Balthazar's New Book

A/N- A one shot. Prompts were given by NikNakz93 and they were Gabriel, Balthazar, fish tank and Twilight. Enjoy!

Balthazar licked his finger before turning the page of the latest gripping novel to have graced his bookshelf. It was rare for a new book of questionable reputation to join his collection of classics from some of the greatest writers to have ever lived. Then again, he was always willing to give everything a chance.

There was a flutter of wings nearby and he carefully earmarked the page that he'd gotten too. It was an important part too. The protagonist was just being followed by several shady men around some empty streets. He knew that she wasn't going to die; otherwise the next three hundred pages would be pointless. But he was on the edge of his seat, figuratively speaking.

"What do you want, Gabriel?" he asked before he saw his older brother appear from behind the large fish tank in the middle of the room.

The shorter angel rolled his eyes and smirked at him, "Bro, you're so serious. Lighten up. Maybe I just wanna swing by and say hi."

"You haven't swung by for three thousand years. What exactly do you want?"

"Balthy, I'm not here for anything. I swear."

"Why don't I believe you?" he asked as he leaned back on the cream leather couch and answered his own question, "Oh yes, because you're a liar."

"I forgot how harsh you were," Gabriel commented. He sighed and held his hands up in mock surrender, "okay, okay. I did want your help but seeing as you're such a dick, I've changed my mind."

"Good. Go on then, leave!" he growled.

The guy was about to snap his fingers and disappear when his eyes caught sight of the small book his brother was reading. His eyebrows perked and he smiled.

"I never had you down for reading teen fiction. It's been a long time since you've been laid, isn't it?"

"Get out before I force you out..."

"By calling for Edward?" he scoffed.

"You wouldn't know taste if it bit you in the ass, now leave."

"So you can carry on reading that crap? Hell no!"

"I think that it is a thrilling read," the younger brother cast a shady glance over to his older sibling.

Gabriel took a few steps forward and grabbed the book straight out of his hands. He mockingly read a few passages before wandering to the fish tank. He came to a halt and began to raise the hand holding the book.

"You wouldn't dare."

"Watch me," he smiled and dropped the paper back into the water. After a few moments he said, "Don't worry, I've done you a favour. The ending was terrible."

"Go catch herpes," Balthazar muttered as he watched his book drop to the bottom of the tank. His exotic fish nibbled on the bindings.

Shortly afterwards there was a flutter and there was only one angelic being in the room.