. Harry reached out slowly to pull back the covers as the door opened. "Harry, it's late you two should have been up hours ago." Harry felt himself choke as his heart slammed into his chest.

"" There in the doorway stood Lily Potter. Her hair still a dark red, though now it was streaked with bits of grey. Her green eyes shown out as so many other had described. She smiled and Harry felt tears sting his eyes. "It's you. You're real." Lily giggled slightly as she closed the door behind her.

"Of course silly, where else would I be?" She crossed the room and sat beside him and laid her hand over Harry's. The memories began to hit him. The voice in the kitchen, the wish for Voldemort to never have existed, everything came running back to him. His heart was racing as he looked up into the green eyes he had only ever seen in pictures. Lily put a hand on Harry's forehead.

"Are you not feeling well? I swear you two never seem to know when to go to sleep." She motioned over to Harry's unknown bedmate. Harry glanced over at the sleeping mass. He knew right away from the blonde hair that he was not married to Ginny in this world, but the only person he knew with hair that shade was.. Harry shook his head and looked back at his mother.

"Harry, you're starting to worry me. You look like you've never seen your mother before." She ran her hand through Harry's bed messed hair. Harry felt something in him snap as he pulled his mother into a hug. "Harry?" Tears began to pour from his eyes as Harry clung tighter to the woman. "Oh dear, is something wrong? Did you have a nightmare?" Harry nodded his head.

"You were dead, killed before I was old enough to know you. I grew up without you. I was so alone. I was being hunted for years by an evil man, the man who killed you." Lily ran her hand down Harry's back.

"Shh Harry. I'm alive and well. There's no one after you." She pulled Harry back and pressed a kiss against his forehead. "I've never left your side and I don't plan on it anytime soon. I love you, Harry." Harry smiled slightly and wiped the tears from his eyes. Lily smiled.

"Well I just came up here to wake you and Sleeping Beauty up. Remember we're going out to eat with the Malfoys today." She turned and stepped out of the door. "Don't be too much longer Harry, or we'll just leave you two here for the day." She giggled and gave Harry a small wink as she closed the door behind her. Harry waved absent mindedly until what she had said registered.

"Malfoys?" The figure next to him jerked up.

"I'm up I'm up…. Why am I naked?" Draco Malfoy sat beside him; his shoulder length hair covered his eyes as he began to wipe the sleep from his eyes. Harry looked as the man and noticed for the first time the lack of clothing. Harry's face began to glow brightly as the pieces crashed together. Draco glanced over to Harry.

"Potter, no offense you look great, but why are you in my bed?" Draco's eyes were glazed over with sleep as he spoke.

"Well apparently after making a wish that the dark lord was never around I woke up next to you." Draco nodded his head.

"Ahh, very good then." Draco laid his head back down upon the pillow and nestled deeply into the softness. Harry waited for a moment. Draco shot up from the bed.

"Wait what?" Draco looked at Harry again. He shook his head slowly. "No. No. No. She never said this would happen?"

Harry looked at the man. "Who?" Harry felt confused as no one but him was supposed to know of the change.

Draco snorted. "The little creature that appeared in my kitchen last night," Draco laughed slightly," not like you'd believe me anyway. I'm feeling sort of crazy myself. She came after I had the small daydream of what life would have been like without all the trouble of The Dark Lord. Next thing I know she offering to grant my wish. Who would have thought it would turn out to be true." He ran a hand through the full length of his hair. "When did my hair get this long anyway?" Harry shrugged.

"Had a nice sleep boys?" A voice spoke from the small desk. Harry and Draco jumped.

"You!" They exclaimed together. The girl giggled her bell like laugh.

"Yes me. I'm surprised at how well you two seem to be reacting to one another." She lifted one of the pictures from the desk and smiled softly.

"Listen. I'm not quite sure I made the wish correctly. I never said I wanted to wake up next to him." Harry said quickly. Draco gave a look that said he was thinking the same thing.

"Well I did as you wished. Voldemort is gone, never to have darkened the steps of Godric Hollow or even the steps of Hogwarts. He simply doesn't exist. How you two found yourselves in this position is all on you. We've done nothing but take out the one factor. You two did the rest." She deposited the picture back on the desk. "As I said this is where the two time lines meet up."

Draco coughed suddenly. "You can't think we're still going to go through with this knowing where we end up. You're nuts." He looked at Harry for support, but Harry was glancing down at the sheets. His mother was alive and well, waiting for him downstairs. She had hugged him, loved him in a way he had never been loved before. "Potter? Tell her we don't want this."

Harry shook his head. "She's alive…. I can't.. I can't kill her yet. Not now. Not this soon." Harry felt the tears sting again as he thought of putting her back down without ever knowing the life that he could have had.

"We can still choose afterwards. Please. I just want to know what it's like." The girl watched them as Harry plead for the chance to live a life where he too had a family that loved him. Draco looked at Harry.

"Look at us; you know what you're saying right? You're saying that you want to wake up naked, with me." Draco blushed slightly.

"It's worth it to live a life with her in the world. Just once. Then we can go back to how it was, right?" He looked to the girl as she nodded. Draco sighed and nodded.

"Fine then but you better be on bottom in this relationship or I swear I'm going to kick your ass so hard you won't feel it through two more lifetimes." The girl laughed and then looked at Harry sadly.

"Harry, just remember. Sometimes things are just meant to happen, wither the catalyst that originally caused the pain is there or not. Some things we cannot change. This life will not be as hard as the last, but I fear it still will not be easy. With that warning are you ready to begin your new life?" She held out her hands for them.

"Harry?" called his mother from downstairs. Harry looked at the door then nodded slightly taking the girls hand. Draco shrugged and grabbed the other. She smiled and intertwined Harry and Draco's hands. Everything went dark and then far away Harry saw a light. He rushed towards it, faces began fading from his mind, times and pains erased and he pushed through into the light.

"Look James, It's a boy. It's Harry."

Whew now the fun part, going through Harry's life. Yay. Oh what wonders await us down the road I wonder?