Little Jimmy was at the arcade, playing Captain Jack on expert – much to the amazement of his friends and fellow video gamers. Up, down, left, right, jump. He knew all the steps by heart. Written forcefully into his brain, he could not escape the arrows and their flashing lights embedded into his memory forever.

Just then, Little Jimmy came across an arrow he did not recognize. Why was there an up/down jump here? Was it reprogrammed? All Little Jimmy knew was a lie! His feet fumbled mercilessly and his face turned bright red as his feet tripped over themselves, and everyone in the arcade started laughing at his failure.

Little Jimmy was confused. How could this happen? It was supposed to be a left/right jump, not an up/down jump! His bff Little Tommy confronted him later that night, after they left to go get some nachos at Chuck-e Cheese.

"What happened back there, man?" asked Little Tommy, concerned.

"I don't know, it must have changed somehow." Little Jimmy replied.

"I think you've changed somehow. You're not the same as you were when I met you, Little Jimmy. You've changed somehow."

Little Jimmy was confused. "What do you mean, Little Tommy?"

"I mean, you're brain, or maybe even …" he paused.

"Maybe even what, Little Tommy?" Little Jimmy yelled.

"Maybe, you're feet." He started reluctantly, "maybe, they've started to grow."

"Well, I am only 6. I hope they grow. They're size 2 ½."

"No, that's not what I meant. I meant grow, things."

"Like toes? I already have 10."

"No!" Little Tommy was frustrated. "Like, maybe you're feet are mutants."

And so, Little Jimmy's struggle was beginning.